Window Coverings kill home sales


 Window Coverings kill home sales




The Impact of Window Coverings on Home Sales

 Window coverings kill home sales. It's true. Wounded window coverings will kill your home sale. We'll talk about that along with other home staging ideas and Los Gatos home of the week price reductions and the highest and lowest in Silicon Valley. So I got this idea from this. article right here. Clever home staging tricks you can steal. 

Clever Home Staging Tricks Revealed

Clever Home Staging Tricks You Can Steal

Home staging is very important. Now whether you use your own you bring in an interior designer to restructure your own furniture and decor or you bring in completely other staging, it's imperative.

We need to do that to properly position your house for sale. And if you Don't want to go through the time and energy of staging your house. You'll be woefully disappointed in the results. Just a fact, right? Your house will sell, but not for the money you think it's going to sell for.

Just is, just does. So here are some things that you can do. Now, when I sell a house, I bring it in my stager and we talk about different things that we can do to stage and bring the furniture and decor in to make it look up. 

I have a bunch of stuff. My table, my desk right here is full of paperwork that I'm working on. My house isn't for sale. My couch is still there. Just stuff around the house, around the TV. I have junk. I have stuff that the kids use, right? So if I were to go to put my house up for sale, all that would go into boxes and into the garage or into a storage unit.

And I would let that stuff be there and not in the way of selling my house. 

Decluttering and Cleaning: Essential Staging Tips

So clear it out and clean it up. Your pantry is important. Your closets are important. If it's winter, get rid of all your summer gear this summer. Get rid of all your winter gear. Just make your closets look bigger.

Mine look like a, I don't know, like a clearance rack, get rid of personalization. If you look at me, I love you, Daddy wall, it gives me inspiration. There's no way I would ever. Get rid of it. It's just all these little things that when my kids were small, they gave to me like little Father's Day, by the way, Father's Day is coming up.

Not the most important, but to me, it's the most important day of the year, there are other things too where I want to be, my goal setting, and just different things. I would take that off because that's, that has nothing to do with selling a house, right? I want to clear it out. I probably put a little picture of a flower or something, to update the bathroom.

Bathroom Updates: Maximizing Appeal with Minimal Investment

Now. Should you tear it out and put new cabinets in? You're not going to get the money that you spend on tearing out and completely redoing your bathroom. What we do say is paint it light and bright. And if the counters need an update, put a new counter on it and you sink the tub, stay in place.

If you have old-looking olive drab tile On the shower, walls, I would say get rid of it or think about having it painted over. Don't really worry about the toilet. Mostly because whenever I sell a house, I tell people to get rid of the toilets and replace them because they want new toilets, just a thing.

Design Details and Curb Appeal: Making Your Home Stand Out

A thing for me now design details really depend on the kind of style of your house, whether it's a cabin or a mansion or colonial or Spanish revival or modern depends on what it is. And you really want to. Push those ideas onto that house and make it accentuate what that house looks like curb appeal.

Super important. We talk about that all the time. Make sure your house looks freshly painted, has clean driveways, and is power washed. If you have walkways, do flowers in there. 

And My, the lizards love it. And my dogs love the fact that the lizards are under there. So they always go chasing it after I take them for a walk. 

The Importance of Odor Control and Furniture Updates

Odors, speaking of dogs, cats. Doesn't matter. Don't cook with fish or curry or anything strong, or odors in your kitchen while your house is for sale, get it deep-cleaned windows.

This is where we're coming in here, right? Upgrade the furniture if your couches are 20 years old, stinky, and full of, kids and dogs and all that nasty stuff, get rid of them, throw them out. Move you're moving. Don't buy them yet. Don't put them on credit, but buy new furniture for your new home.

You'll be glad you did because of the furniture you have in your living room. 

Window Coverings: Out with the Old, In with the Bright and Airy

Keep that in window coverings. Let's take a look at this. Now I've never been a fan of the valance. Look at this thing. That's screaming old world. Oh, look at that out of style. Yes, guys, if you have looked, at 1960, they were cool. 1980s. They started going out of style. There's no reason to have a balance today. Some might say, yes, you can do it. And then some. Design features. You absolutely can get away with it, but

just don't, unless you have an interior designer, that's highly suggesting it and it flows with the house, there you go. This is what I envision new functionary windows to look like. Now whether you put plantation or other kinds of blinds, you see how the windows go ceiling the floor. What does that tell you? What does that give that feeling give you when you're walking into a room like that? Bright, airy, open, large, spacious.

This just feels condensed. I feel claustrophobic in it. So anyway, if you have valences, consider getting rid of them. When I put my houses up for sale, I tear out all the old window coverings because typically they're old and beat up or broken or dusty and dirty or need to be washed. They'll just say, tear them out, get rid of them, throw them out.

Brighter is better. And by the way, when you sell your house, clean your windows, take the screen off, wash the screen, and put it in your garage and let it sit there because that three, five, 10 percent of extra sunlight that comes in makes a huge difference. So keep the screens off for the time being.

