🔴[LIVE] 🚨 The 2024 Top Exterior Colors | Problems Home Sellers Hide | Gas at $3.79

  • Introduction
  • Spotting Problems Home Sellers Try to Hide
  • Exterior Colors for 2024
  • REWTF Compilation
  • Title Theft and Protection
  • Mortgage Rates Update
  • Highs and Lows of Real Estate

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🔴[LIVE] 🚨 The 2024 Top Exterior Colors | Problems Home Sellers Hide | Gas at $3.79



 I really hope that wasn't super loud.  All right. Today we're talking about how to spot problems that home sellers want to hide as well as the top 24 exterior colors. Keep it classically vanilla. Talk more, a little bit more about that in a second. A little bit more Tuesday's highs and lows.

And then tomorrow I just saw something about where people are moving. So make sure you tune in tomorrow as well.  Okay, let's get into it.

Spotting Problems Home Sellers Try to Hide

How to spot top problems home sellers have or try to hide. Now, please understand that this was written over on the East Coast. So you're going to see stuff that really pops up over there, but I'm going to show you,  uh, stuff that I talk about as well. Now, how to spot problems here. Homeowners sign a disclosure document that their property, about their property, so buyers know what they're getting into.

However, it can be very tempting for some to tell white lies or conveniently forget facts, says Wendy Flynn.  

Importance of Disclosure in Real Estate

Here's what I always say. In real estate, its location, and disclosure is disclosed. I would much rather scare away buyers who are afraid of whatever issues your house has, than have to deal with it afterwards, as low be the seller.

That wants to blame me for not doing the right thing. Here's the thing.  We're going to go through this real quick. 

Common House Issues and Disclosures

So there's water damage, this foundation damage, this, no, no house is perfect, right? I could tell you straight up that no house is ever going to be level, perfectly level. My house is not, no walls are ever going to be perfectly squared or plum.

And there's going to be issues with every house.  I can tell you that for a fact, every house I walk into,  I do a.  physical walkthrough and take pictures of it. And I'll show you that in a second. 

Dealing with Contaminated Backyards

This article talks about a contaminated backyard. Yes, there's, there is contamination that we have to deal with in California.

Certain houses and certain areas have stuff that you have to worry about. We have something called an NHD, a natural hazard disclosure,  and it talks more about what.  environmentally could be around your property.  It goes from unexploded ordinance to earthquake zones, to fault earthquake fault lines, to high fire zones, to drought conditions, to being close to a dam, to hundred-year flood plains, to multiple other things.

The Importance of Full Disclosure

But you in your house, when you're selling your house, you have to tell people everything, you've materially done or can materially affect the sale of that house. Like you have a crappy neighbor. You might have a crappy foundation. You might have a weird temperature change. Like I have to disclose that  20 years ago when I first moved into the neck, that New Year's Day, we had a massive windstorm and it blew off half of my roof.

And it also blew off the neighbors, half the blew, blew off half the neighbor's roofs on either side of my house. It just was a freaky storm. It came down from the hills and took tiles off. It didn't tear off half of the roof. It was really like a quarter. It was like half of the roof. But it wasn't a big deal.

We got a new one done. Luckily I knew somebody and they gave me the bro deal. He got business out of the other two people. So everybody won.  So certain things can happen, right? , I now make it a valid practice. I've been doing this for a while now.  

The Role of Agents in Disclosures

I take pictures and I put them in a document so buyers can see them.

Now, you have something called an AVID, an agent visual disclosure.  Agent, Agent, Visual Inspection Disclosure, AVID, and that means I have to go through and look at everything and do like a checklist walkthrough. But I also check to see what's physically wrong because I know What's what and here's the thing sometimes my sellers freak out.

Why are you doing this? Why you're oh, you're over disclosing No, I'm not. Here's the thing I would much rather scare away a manby pamby buyer or someone's that list that's litigious when  I can see, I can physically see on the superficial, the surface of a house, what's going on with it. I can tell you that there's wood rot under the eaves.

I can tell you that the roof is probably a little bit shot. We should have a roof inspection. I can tell you that, I always put in my disclosures now that no house is perfectly level squared or plum. Just it's not There's no such thing as a perfectly perfect house, right? But it's our job as agents to do a super Superficial inspection.

