More than 75 tons of illegal fireworks Seized in California


More than 75 tons of illegal fireworks Seized in California




Fireworks Seized in California More than 75 tons of fireworks were seized in a California city. Millennials and the Housing Market

Existing home sales reach 30-year lows despite strong demand from Millennial buyers

Younger Americans say they'll do anything, from downsizing to buying a fixer-upper just to afford a home. Got news for you there. Millennials are hungry for homes, but high rates keep them from buying them. And then what you get for 2 million and what you get for a million dollars in Santa Clara County, as well as just the 12. County Bay area months of inventory versus consumption. Let's get moving here. Current Mortgage Rates and Tips

Mortgage Rates this week

Mortgage rates today are 7. 06 or 7. 27 for a jumbo that is unquoted. That's nonqualified. That means you have to go to a broker, go to a bank, and ask them what you actually qualify for and how many points, because if you put points into it, your rates could be lower, etc. And you can get the seller to help pay with that. There are ways that we help you with that. Just remember, there's always a way around from getting a house to getting a house. It's what we do. We understand the ways, the ethical ways to get you into the house. Fourth of July Fireworks and Local Events So let's talk about fireworks. Fourth of July is right around the corner.

La Colina Park finally got mowed. there was, grass up to my waist, and the squirrels were loving it, but now. Because it's a fire hazard that got mowed down yesterday. I think, you the awesome universe. Appreciate it. They didn't do the best job. Maybe they'll do another one today.

And then there were two fires today, or yesterday. There was one down by Santa Teresa Park on the Morgan hillside and then over by, communication hill. Walking around the park. Wasn't all that great because of the smoke and the air quality. And did you know, sounds a Parks and Recs had a fun event at La Colina. No, neither did I, because their advertising sucks and they need to be a little bit more proactive about telling neighborhoods about what's going on. Don't come back at me and say, it was on the news. It was on the website because nobody goes to your website. You have to tell people it's called advertising. Let the people know. Illegal Fireworks and Arrests

Authorities once more than 75 tons, seven to 10 million worth of fireworks. And guess what? There are also illegal bombs they made 32 tons of fireworks for South seasons. Alejandro Rodriguez, Natalie Navarro, and Daniel Gudino were arrested on suspicion of possession of explosives and various weapons charges. There are over 2, 000 illegal destructive devices and 10 pounds of bulk homemade explosives valued at between seven to 10 million. And guess where it was? ATF was involved. Guess where it was? Gardena. I just wanted to make sure that you, understand exactly where Gardena is. This little town right here, but guess where it's next to? Compton. Well, I tell you, I'm not scaring or redlining at all. Not redlining it. Look at that. It's a red line right there. All right. Enough of that. Housing Market Realities and Personal Stories

Younger Americans say they’d do anything from downsizing to buying a fixer-upper just to afford a home Younger Americans say they do anything from downsizing to buying a fixer-upper, I'm like, ah, that's what old people do when they have a big house or kids are empty nested and you move into a smaller house. they rent a house or they have a bigger apartment and then they have to buy a smaller house. We have a 1500 square foot apartment. Yeah. Guess what? You're going to be able to afford an 1100-square-foot house, but guys, here's the thing. Yeah. That's it. That's, that's, that's life. I don't know why this is news. We did it. We could barely afford it. we scooched in at 226, 000 and bought our first house. And you know what? It was a good investment for us because we knew the values were going to continue to increase. And then when we were there, you're like, Vito, it was only 225. Yeah. But we weren't making that much money back then. We were broke ass broke. I had shitty credit. I had everything against me. We did an 80, 15 5, we had 5% down, and it took us years to scrape together, 5% to put a down payment. And our interest rates were horrible. We figured it out. We just figured it out. I know it's tough and I laugh at the $2 million. Here's the thing, you don't need to buy a $2 million house. You could buy something under a million dollars, You don't have to make it the first house. Be a baller house hanging out with MTV Cribs, right? You don't just buy a house and fix it up. And that's what this article is doing. You know what? It's the trophy generation. I get it. I have three of them that are in that generation and they're expecting everything to work perfectly. You know, my daughter just bought a Beetle bug and it's used. So you need to put money into it to make it work better period. That's what happens when you buy a used car, right? It's the same thing when you buy a used house, you need to make it better. Now, luckily we bought this at. Like 700, 000, which was stupid expensive. Then we figured out how to do it and we couldn't even afford to buy furniture. And we had a kid and, then the universe blessed us with twins. And then we had to figure out how to put air conditioning in, we had to figure out how to do all this stuff and, we struggled through it and eventually we could afford some furniture. Instead of just sitting on the ground in our family room, we actually bought some furniture and it's not the best furniture, but I don't care because they're kids. They're going to destroy it anyway. The point is life's a struggle. It's the pursuit of happiness that makes life amazing. Millennials are hungry for homes, but high rates are keeping them from buying. I get it guys. Listen, there's a house for everybody. You might have to go to Central Valley. You might have to go down to Hollister. It's nothing new. This was being done in the nineties and the eighties. People are like, I can't afford to buy this house here. So we went down and everybody laughed at us. We bought a house East side of San Jose and we come from the West side. And everybody laughed at us. They're like, Oh, you live in bumfuck Egypt and everything like that. And we're like, yeah, but we bought a house. You're still renting. and years later we sold that house, never took a dime of equity out, moved into this house that we're living in and we're slowly and surely enjoying the life of those struggles. It takes time. Nothing's going to come to you right away. So understand that that's how this thing goes. You can watch these articles. They're here in my blog. You're absolutely welcome to it. The links are down in this description. So go take a look. And if you have any questions or comments, or you think I'm full of crap, please let me know. Love to talk to you about it. Real Estate Listings and Advice

