Great American Litter Pick Up 2024, Modifications for Seniors, Los Gatos Home of the Week


Great American Litter Pick Up 2024, Modifications for Seniors,  Los Gatos Home of the Week


Introduction to Home Modifications for Seniors

 All right. 

Exploring the Need for Senior-Friendly Home Modifications

Home Modifications for Seniors: Creating an Accessible and Safe Environment

Home modifications for seniors. What you could do to make sure your parents are safe when they stay in their homes, when they're older home modifications for seniors talking about this because my parents are getting older. My uncle and aunt are getting older and they live in these, while my parents have moved into a single-story house. That makes sense, right? Everything's on one level.

My aunt and uncle live in this big property It's 12 or 13 acres. It's multiple stories. And it's just a gigantic mansion. And when they bought it many years ago, it was beautiful. It was gorgeous, perfect for him, but now it's a little bit too much for him. So now we're talking about getting them moved into a small condo or a single-family house, that kind of thing, because, they just need to be a little bit more aware.

They're not as active in their brain. Their brain isn't talking to their body as well. If they're in a wheelchair, none of my guys are in wheelchairs yet. I have them hobbling around on canes and little walkers. So you need to make room for that. But also in your entryway, especially with older people, they love to have their checks and their extra stuff and show up like my desk.

Let's see like over here. Too much stuff. Not good. 

Safety Tips and Modifications for Senior Living

, I get that there are certain things for convenience, but think more about safety versus convenience for the right bathroom safety, you can install safety bars, especially in the showers. I just, it would be really bad for somebody to fall over.

And the minute somebody falls over, especially when they're older, they're recoup time, they're healing time and getting back to normal time. Takes a lot longer. So it's better to be preventative. So think safety bars, make sure there are no sharp edges around that can fall on. 

Kitchen and Accessibility Improvements for Seniors

So just be super careful about that kitchen and accessibility.

So this is tough because bending over to look for pans and pots. It's a pain in the butt. So instead of having covers that you have to reach into, think maybe redo it with drawers that they can just access pretty quickly and anything that they normally have at eye level.

Counter, so just think about restructuring things or at least have that conversation with them. Be there for them. Flooring and lighting, make sure that everything's lit, very well lit that there are no tripping hazards like having loose rugs. If you do have them tacked down, I know it's going to ruin the floor, but at the same time, make sure that they're safe, right?

Enhancing Bedroom Comfort and Safety for the Elderly

Bedroom comfort and safety. Again, so I look at my counter, my end tables, my night tables, and they're sharp, right? So if I was going to, Be older. And I would probably have them sanded down and a little safer in case I bump my head. 

So just be careful, right? Little things like that. Again, you want to have no rugs that can, they can trip over, make it very light and aware, and try to start getting rid of the tchotchkes because those things tend to collect dust. And I can tell you this for example my kids, their rooms are filthy.

And, I tell them you got to get rid of the dust, got to clean up your room and there's dust and dirt and clothes everywhere and tchotchkes everywhere. And then they're complaining that there's bugs in their room. 

Leveraging Technology for Senior Safety

So there you go and obviously, there's technology that's out there that helps.

I've fallen and I can't get up. My dad's using one right now, but when my mom came out for over Easter, my dad stayed there and we had people come and check on them just because. And it's not because they're completely helpless. It's just that, a neighbor typically won't come out and check on them.

So just have somebody physically go over there, check on and make sure that they're still breathing and still happy et cetera, and spend an hour with them and then be gone. So there you go. Some home modifications. 

Transitioning to Real Estate: Market Trends and Insights

If you see your parents are still living in a place, not going into a home or an active adult community, yeah, I don't know what they're saying, why they say that jobs are doing well and why the economy is doing well. Maybe the only thing that we're doing is spending a lot of money on ammunition and rockets and stuff and sending it over to Ukraine and the Middle East. So I'm just frustrated with this.

There's no reason for it to be 7%. We need to get it down below five. Feds have said that we're looking at three cuts this year. I don't see that happening. So just be in for the long haul. This could affect the housing market, but again, we just don't have. The inventory for the, compared to the demand, right?

The demand is a lot lower than it was three years ago, but so is the inventory. And we'll go into that in a minute that prices continue to go up. We're just seeing it. I have a house listed right now and it was a crazy weekend of open houses. I have agents begging to drop an offer.

So new listing here. 


Spotlight on Los Gatos: House of the Week

Los Gatos Home of the Week

This is on University Ave. Where is it? Right here. Now, this is Los Gatos. This is Los Gatos house of the week. That's a 2 million house for a two-bedroom house. It's at 1100 square feet. And it's on a busy street.

Let's take a look. University. It's not like Main Street or Santa Cruz, right? Santa Cruz is their main street, but the University of, that's a major thoroughfare people go there all the time and yeah, I get it. And maybe it faces Hubble, but still, you're right on the, So I'm sure it's going to sell and there is an ADU.

It looks like two bedrooms, three full baths 900, 9,,000 square feet built in 1947, there's nothing drama, or grammar great about it, except for the fact that it's a larger lot. Now the larger lot is because it's a corner lot and you're giving it mostly to. curb and walkways. So I don't know. We'll see. It also has a 366-square-foot ADU.

It's been on the market for 18 days and listed for 2. 1 million. Let's take a look at the pictures here. So

I get it. I think they missed the target demographic on this because they fixed it up made it look cute and they still going to sell it. Maybe they're trying to so that ADU is actually a garage that they convert. You can tell that's the driveway. What this is really good for is for somebody to buy into it and then eventually tear it down and then put a big McMansion on it.

