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$2,000,000 Average price for Santa Clara houses

  $2,000,000 Average price for Santa Clara houses youtube blog podcast Freddie Mac GDP Numbers state a strong economy The Soaring Cost of Homes in Santa Clara County 2, 000, 000. That's how much the cost of an average home in Santa Clara County costs today. Crazy. We're going to talk about that as well as, Oh, I don't know. Cost to sell your home. What do you get for 2 million and what the rates are. Holy cow. Let's get moving. Please forgive my hair. Just got back from the gym. I'm still a little spitsy. Two million dollars. Holy cow. All right. Current Real Estate Market Trends 12 Bay Area counties, including Monterey and San Benito. You see these upshots. That's because we're still in the middle of the month. These are the real numbers right here. Don't worry about this. This will change because if you look these numbers are a little bit artificially inflated only because of the averages. But the good news is our inventory is going up. If

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