8 New Tricks for Keeping Mosquitos Away | Mountain View home of the week 🦅 🌎 ⚓️


8 New Tricks for Keeping Mosquitos Away | Mountain View home of the week  🦅 🌎 ⚓️





Introduction to Mosquito Prevention

 Keeping mosquitoes away. I'll tell you why this is important to me. Also, we'll talk about Wednesday is the 40 and 90-day Days on Market and Mountain View Home of the Week, REO of the Week, and that's it. Yeah, let's get moving. 

Mountain View home of the week

Highlighting Mountain View and Apple Houses of the Week

Okay, so Mountain View home of the week right here. I picked this one out because it's close to the downtown. This is Castro Street and it's not the fanciest house. As a matter of fact, it's pretty dang on small. Two bedroom, two bath, 1400 square feet for a measly 3. 2 million. Brand new on the market.

Homes for sale near Apple

This is not my listing. Let's take a quick look at it. See if the photos work. It's like they just got a good rain, nice little bungalow cottage-type style, updated kitchen. I don't think that fits with the style of that house, but that's okay. All right. It'll make it work, but not for 3. 2 million. Okay. And then a house near Apple. Here's the flying saucer and it's literally walking distance away. This is a house near Apple 2. 2 million for a bedroom and two baths. This is not my listing of 2000 square feet built in 1957 on the market. Six whole days. This thing's going to fly off the market for that price.

Let's take a look at the condition. It looks like it's original, everything. And guys, I sold a house in Cupertino in original condition, and we had 20-something offers way over what we were expecting. So don't get deterred by this. 

It looks like this was converted into a playroom or a hobby room, but that's the garage, right? So people just do what they do. , walking distance to Apple. 

Real Estate Market Analysis: Sales, Listings, and Foreclosures

And let's take a look at the closings for the week. San Jose had 375 actives for sale. We had 70 houses going to pending this last week, but that's also because we had a holiday, right?

And we had 84 closings from the week before for the last 30 days. Santa Clara County, we have 814 houses for sale, not nearly enough, not even half of what we need. We need 2, 000. We have 152 pending. Of that 70 of them are just under 50 percent of them are in San Jose.

And we had 162 close again, half of those were in San Jose. This is what I want to show you. Remember this line right here? This is the 2000-unit line, in Santa Clara County. We need to have about 2000 active for sale to make it a balanced market. We're not even near that not even near half of that the six-month mark. The reason why I have this here is because of the six-month mark right here That's months of inventory in red.

That would make it a buyer's market. Everybody's saying that the market's crashing, but it's because we have no inventory. Everybody says that the high cost of interest rates is slowing down the market.

I call BS. We don't have the inventory. If we had six months of inventory, if we had 2000 listings active at any given time, then perhaps we would be able to talk about it being a buyer's market. But until these numbers change, nothing's going to, it's still going to be a seller's market. Today is Wednesday.

So there we are. 

8 New Tricks for Keeping Mosquitos Away

Mosquito Prevention Tips for the British Virgin Islands Trip

Let's talk about mosquitoes. And here's the reason why I want you to know. Mosquitoes are important to me. 15 days! 15 days I'm going to the British Virgin Islands for a sailing trip, something I've never done, bucket list type, and I cannot wait.

I'm buying gear for it, I just bought some sandals, bought some extra memory for my GoPro, I'm amped. I cannot wait. British Virgin Islands. I'm on a boat for 11 days.

Cannot wait. So the reason why this is important is that there's a ton of mosquitoes out there, and there's a bunch of things that I'm going to learn how to do. Mosquito problems here in California, but we do have mosquitoes and it's going to be a growing problem.

It's going to continue to grow. And, we're spoiled in the fact that we don't need to have all this stuff like DEET, but Did you know you can repel them with wipeaways? Yeah, just the little wipes, the little butt wipes that you use for kids.

Absolutely, it's a temporary solution. You can put on some essential oils, and you can burn coffee grounds. And, obviously, on a boat, you can't plant lavender, but if you're around your house, you plant lavender and it'll keep it away. We do have lavender in our house.

Herbs like rosemary, garlic, and basil. They don't like the smell. And yeah, so under my pergola, I have fans that blow down and it keeps. Bugs away from the food and the people that are sitting there.

So it's a nice thing. And on a hot summer day, you'll have a breeze coming down. It keeps it cool and it keeps the bugs away. So use a fan for sure. Dryer sheets. I'm going to bring a whole pack of dryer sheets and just rub them on me and see if it works. I'll get back to you and let you know so the people I'm going with, they're adamant about using vitamin B one.

They're saying, I don't know why it works. It works. There are articles galore about it. So I just ordered some vitamin B one trick of the thing is around your house, get some plants, lavender, rosemary, garlic, you name it. If you're out there and you see a lot of bugs, try the dryer sheets, and see if it works.

Why not? And if anything, you'll stave off that summer stink. 

REO of the Week

Summary: Market Insights and Mosquito Prevention Advice

So today we went through the 40 days on the market, 90 days on the market, and the bank-owned properties. The numbers are a little bit up.

But nothing that I'm concerned about. It went from one 44 to one 52. But if you look at the numbers, the averages are about one 50 anyway. And in the Bay area, it's 57. But again, that's about average. We're not seeing a huge spike like we did back in 2008, or 2009. Those numbers are good indicators for us because those are foreclosures.

Those are after you stop making payments after I think 90 days or 120 days. They issue out a Notice of Default, and then they have a foreclosure process that could be up to six months, and once that six months is done, the judge says, yes, la.

They have a lot of new rules and laws that help the consumer. And prevent the bank from foreclosing ahead of time. But at the end of the day, if you don't make payments, you're going to get kicked out of your house, right? And if you have to walk away, you have to walk away don't put your head in the sand, take care of the problem, get rid of that house. If it's a albatross on your neck, so don't let the bank, take it back. Whatever you do, you can sell it. Tons of different ways of preventing foreclosure and a foreclosure hurts your credit for eight years, if not longer, and it keeps you from building a legacy.

So if you're in a situation where you're when you're foreclosure or you're pre-foreclosure, give me a call. We have some ways to work around that. 40 days, 90 days on the market. Nothing to worry about there. Bank owns nothing to worry about there. Apple House of the Week, mountain View House of the Week, and what to do if you have a mosquito problem. The last thing I want to say about mosquitoes is don't leave any standing water around because that's where they breed.

If you have buckets of water or what have you dump 'em out and keep it as low water as possible. And if you have a pool, keep it chlorinated, keep it running. Cause that'll keep them from laying eggs in there too. I'm Butos Grenekia with Abitano. Thanks for watching. We'll see you out there.

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