Santa Clara County Hi's and Low's 🔴[LIVE] Tuesday Highs & Lows

Santa Clara County Hi's and Low's 🔴[LIVE] Tuesday Highs & Lows

 Good morning. Happy Tuesday, May 16th. I'm going to put my glasses on because there's a lot of stuff to go through. Today. We're talking about three things you need to know about real estate in the Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley living. If you want to take a look at our website or our, YouTube channel, it's at Silicon Valley Living by the way.

Okay? Here's what you need to know before you buy a house with a pool in it. Now, I always say that pools. Or love them or leave them the type of affair. You either want to have a house with a pool in it or you don't. And this kind of this, article goes through the pros and cons of having a pool. Now, when I was a kid, I had a pool and I didn't have a pool.

My parents had a pool in their house, the house that they own. And I hated it because although I used it, I also had to take care of it. It was one of my chores. I mowed the lawn, took out the garbage, and took care of the pool. I was the pool boy, so I've never had a house with a pool in it. We had an associate membership with the pool down the street for a while, and now the kids don't want to swim anymore, so we don't do that, which I miss.

I like going and swimming and all that. Because you do enjoy a pool. There's nothing better than being outside and getting some sun and some fresh air and some vitamin D and swimming and exercise. And you can invite people out over, and it's a communist community thing. I totally get it. The maintenance part kills me though, because you're spending four or 500 bucks a month on a pool.

So a pool can add to your landscape, it can add to your look and feel. I knew people up in Folsom where they bought a brand new house, plain black, plain dirt slate, nothing but blank dirt everywhere. And they put a pool in and they completely hardscaped it. And it was amazing. It's just an amazing thing, right?

You can totally enjoy it. Pools can increase your home's value. That's subjective. You can either want a house with a pool in it or you can't, and you have to maintain it. And some pools are not maintained. As a matter of fact, I have a co-house coming up that needs to have, that has a pool in it and needs to be maintained.

It has leaves. It has cracks. It's just a typical every 15 to 20 years you have to have that pool resurfaced although it increases the value of the home, there are maintenance issues, which is the next thing. It's a con. It's cleaning and maintenance. And I said this before, you do have to maintain a pool, otherwise, it will turn green.

And you don't want to let your house turn your pool turn green because then you're talking about having to shock it. It's going to cost you a couple hundred bucks to have a pool guy come out and fix it, and it's total pain. And then you have to redo the filters. It's just, it's not fun. And you have to maintain the machinery behind there, the heater, the pump, and the filters and all that stuff.

And it's just you have to know the chemicals. When we transfer a house, now we have to have four of 13 safety devices. Parameters on that pool, whether it's a fence, a cover, an alarm, alarms around the doors, lock gates, et cetera. There's a whole list of different things that you have to be aware of.

So you protect youngins because youngins might not know how to swim or they might do something stupid and fall in and we don't want that to happen. So safety is a huge concern, which leads to higher insurance costs, right? Again, if you're having it, you, if you want to have a pool, By all means, have a pool.

There's nothing wrong with it. I love having a pool. There's nothing better than jumping into your pool and then getting out and then getting, having a quick shower, and then going on your day. There's nothing better than that. But there are a lot of problems behind not problem variables that you have to give up.

Again, it might not always be a good thing for resale. Now, I always say there's 40% of the people. Love pools. They want to have a pool. 40% of the people don't want to have a pool, and then there's 20% that could give a, they don't care one way or another. So when you have a pool, you're dealing with a smaller, selected portion of people.

So keep that in mind when you do buy a house with a pool in it, or if you have a house with a pool in it and you're selling it, understand you're not going to appeal to everybody that has a pool. All right. Enough said next thing, sign a family home for $460,000. That's right. We're actually talking about it today.

So hand hang back is housing back. I think it is. I don't think it matters how high the rates are. I think people are understanding that 6% or actually what the numbers are today, or 6.67, I don't think that's hurting anybody. I think if you can afford it, you're going to go with it and that's that. I had 19 offers on a listing this last week, and it went way over what we expected.