And that's truly the value of it. So adding all this money, putting money into it, flipping it. I don't think they missed the target demographic. 

Community Engagement: Great American Park Cleanup

Great American Litter Pick Up 2024

Great American liver pickup. We have four parks that we're sponsoring this Saturday, be there, be square starts from nine to 1130, come bring some gloves and protective gear, suntan lotion in case it's warm, and wear a hat, and sunglasses.

They're going to give you everything else you need, but just go out there, and pick up some trash. It's a great photo op, but also you're helping the community and you get to meet new people. Come on out. It'll be fun.


Real Estate Market Analysis: Price Reductions and Listings

Price Reductions

Price reductions, Santa Clara County. There's nothing really going on. Blossom Valley. There's one that is listed here. See the value is in the land on that one. That guy doesn't get that. There are two here in Willow Glen. Now let's take a look at Georgetta. Again, this is not my listing.

I just randomly picked it. Nice colonial style postmodern colonial. I would say

updated, upgraded, but they missed the mark, right? Something's missing. It looks beautiful, right? Gorgeous house, with all the right colors. That's a sauna? Dang. Saunas are personal choices, right? You either absolutely have to have a pool or you absolutely don't want a pool.

Because there's a cost involved. And if you don't have, if you have it and you're not using it, it's going to cost you five, seven hundred dollars a month. And it's just going to sit there. So either want one. I had one as a kid and I'd never have a pool again.

Not worth it. This is making the market. You could do it with it, but I don't know. Okay. This one right here is Ellenwood. Oh, this is the highs and lows for this week, Santa Clara County. Let's take a look at them. The highest was 7. 6. The lowest was 6. 7 or 675, 000. The highest number of days on the market is 232 days. The highest for sale is 17, 950. It's the same one from last week. And there's a new lowest, which is a hundred thousand dollars more.

And right now we have 827. Houses for sale in Santa Clara County. That's it. We need a minimum of 2, 000 to make a balance. So that's why prices continue to go up. We're less than half of where we need to be as far as supply is concerned. So let's take a quick look at this one. This one's gorgeous.

Five bedrooms, six and two half baths 5, 000 square feet with an ADU. That's probably why. Cause the ADU has one and a half baths 25 quarter acres, 0. 6, two-thirds of an acre on market four days. The original list price is 7. 68. They dropped it down within four days to 600, 000. I don't know why they would have done that.

Yeah. So French Chateau look looks okay. I get it. This is, it's definitely a style, right?

Maybe it's a Spanish revival look inside, right? We have the terracotta tile, which was cool back in the eighties, and the nineties, an old stove, and an open pantry. That's a lot of busy right there. Beautiful. I wouldn't want to take care of it though. What's that? Ooh, it's a wine cellar.

I want to check it out. That's a cool office. See my office needs to be closed off. Oh, there's pocket doors. So yeah, that's good. You could see the dating right there. This is all dated, streaming dated. I get it.

Okay. I'm going to rush through to the wine cellar because I think those are cool. There you go. Look at that. Oh, that is beautiful. And a little man's hangout cave. See, he was smart. He didn't have kegerators. He just has the kegerator pull. I put a kegerator in my backyard and I don't use it because I don't drink.

So yeah, you can see some work being done here, but yeah, Oh, that's a cool picture of all the James bonds. That's really cool.

Nice. All right. 

Highlighting Unique Properties and Market Anomalies

Santa Clara County High's and Low's

So 17 or 7. 6 million in Las Gatos, this gorgeous house. If you're interested, let me know. I'd love to take you for a show real quick. And this is the lowest sold house. Actually that one's sold four days, 7. 6 million. So 80, 000 less. There you go. This is sold Del Porto current Canyon.

The original list price was a million dollars, 232 days on the market. So this one took two records this week. It was the highest day on the market and the lowest sale price. And.  The highest sales, the lowest sales price. So list price to sales price ratio. Quaint hunting cabin in the Bay area, one bedroom, one bath thousand square feet.

That's a fixer-upper right there. I'll tell you what. You can go shooting all day long if that's what you want to do. See, it's all country.

Let's see. This one hit three records, the lowest sold price, the highest days on the market, and the highest list price to sales price ratio, which was how I showed you that.

It was like 59%. It's crazy.

Okay. And then let's see what this one is. This is in the banana groves. So I have a client looking to sell. They totally underpriced it though. Houses around there regularly go for 1. 2, 1. 3 anyway. So that's how you attract the market.

And this is the most expensive house for sale. It's been active for 50 days. And then there's one that was a hotel and I don't know why they have it listed as a first, as a single-family house. And this is the lowest sales price to list price ratio, two bedrooms, two baths, 1, 296 square feet, five acres built in 1966, 138 days on the market.

Let's take a look at where exactly this is.

So Elmenden, Blossom Valley, Morgan Hill, it's up in the hills. It's probably a one-hour drive just to get there. There you go. Private money is now available. Price reduction. Yeah, I would offer 200, 000 for that. So there you go. 

Conclusion and Recap

So today we talked about home modifications for your senior parents. Mortgage rates, Los Gatos House of the Week, Great American Park. Be there on Saturday, at La Colina Park, at nine o'clock. Love to see you come and say hi and list price reductions and today this week's highs and lows. Hope this is helpful.

I'm Vito with Abitano. We'll see you out there.

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