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Introduction: The Heat is On!

 It's hot like the sun. It's going to be blazing hot. 

Why You Need Air Conditioning

I will be talking about why you should be getting air conditioning. I have a whole video for you. 

Homes for sale near Apple

Apple Homes Near Mountain View

We'll talk about Apple homes near Mountain View, the REO of the week, and the

40 days on the market. Let's get moving here. All right, let's get this thing set up for you. There you go. Okay. Center for you. Okay. It's hot. It's going to be nasty. Hot. Today's going to be 98. That means there are going to be places in Santa Clara County that hit a hundred almost guaranteed. This is South Valley.

This is down by where I live. Nine five one, two, three, but it will be hot. Remember a couple of weeks ago, I did a talk about why you should get air conditioning because back then the air conditioning people. weren't busy. They were talking about how slow their business was because they were waiting for the heat.

And when the heat comes on, people don't check their air conditioning until they need it. And now they're going to get busy. When it gets busy, prices go up. That's just Capitalism 101. Just put this on YouTube. I have it all over Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. You'll see this video come out today. And if you're wondering where to get this URL, you just go to blog.

Real Estate Listings and Market Insights

Mountain View home of the week

This is a house near Apple, Melody Lane, new listing, 2.

2 million, three bedroom, two bath, built in Rinconada. Look at this thing, flat roof, nothing exciting about it, but it's 2. 2 million because of location. I can smell this house. It's that old. You can just smell it. Now everything's been updated except for the parquet floors. Some people like that, but not necessarily a thing you want.

There's a nice big stain right there. And remember when you buy houses, no house is going to be perfect It's not going to be plumb. It's not going to be level. It's not going to be square. Not going to be. It's just not. These houses were built in 1959, and they settled. And they were never built perfectly.

So don't expect it to. The reason why it's so expensive is because You can see it right here. That's the Apple Campus. You can walk to work if you work at Apple. Same thing with Mountain View. The reason why I picked this one is three bedrooms, two and a half baths, 1600 square feet built in 1996, maybe rebuilt in 1996 

7, 2. 6 million dollars. And again, it's right by Castro Street, so you can walk to it. The only thing I don't like about it is you will hear Caltrain. Been on the market for four days. This thing's going to go pretty quick though. It's a craftsman style, updated. Yeah, this one was built in 96. You can see the structure.

This one is built rather modern with the craftsmen's look and feel to it. I would say just the elevation, cause nothing else in this house is craftsmen, it's all modern. So there you go. These again are going to be in my blog. You get links to them.

You can look at it anytime you want. 

Free Home Buyer Checklist


This episode is brought to you by the free home buyer checklist. If you're thinking about going on or looking at open houses, download this. checklist. It's free for you. It gives you all the information you need. So you can compare four or five different houses at one time and you can go through each room and see what's good, bad and ugly about them.

And then you can go back and have a coffee with your significant other and discuss what you like and don't like about those specific houses. 

REO of the Week

REO of the Week: Hollister

REO of the week. This is a bare area REO. I chose Hollister simply because it's a good value 800, 000 for a four-bedroom, three-bath bath built in 2017, 2, 300 square feet.

The only thing you have to deal with is going through 25 to get there, which isn't that big of a deal. You can also do the 156 to Hollister, but most people do 25.

This is bank-owned. And the great thing about this one, sarcastically saying is if you want this house, you have to buy it. And then you have to evict the previous owners. Not a fun thing to do. I used to do that back in 2008 and 2009. 

Market Analysis: Overpriced Homes

So 102 houses have been on the market for over 40 days, price, location, and condition, right?

a third of them are over 90 days on the market, meaning they're just overpriced for the condition. Look at this house. Nobody's going to pay 2 million for this house because it's just odd-looking, even though it's one acre. This is in the Almaden Valley.

It's actually not a bad thing. If you want to live out in the country and still be close to Silicon Valley, that's a great buy for you. It's not 2 million. You could probably get it for 1. 9. If you want to do that, let me know. I'm happy to go show you that house.

Total homes in the Bay Area are bank-owned and only 159 in all of California. Now, It doesn't track every county. It's just the counties that I do track, but you can see that those numbers are pretty consistently low. 

Current Housing Market Stats

Right now we have 489 houses for sale. We need a thousand for a San Jose single family.

So we're halfway there. The same thing with Santa Clara County for sale is about a thousand. We need two thousand for sale to make it a balanced market. We had 86 houses pending this last week and 170 total in Santa Clara County and we closed 221. 111 of those are in San Jose. 

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

All right, there you go. Made it quick and easy.

Painless as possible. If you're interested in any information or you want to talk about it, I don't sell air conditioning, I never did. I don't care about selling it. I just say that you do get a good value out of it for ROI, utility, and enjoyment.

All right. Thanks for watching. I'm Vito with Abbottano. We'll see you out there.

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