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Buyers Market - Are homebuyers back to buying homes now?

  It's official. More areas are experiencing attributes of a buyers market. This means longer days on market, less offers, no more AS-IS, Zero Contingency offers or $400,000 over asking. As a matter of fact, some areas are seeing a contraction in pricing and homes being sold as low as 68% below asking!      Original live date Oct 19, 2022: When will the housing market crash again? Are we going to see the housing market crash? While we can't even guess at the housing market predictions for 2022 or what 2023 will look like, we know that the market is slowing, because of inflation, the economy, the threat of WWIII, and unemployment, we can ask if home prices will drop in 2023. It's not likely, but anything is possible. What we know is that there are more people than houses. Ibuyer platforms and hedge fun

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