Way over. Just like this one here in Tollgate. Actually this one right here. We'll go into this in a minute. Let's take a quick look at these, right? I want to do client full four. There. All right. This one is Tollgate. Do you have the numbers real quick? It sold for 6.2 5000096% of the list price. Look at this gorgeous thing.

Again, these are not my listings. If you want it, I have a list of the MLS numbers and everything inside. If you want to know who sold these, I can happily show you.

I have a feeling this is an older house. It was just updated. Just has that feeling of boxiness. Low sh, low ceilings. Not to say it's a bad thing, but it's beautiful. Look at this thing. Look at that bedroom tray ceiling. It's a tray ceiling, not a coffered ceiling. If you ever want to know the difference between a tray and a coffered ceiling, let me know.

I actually learned that. Got Anderson windows. Everything that was done in this is top-notch, guys. Beautiful home. Okay? It was a five-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bath, 5,300-square-foot home on almost an acre and a half, and it is built in 1988. Sold in nine days. Oops.

An okay. Again, listed 6.5. Somebody got a deal for 250,000 under the list price or 96% of the list price. Now Pierce, let's take a look at Pierce. I gotta do this quick. I have four more minutes because I have to go talk to my dog. $460,000. Could you believe it? Do you believe that you could actually buy a house for under $500,000 in San Jose, California?

Holy moly. But look at this thing. It's not the most appealing property. Looks a little beat up. It's a little rented. I've been through this. This is a busy street. So once you get off of if you're on buying Almaden, you're going north and you need to get back on the freeway, you go through this street right here.

And it's a busy street. Wow. Nice and muddy. Look at that. This is definitely an investment property, but you could just look at the quality. Lack of maintenance. It's older. I'll swear it's like a hundred years old. No, it's not. Says it's 2023. That's such a lie. Two bedroom, one bath, 1,152 square feet on a 3,600-acre park right next to 87 and two.

It's actually I think it backs into two 80. No, let's see. Oh look, it's a flag lot too. It's a flag lot. Look at that. Wow. I would not want that house. This goes to show there's a house for everybody. Now, this is a great little t talk right here. This is what we're seeing. People, are buying houses like you would not believe.

Now, this one is completely updated. Has,

I didn't see this. No pg e bills. Santa Clara County. Santa Clara City has its own PG or electric and gas. So Santa Clara, one of the best things about Santa Clara is that they're, they run their city like a business that's very efficiently run and they have their own electric electricity that comes in, so it's a little less expensive.

Cupertino schools and it's Santa Clara guys, you can't beat it. You're close to all the big tech. Look how close you are to the Apple Center, the Apple headquarters there, that's all downtown Santa Clara. It's a four-bedroom, two-bath, 1,687 square foot, built-in 1963. We will quickly run through this very well-maintained original kitchen.

Look at that. Look at that wallpaper. That's awesome. Oh, that's what people are buying these days, and that's about what we're, yeah, this is about what we did. All right, so listed 1.9, sold for 2.625, and it was 36%, 38% over the list price. Okay, Calhoun, the lowest one is this guy right here in San Jose. Seven bedrooms, four baths, 1,448 square feet. I think you'll have to sleep standing up in this house. Don't get me. Don't, what do I know? But look at that.

Yeah, look at that. Prep your house up. Clean it up. That looks like me. Olympian. Old fart. Yeah. Not a whole lot to look at. Built in 1890, it was completely. I wouldn't say redone, but they say it's good for a six-unit building. Listed a 1.2 sold for eight, took. Almost two years to sell. There you go. 66.7. So is housing back?

Yes. I think people are still selling. They're, especially in the valley, especially in Santa. In Santa Clara County, Silicon Valley people are buying houses, period. All right. We have 156 houses for sale or closed last week, which is a lot higher than the last couple of weeks, which is good. And inventory's going up, which is good.

It needs to go up much higher. We need to be about 15, 1600, I think, to make it a healthy market. That's the problem. That's why houses are still going for over and tomorrow we're going to talk about houses or areas that are bad for investing all right. I'm Vito Scarnecchia with Abitano. We'll see you out there.


Santa Clara County Hi's and Low's 🔴[LIVE] Tuesday Highs & Lows Tuesdays are fun because we get to see last week's Highs and Lows of Santa Clara Home Sales.
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