Air conditioning. It's been uncomfortably warm. Seasonably warm, not Oh my god. I'm gonna die, but it's been a little warm. So we're gonna talk about should you buy air conditioning or not? Should you buy ac? Yes, you can take any random zip code in pretty much the United States, but I can't really speak to that.

I can tell you what's going on here in the Silicon Valley, Santa Clara County. San Jose. I live in San Jose every couple years I do a survey on houses that sell within a one year range. The last time I did it was a couple years ago, and I did it for Almaden Valley, blossom Valley and Santa Theresa. So three areas and I did a stretch of home set sold with.

And without cooling. Okay. Didn't look at age. I didn't look at size. I didn't look at anything else other than the fact that it had cooling or it did not have cooling. I just did one for 95, 1 32, because I might be selling a house. It doesn't have air conditioning, so I said, not telling you to do it. But I'm recommending it, and I'll show you why you should put air conditioning in your house.

Now, within the last year, there were 74 homes that sold in that zip code, 95, 1 32. Single family homes. I didn't look at age, I didn't look at condition. I didn't look at room count. I just did a basic separation of homes with and without cooling. And these homes right here that you're looking at, 25 of 'em sold without.

So roughly a third of 'em sold without air conditioning. And that's a big number for a house without air. That's crazy. 2.3 million, but it's the market, right? On average, it's sold for just under 1.5 on average. It's very important. So you look at the age, the average age is about 50 51, and the days on market is about eight to seven days.

Okay? So let's go back and take a look at this. These are houses with air conditioning, 49 houses. So again, two-thirds versus the. It's a pretty easy mask cuz even I can do that in my head. You'll notice that the max sold price was actually less for homes sold with cooling by $30,000. But we're not talking about top, we're not looking at condition.
We're not looking at size or age or room count or what have you. We're looking at averages 1.61 versus one point almost five. It's $166,000. 166,000 in change. Now you're thinking, Vita, you're outta your mind. There's no way the ROI on an air conditioner is gonna be $160,000. You're absolutely right. I'm not saying that.

I'm absolutely not saying that, and I'm not selling air conditioners. I'm not an air conditioner sales guy. But telling you straight up, when you go to sell a house, it's expected that you have air conditioning unit or. You can make that correlation right there without me having to finish that sentence.

Back in the nineties, air conditioning in cars became a standard item. Yes. They showed that you charged it and was actually added to it. But as a standard thing, you cannot find a car without air conditioning today. You cannot, and I'm almost gonna guarantee, I can't guarantee 99.999% sure that every house that's brand new that gets built.

Has air conditioning in it, unless you are in Hollister or somewhere else. I'm just talking about San Jose, Silicon Valley, Santa Clara. It's expected like trying to sell a car without wheels. Kind of like selling shoes without shoelaces, trying to sell a beer without coal. How else do I tell you this? Get the goddamn air conditioning and guess how?

Air conditioning costs. Now, I'm not talking about 17,000 square foot homes, I'm talking about the standard home. It's about 10 to $15,000. So right away you do have a little plus equity in there, but that's really not the point. The point is you get utility value out of air conditioning because guess what?

When it gets hot, you flip on the switch. It cools down the house and you get to enjoy it. And when you sell it, let's just say you only make 10% off of that, you're equal out. You get the money. What are you waiting for? Now I'm gonna tell you straight up, don't do it in the middle of the summer . Don't do it on the heat wave.

Don't do it with the inflation. Take your time, figure it out. Get some pricing. Maybe the market crashes and then you can do it. But there you go. Do it. Get your, sell some freaking air. I have another one about how you can save money when using your air conditioning right there. All right. I'm Vito with the Abitano Group Power by Compass for watching a great rest of the week.

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