What you get for $2MM Santa Clara County

What'd you get for 2 million? Mountain View. You, yeah, you can buy a house in Mountain View. This is just brand new on the markets. Oh, it's 28 days on the market. Close to Castro Street. This is a nice older home, right? Built in 1955 three bedrooms, two baths, 1361 square feet. And it's nicely updated. I love painting the fricking you move in something like this. If you can afford 2 million, paint the fricking wood, paint the cabinets, tear down this old ass tile, but keep The countertops guys, you don't understand how valuable granite countertops are.

Oh, but I like the plastic quartz. It's white and bright and I get it. Put white bright subway tiles on this and we'll look a thousand times better. There you go. I understand here. Look, this is when you look at houses like this, you're like, Oh, this is a small house. Yeah. It's a small house. It's what you get for 2 million a mountain view in Silicon Valley. It's part of life. You can get it for a million dollars is this guy right here with a gated house and chain link fence, right? Is it the best area? No, it's not the best area, but you know what? It's not gang-ridden, right? Detached garage. It's an old house, it has solar, you're gonna have to scrape the popcorn. It has the same old ass flooring and whatever is going on with this. I don't get that. Guys, get rid of the freaking second refrigerator. You're selling a fricking house. You're selling real estate, not fricking refrigerators. Poor staging right here. I can bet you that this thing's been on the market for a while, right? This is too busy for this. That's like wearing striped pants and a plaid shirt. Guys, don't do it. Oh, man. That's a REWTF bathroom right there. Oh, two bedrooms, two baths, 1, 257 square feet, 959, three days on the market. There you go. And guys. I understand that you're not going to get a perfect house. There's a little shed there. There's a detached garage. This is not going to be perfect in any way, shape, or form it looks like they converted the garage or, Oh yeah, that's a shed. And the ADU Lord have mercy. Oh, look at that. Let's take a look at that. What the hell's going on there? That's some broken, broken afterthought counter going on right there. That's somebody else's problem. Okay. if you're renting a house, I get it. This is kind of like a partition wall or whatever, but you don't need to have that. You don't. That's just ridiculous. Okay. Enough of that.


Home Inspection CHECKLIST HERE

This episode was brought to you by the home inspection checklist. If you're thinking about selling or thinking about. This is not a substitute for a home inspection. A home inspection is going to cost you about 700 to a thousand dollars. You don't want to go through and mark down every little thing that's wrong with your house, have somebody else do it. And you're. Giving it a little bit of an arm's length distance from your liability. But this allows you to go through and fix stuff that's around your house. Check it out and understand what people are looking for, what buyers are looking for, and what home inspectors are looking for before you put your house on the market, get that stuff fixed, and disclose it. Absolutely disclose it, but have it fixed up because people want turnkey unless you sell a house like that million-dollar house. Bay Area Housing Market Overview

Inventory And Supply Charts Inventory is still low. We're still about 50 percent of where we need to be for a balanced market. So it's still a seller's market. And I apologize for having to tell you that. And it's all across the Bay area, except for Napa.

Napa is still sucking wind. You can get a house in Napa for about 98 cents on the dollar versus about a dollar eight in Santa Clara dollar eight per dollar. So the listing price is over on average. Or the sales prices are, on average, more expensive in Santa Clara than the list price. So go understand what you're going into when you buy a house unless the house has been on the market for 45 days, right? The market's doing great. That's it for now. Upcoming Local Events and Conclusion It was kind of a boring game, but today it'll be kind of fun going with a bunch of neighbors and we're going to go to Lazy Dog and then go see the game and make a day out of it. Also, Campbell Classic Car Show, second annual. Be there on Saturday. See if you see me, say hi. I'm Vito with Abitano. Have a great weekend. We'll see you out there.

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