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These weekends Events

Open house Condo this weekend at 17075 Creekside Circle, Morgan Hill

Beautiful Day Oct 7 and 8


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REOs are leveling off. San Jose Real Estate Sales are moderate All these questions and more are unpacked in this edition of Silicon Valley Living! We’re talking about affordability right now. FHA and VA are big options right now. 

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 6/8/2023 These weekends Events 
Open house Condo this weekend at 17075 Creekside Circle, Morgan Hill 
Beautiful Day Oct 7 and 8 
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 Hot. Welcome back to Silicon Valley Living. Three things you need to know. Today, we're talking about what's going on this weekend. Bunch of events. That means summer's here. It's supposed to be here and open house. We have an open house coming up this weekend. Love for you to come by. Living in Morgan Hill is an opportunity and a great opportunity at that.

And while we're doing that, I have to plug this in to make sure that I am charged and ready to go. Okay. So don't mind me. I'm just going to do things and then we'll talk about Beautiful. Today. Didn't get the new video that we have up just yet, and it was just about me talking about the listing that we closed.

It's an awesome house. And then, That's pretty much it. There is one other thing I wanna talk about, but we'll get into that in a second. The one main part of this is that summer's here, and the season here is. Maybe the weather's a little bit wonky, but the kids are getting out of school. I think for most of us now, we're all outta school.

I am not sure, but. Different, districts are different. So just take that with a grain of salt. I've been telling people this for 20 years. Our selling season is March, April, and May. This is June, 8th, as a matter of fact, June 8th. That means we're past the selling season. And more people that I speak to we spoke to, Hector yesterday and he's talking about what's happening in the last 30 days.

I'm talking to people about what's going on in the last couple of weeks as far as sales are concerned, and a lot of them are saying, we have Memorial Day, we had people going on vacations, and schools out. The last thing people are thinking about is buying a house right now. Very true. So when I tell you that the market's going to slow down a little bit, that doesn't mean it's a bad thing.

I think it's a normal thing because if you look at sales on the whole, I think maybe let me see if I can show you what I'm talking about. Not here. Let's see if I have this thing right here.

Now, this is a loose correlation, but you see how the ebbs and flows. It goes up and goes down, up, and then down up, and then down. Look, it starts to go up in May and then it goes down, and then May. And then down May. See those are the median sales prices. That means there's more competition in March, April, and May, and that's, these numbers right here land during the May timeframe, which is the pinnacle, the end of the market.

And then people go on vacation, and they go to school. And again, the last thing people are thinking about is they're. Moving house. They have to put their kids in daycare. They have to take care of their kids. They have to arrange to have their kids watched or go on vacation or what have you. And the last thing they need is the extra stress of moving.

So that's why the market slows down. It's not that the demand doesn't wallow, they're going to continue to look. But sorry, I'm going to go back to Thursday, but at the same time, They're probably not going to pull a trigger right away and say list, let's move right now. Because everything in my life is completely stress-free and that's a normal thing.

It's, normal. I probably wouldn't wanna move right about now, even though we have a condo coming up. But that's here nor there. Now the condo that I have coming up, let's see if I can get to it. I don't even have it ready. We're waiting for the photos. We're waiting for the video. And the three, everything, it's a two bedroom, one and a half bath upstairs, downstairs condo.

It's more like a townhouse, but it's condominium ownership. And it's in Creekside Village or Creekside. Villa. Villa. And it's a, an, I can see, you can see my whole face Because everybody loves to see my whole face. It's it two interior walls, which that's not the best part, and has a one-car garage attached to the unit so you can bring your groceries in and not have to worry about it.

It's very easy to live. They, it's four 50 a month. It's a gated community. It's within walking distance of downtown. You can walk down, have dinner, get drunk, walk back, and have a great evening out of it. You don't have to drive. Amazing opportunity and it has a pool in the playground and tennis courts. I just took a video of all that's coming, getting done over the next couple of days.

It's a great little place and I've, shown houses or condos there, or units there before and I'm really excited to sell it and hope you could be there. Saturday, Sunday, and one to four both days. Okay. Beautiful day,

beautiful day. I'm looking for help. We're doing Laer, but if you don't want to hang out with me, that's completely okay. We have Emer and PRUs. There's a bunch of other schools that are, we're working on. There are a bunch of other things. Another project, I think there are 20 different projects that we're working on right now.

You can go to Emma Crush and help out there. There's so much fun and enjoyable, so many fun and enjoyable projects that you can go on and enjoy and give back to the community and meet people and network and get some sun. Think about it, October 7th and eighth, okay? The first thing I talked about was the summer sales.

Are going to start slowing down, which is a normal thing, and you're going to see these numbers go black more than red, right? The second thing was the condo. The third thing is a beautiful day, but let's talk about weekend events. There are a ton of things going on this weekend, including my open house. Make sure you come by for 15, to 20 minutes.

There's Foodie Land, night Market, San Rosa, and Clara County Fairgrounds. Oh, yeah. I want to show you this too. This is coming up on July 8th and ninth. If you're a veteran. Or somebody that's a veteran that needs help with housing, dental, medical, employment, job. We're giving away free groceries.

We have a backpack giveaway. We're doing haircuts. I know I need to get a better haircut. But send this out to people. If you need to get a hold of this, just go, Beto. I need that veteran stand-down thing. All right. Happy to send it to you. That's July 8th. That's a month for now. I'll be there helping out.

Let me know if you have anybody else who wants to help. There's di de and that is History San Jose. Oh, this will be fun, but it's only one day and Sunday. And then Viva Calle again. So you bring your bikes out, bring your families, have fun, and meet different small businesses. There's a dinner train at the roaring Camp.

Vintage market, San Jose popup.

There's an open-air Artisan Fair at Maker's Mark Barbecue with prime and swine. Portuguese heritage night, guys. There's so much stuff to do. There's no reason to be sitting on your ass all weekend like I did last weekend. I really needed to do it last weekend. I have no excuse other than I was tired and I worked my ass off all week and I just sat on my ass.

It did nothing. And let's see what else. That's it. All right. Again, remember, if you have to sell Now you're going to see inventory go up. That means there are more choices. You're going to see demand was just a little bit. But also what's going to happen is in September, October, that market will come back to normal again.

So we'll see a little bit of a dip. Don't be impatient if you have your house on the market. That's just a normal part of what's going on right now. I'm Vito. Scar with Abba. We'll see you out there. Have a great weekend. I hope I see you at one of these, things or my open house. We'll see you. Bye.


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