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The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) rose 0.2 percent in June on a seasonally adjusted basis, after increasing 0.1 percent in May, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, the all-items index increased by 3.0 percent before seasonal adjustment. https://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/cpi.pdf 

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New Car Market: Prices Are About To Plummet https://finance.yahoo.com/news/car-market-prices-plummet-due-153706713.html 

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 here we are back again. I know you missed me. I took last week off. My mom was in town and I wanted to spend time with her, with the family, all that other stuff. So I know you understand and you forgive me. You probably didn't even realize that I took a week off. I did send out the charts, the little graphs so you could see where we are, but I wanted to take some time off and then got sick.

Happens, right? It's been a busy couple of weeks. Did some fun stuff with my mom. I didn't do as much as I wanted to she's older and we can't do as much with her anymore, but we did have the kids come in and they got to spend some time with Oma, which was great. And then this last weekend I went to Carmel twice, which was.

Pretty awesome. I got sunburned, which was really necessary because I hadn't really been out in the sun. I needed that vitamin D to kick my immune system into overdrive. But here we are. See, I'm a little dark here, a little sunburned. Here, cause I was wearing a hat. Anywho, the weekend before we had this thing called a veteran standdown.

I don't know, I talked about it, but I wanted to show you that we did talk to a lot, we talked to a lot of people. There are so many veterans out there. Did you know that California has more veterans? than any other state combined. It's true, mostly because we have all the great little pro programs for us, like this, program right here.

I'm really deep into my veteran community, in case you didn't know that. There are so many programs out there for veterans, they just need to know about them. and want to get help, right? If you have a veteran that's been struggling, it doesn't, is aimless and doesn't really feel connected to their community, or doesn't really know what's going on and needs a direction.

We have San Jose State has a VRC program, which is a Veteran Resource Center. And if they want to go back to college and get a free degree not free, there's a program for that. We have something called the GI Bill. But if they don't want to do that, they have this program right here,

and it's a free certification course for IT. They pay for the courses. They have grants from the states and federal to pay for IT, cybersecurity, all that other stuff. So if you see that stuff on TikTok and Facebook saying 15, 16, 17 grand for a certification course, point your veteran friends and family to that, to this guy right here.

And if you didn't get it, call me, email me. I'm happy to send it to you. Also, if homeless, if veterans are in that area or are in threat of becoming homeless, we have programs for them. They're state-sponsored, federal-sponsored, VA-sponsored and this program is right here. Home first talks about it, and it doesn't matter if they're honorably discharged or other, or what have you.

We have programs for veterans that get them off the street. Get them cleaned up, get them ready back to get back to work, and give them purpose. And that's what I found was a lot of the veterans that I spoke to didn't have a purpose. And when you're in a community that's so tight, like a military organization, granted, there's toxic and all this other crap.

I get it. I, one of the reasons why I got out one of the things that you miss is the camaraderie and the tightness and that brotherhood and sisterhood of. Expectation, if I give you something to do, I expect you to do it in the civilian world. Doesn't really work that way. You have to constantly make sure that it happens.

If I gave you the order to go do something in the military, it will get done. I don't have to think twice about it right now. Granted, you have that 10% of the people that are shit-birds. You have to do it, but there's always that mission. There's that constant. movement of the mission. We always have to get something done.

There's always something going on. And while you get that in a civilian world, especially in the corporate world, you don't have that same, same mindset, the same feeling you get as you do when you're in the military. And that's the aimlessness that we see. And that's why we have veterans. Committing suicide because they're aimless.

They're they, lose their purpose. And I spoke to a lot of veterans this, that, that weekend. What I found was we're just trying to recapture part of our youth, but also that feeling. I called it my ghost. I had to give up my ghost. I had to give up the ghost spirit of who I was as a Marine and become a new person.

I'm still doing that. I'm part of that purpose that I find is giving back to my communities. My, my community around my house, my church community, my veteran community. I give back and I'm always there. That gives me a sense of purpose. And that's what I think that the best feeling I got out of that's that weekend Anyway, three things we need to talk about cpi power staging your home and the new mark The car Mark is about to crash and if you remember Some of the things I talk about are One of the house of cards that might fall is the automotive market, right?