And if you're in an area where there are tons of bugs. 


Home Buyers Checklist: A Must-Have for House Hunting

Don't open the doors, don't open the windows, just deal with it until you sell the house, this episode is brought to you by the home buyers checklist. If you're thinking about looking at houses, you're going to look at four or five, six houses at a time. And it'll be exhausting. And by the time you're done, you're not going to remember house A, from house C to house D. And this checklist allows you to go through each room and learn about every little aspect of what you like and what you don't like about that room in that house.

And when you go back that night and you're eating your pizza with your loved one, and you're saying, this is what I like about this house. You go back to the checklist. It helps you remember. What do we get here? 

Los Gatos Home of the Week: A Colonial Beauty

Los Gatos Home of the Week

Heisen loads. This is gorgeous. Colonial. You're going to fall in love with it. It's four bedroom, two bath, two full bath, two half bath, 2, 600 square feet built in 1898. This thing's like brick and mansion for 1898.

Look at this beautiful house. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's on a busy street, but it's a showcase house. This is a beautiful house. It's just gorgeous. Everything about it.

I've done a lot of work in Los Gatos and I love it. And look what I always tell you about. About it being close to downtown. You can walk downtown, have drinks and dinner with friends, and walk back home you can wake up in the morning, cruise down to Pete's Cup Coffee or Starbucks, which is over here, and never worry about having to walk that is.

Amazing. And it's all for the low price of 3. 5 million dollars. 

Price Reductions

Price Reductions and Market Insights: Santa Clara County Focus

We have 127 price list reductions in Santa Clara County. I wanted to bring this one up to you,

mostly because it goes into the category of REWTF. Like what? Pink? John Cougar was back in the late '80s or early '90s when he said little pink houses for you and me, right? This is ridiculous. That's just, I don't get it. I don't get the architecture. I don't get the paint. And quite frankly, I get it for the size of the house.

It's the standard Shea Home, guys. There's nothing great about this house. It's a standard. Not a colonial. It's old. Look at the counters. Let's look at the kitchen. Look at that. It's everything I tell you not to do. Alright. I'm almost done right here. Blank slate. Even the walls are pink.

Inside.  It's been on the market for 60 days. The original list price of seven, two, seven 50 is now down to two seven. And it's on a busy road guys. The difference between this and this is a major thoroughfare. This is a major thoroughfare. Thousands of cars go by this road every day. And you're, I don't get it.

What do I know? Okay. 

Santa Clara County High's and Low's

Silicon Valley Real Estate: Highest and Lowest Sold Homes

178 closings this week. Last week we had 221 highest sole price is 11 million. The lowest sale price is 650, 000. The highest for sale right now is 30 million and the lowest for sale is 499, 000.

Now remember what I told you we're about 50 percent of where we need to be for a balanced market. This is Santa Clara numbers, Santa Clara County, San Jose. We need to have about a thousand 900 to a thousand Santa Clara County needs to be about 1800 to 2000. And we're halfway there. So our inventory, our supply is still way shorter or slower than what the demand is.

Our demand has gone down quite significantly. However, we're still selling a lot of houses. So last week we had a lot of upticks and 127 price reductions, but that's not really relevant because there was a little bit of greed there. We'll go into that in a bit. But let's take a look at this.

This is the highest sold price in Santa Clara County, Palo Alto, near Stanford. Let's take a look at the digits. Four bedroom, three and a half bath, 2, 700 square feet, almost a half acre lot, 104 years old, sold in 30 days. The pool's a little green.

So that's the house. There's your garage. There's a little office area, I would guess. And then a pool. That needs to be cleaned.

That's a little bit of a fixer-upper guy. Let's look inside, and see what it tells you about curb appeal. Okay, I don't think they want to show inside. So there you go. Okay, the lowest sold house. This came up, I guess it was last week. It's weird. Popped up and then went down.

This one was probably sold off the market. So for 650, 000, you bought it for the four acres. That's the value. It's 1400 square feet. You take a look at this house and you're looking at nothing but trouble. Can't tell you what it looked like inside because they took all the pictures out. 

Luxury to Budget: Exploring Santa Clara County's Real Estate

It's the highest most expensive house available for sale in Santa Clara County. This is the epitome of everything you ever want in a luxury home. Just gorgeous. Again, these are not my listings.

Is that a little courtyard inside there?

That's gorgeous. I love to do a video walkthrough of this thing. Look at this.

All right. So you can get to these links in my blog. Right here. You just go to my blog and you can check it out anytime you want. The lowest house for sale. Only one picture, on the market 21 days, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 722 square feet. By the freeway.

It is literally next to the freeway. Imagine trying to fall asleep to that. Lucky you. That's the picture painful. All right. 

Conclusion: Recap and Farewell

So today. We talked about how window coverings will kill your home sale, clever staging tricks, and Los Gatos home of the week, price reductions, and Silicon Valley's highs and lows. I'm Vito with Abitano. We'll see you out there.

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