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San Jose Snapshot | By the numbers | #rewtf of the week 🦅 🌎 ⚓️

Description Hang with Hector Ramirez and talk about Rates, markets, Scenarios, and strategies to help home buyers and sellers.  Inventory is still Dangerously LOW  Financial Intelligence  Homebuyer Workshop      Links BLOG PODCAST View on YouTube View on Facebook   ( Vito Scarnecchia ) View on Facebook   ( Abitano Group ) View on Facebook   ( San Jose Living ) View on LinkedIn  Everyone is, to be honest. I think Fallouts today are more common than ever. We're live. Cool. Hey Hector, how are you doing? Great. Good to see you, bud. Hey, welcome back everybody. This has been hectic for a couple weeks. A lot of life changes and a lot of changes in all sorts of things and like the market, what's going on. And that's why I wanted to have Hector come up and talk about it. We were just talking about it before we came on live and what's going on with some of these other lenders And I think it's telling you wanna h

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