This was 15, 16%, and 17% before this was last year. I'm hearing reports about this all the time. The car market. Is going to go into oversupply now You know, they pushed the market down saying they were missing Components they were missing if they were missing certain doodads because of shipping, and what have you those cars are still being built.

Now. Those cars are ready to get back on the market and there's an oversupply of cars Also people are hesitating to buy a car right now Reason being is they know we're going into a recession. There's a  chance that they might get laid off home being, being housed is more important than having a new car, right?

I'm not saying that everybody is out there, but there will be 10, 15, or 20% of the population that just can't afford it. And that's what this is really talking about. Now I don't even go into this, article here. What they're saying is that the new car market is about to. Plummet because of oversupply.

I get that but guys I've been telling you this for a long time The supply has been there. They're just not putting them on the market on the lots they have other lots. They have warehouse lots strategically placed around and they basically have a surplus of inventory already that they haven't been telling you about.

I don't know how to tell you that other than, go look around. Go to this, go to the ICE Center. in San Jose where the sounds of sharks practice. They have the four rinks there right by San Jose Giants. And they have the sound was a state stadium there, right over there, there's a big parking lot and they have cars parked there.

That's just in San Jose. Then you go to the Lajo, you go all over the place. You'll see just. Inventory after a massive amount of inventory of cars, if you look for, all right, power staging your house. This one tells you to get into the nitty-gritty of what you should be doing. But the bottom line is, when you sell your house and it's vacant, it's hard to take pictures of a vacant room.

All you're looking at is a corner of a room, right? It gives you no depth or value of what that room is. This is the bedroom click. And then it's like dirty carpet. When you put a bed and nightstands and lights and some decorations in it, it gives it purpose, but it also gives it depth, gives it an understanding of how big or how small that room really is.

And that's really the most important part. So should you use your furniture or. Professionally furniture stage. It depends on the strategy that you want to use. If you want to buy a house before you sell the current one, then there are reasons why you should and shouldn't do that. But if you choose that, then you buy the house, move, and then you have a vacant house that you have to sell, then yes, you should stage it.

Absolutely. Now, vacant houses don't sell for as much as staged houses. Some statistics are proven by the industry, the staging industry, saying yes, you make 5% more, 6%, whatever. Whatever that number is, I totally understand that, but it's from the staging industry. So truthfully said, there's no real data to support that, right?

And when the market's on fire, like it was two years ago, it didn't really matter what you did other than, yeah, I have my house stage and I put some professional photography through there and it looks amazing. So yeah. Your house is going to sell for faster and more and all that other stuff. It also gives you purpose as to what each room is for, right?

And how big it is. And it makes it feel like you can walk through. And I always say it's better to have the 360, the walk, the video walk-through, the drone, the pictures, everything all thrown together because why not? Because in marketing, it's the path of least resistance. You want to give every potential buyer or prospect the opportunity to look at your home and decide if they want to buy it or not.

And you want to make it look in its best light, right? As a matter of fact, it says here, I thought this was great too. Right here. The most inexpensive way to brighten a home beside a fresh coat of paint is to increase the wattage of the light bulbs. Yeah, lights. My stager goes through light bulbs like you wouldn't believe because they're white.

They're left on all the time, but they're bright, super bright. You want your house bright and airy as much as possible, right? You don't want a dark purple room. My son had a dark blue. It was dark blue and it was like a cave, which I get as a kid. He's growing up, you do what you want to do.

I would say if you're going to have paint. If you're going to stage a house, make sure you declutter it, et cetera. I do have a video on my channel, five things you could do to sell your house for a lot less, but also a couple of other staging videos too. So I don't want to bore you about that CPI.

Okay, guys, I don't care if it's 0. 2% or What are we paying at the pumps?

What are we paying at the pumps? Like 4. 55 bucks an hour, a gallon. We used to pay 2. 50, 2. 00, 2. 50, right? What are we paying at the grocery for, fruit and vegetables? About twice. What we used to pay.

What are you paying for meat today? Now? I just went and bought $40 worth of tri-tip. I bought a four-pack of tri-tip. I think it was probably 57 actually now that I think about it. It's $15 apiece. It was a four-pack at Costco, which is crazy. I thought that was a great deal cause it was $4 a pound. We were paying like a dollar 50 to $2 and 50 cents.

A pound. Now you're paying upwards of 9 for a pound of meat, right? So all these gobbledygook, all the, all these numbers justifying all this other stuff. I think what we're missing, the point is, that inflation is coming down, but it's never going to get back to where we were. So don't think that don't think that the numbers that you're seeing are going to help you live life better Why am I harping on this?

Because the car market's about to crash We're going to go into a recession cost of living is going to get more expensive Live below your means, right? Let me talk about this real quick. Live below your means. And we have this thing called financial intelligence. There's a link down below where we talk about learning all the different things you can do to become financially more aware.

And I don't care if you have a doctorate. If you do, if you have a doctorate in finance, whatever call us, I'd love to interview you, right? We interview people from all different parts of the world, service industries, insurance agents lawyers, these different things to ask questions that people don't know to ask so that you can get a little bit of an education on how to become more financially aware and more financially.


enough of that. Should you buy Stocks, should you buy? Etf should you buy Bitcoin or RDX? I saw that number name floating around this weekend Yes, you should buy real estate. You should buy everything you can so live below your means save up what you can and invest it Because that money will last you a lot longer than buying, you know a trip to Tahoe for the weekend, not saying you shouldn't, I'm just spent the weekend going to Carmel.

Pick and choose your investments, right?

We had 800 houses closed last week. That's a far cry from where we were last year on average. Now look, everybody's saying the market's crashing or the volume is down or what have, yes, volume is down, but not as drastically as you think it is. If you look at the averages overall. We're not doing too bad compared to last year.

We're not 800 houses closed last week. I'm going to make fun of Napa a little bit, but 20 houses, guys. There's just not enough inventory. So you're going to see values go up. Except for the fact that last year we saw prices at 1. 47. So Napa hasn't really recovered. The number of houses being sold is getting back to the last year's average.

We're, last year we averaged 916 houses per week, close in 10 counties, right? We're 100 houses off. That's not a lot. I think we're doing really well because everybody's saying inventory sucks prices are maintaining We are coming back from a low we are the market contracted.

Let's see. Is this it? No, where is that inventory

this right here? Number of houses being sold, right? We went from an artificial high because it was 2%, now we're paying 7%. We're going to see houses naturalize or come back down. I think we're going to see the equilibrium come back to where we won't be seeing last year's prices for a couple years, but they're coming back and they're holding steady.

I could be wrong. But here's, the secret sauce guys Two years ago or 2022, April 2022 is when rates went up to 7%. Shocked the market. Guess what? The market forgot. People tend to forget how good it was. And when you get in the market to buy a house, it's going to be 7% or 6%. That's just the way it is.

I'm not talking about affordability. I'm talking about just the way the market runs, right? People are going to continue to buy houses. They're going to continue to buy ETFs and stocks and bonds and cars, just not at the same clip. People know that when you buy a house today in 20 years, it doesn't matter what you bought.

I asked a question most people, I asked a question a couple of weeks ago. How many of you do you remember how much you bought your house for? And a lot of people answered, but a lot of people didn't answer, right? They tell me exactly what it was. They probably had to go back and look.

So I think the market's coming back. I think the market's still strong. Are we going to go into a recession? Probably. What's that mean? House prices tend to increase over time in recessions. Let me show you that. This one is right here. Every time you see a recession, prices go up. Not drastically, except for 2008.

Even in 2020, there was a recession. So

there you go. When you see a recession happen, it's a good time to buy. Do you buy when it's a firestorm like it was in 2022, or 2021? If it makes sense for you, yes. But if you're going to, if you already own a house and you're looking at somewhere to invest, maybe real estate is a good place to talk to you to, work about it.

When you have a chance, sign up for the financial intelligence program that we have. It's nobody's hard selling anything. We don't offer any blah, blah, blah. We do have a call to action, but it's, if you want more information, right? We're here to educate. We're bringing people from financial advisors to lawyers to tax accountants insurance people You name it and I want you to be I want to learn I want to learn more than I know So that's the whole purpose behind it.

All right, I'm Vito with Abitano. We'll see you out there!