It's also the seller's responsibility and duty to disclose everything material to that house Anything that's happened. Have you been a burglar? burglarized. Has anybody died? Did you re-remodel the kitchen? Did you replace a socket? Little things can disturb the sale of a house and upset a buyer.

The Consequences of Incomplete Disclosures

And sometimes when buyers have buyer's remorse, they can find one little thing that you didn't disclose and get out of a deal. And it's a terrible thing for everybody.  And again,  when you do this, you're not preventing it, but you're, Making it more difficult to say, Hey, you didn't do your due diligence, right?

The Process of Disclosing House Issues

Now, this one was a probate deal,  a transaction. The guy lived in there. I don't think he died on it. But when they opened it up, it smelled funny. So they opened up the windows and doors and the slider didn't have a screen on it. And rats got into it and.  Now, I took care of cleaning it, we put new carpets in, we painted it, but I disclosed everything. 

The rat feces, the tearing down, the new carpet everything that we did. Had to replace a toilet, and fix a door, and, that dishwasher needed to be replaced. All the appliances needed to be replaced. Oh, and this foil, weird thing needed to be done. But we disclosed it.  I actually had that fixed by my painter and that was taken care of.

There was a crack in the right? Here's the thing.  It was all taken care of. It was repaired, but I disclosed it because it just prevents any idea of, Hey, you didn't do your job. And it's my job to protect you, the seller. And it's also my job to inform you, the buyer, what you're getting into.  So that's what I always say when I work with my sellers, it's like I would rather sell scare people away than have them buy the house and freak out later or, and then also at the end of the day,  let's say we're in contract and you disclosed, you've honestly disclosed everything you could possibly remember.

And then we're in contract and we're three days away from escrow closing and you wake up in the middle of the night.

What am I forgetting about the toilet that I replaced back in 1976? Okay, great. We're adults. Let's go tell the buyer, that here's something that they just remembered.  Take it or leave it. Now they have a day right of rescission on that. It's a fact of life. It's a fact of the contract. It's the way it is in California law.

But if they want to use that to get out, then they're.  They're not the right buyers, right? And it does cause a little bit of havoc but at least we know that later on, you can't go back and sue you for that toy replacement anyway. There you go. Okay. 

Exterior Colors for 2024

Colors. 2024 colors are going to be cream, light color off white light brown, and medium blue.

I don't get the whole medium blue thing. Light gray. I can see light gray. But that's by region, right? So at the end of the day, if it's your house and you live there, just don't paint it purple. I sold a house to some guy over in Palmia and he painted it like rusty red and puke orange, baby puke orange, and it looks horrible.
And all the neighbors hate them. Do it for your taste. I get it, but it's not the Taj Mahal. Unless you buy the Taj Mahal.  Here you go.  These are the colors for this year. Next year you're going to have to pay something else. How much are you going to pay for it? 1. 50 to 4. 50 per square foot. That's because in California paint costs a whole lot more.
You're looking at 250, or 200 for a 5-gallon bucket. It's ridiculous.  There's going to be a black market for importing paint from Nevada. Just watch.

I crack myself up. Trim colors. White is the favorite despite climbing popularly dark framed windows, especially farmhouse style homes quite far behind gray and beige and clay and light wood. Not really into the whole dark thing. I need to paint my house.  Homeowners consider the cost 35 percent availability and 23 percent most important when deciding on color for external fresh guys.

Just paint what you're going to paint.  Just don't make a puke orange and rusty red that's horrible. I'll take a picture of it and show you guys  Yeah, Merry Christmas.  

REWTF Compilation

I do REWTF on Facebook almost every day and One of those things where I just did a compilation took all the pictures that I Threw out there for the year and I thought I'd share them with you because it's a fun thing  Get a lot of great comments, and I love it when people send me pictures. 

I think it's Fantastic you can go to this video stop it and look I just wanted to make sure you take a look at this I just uploaded this, so it should be out there here pretty quick,  but it's pretty fun, right? It's a great way to remind you that I'm in real estate without me calling you up and saying, hey,  Do you remember that I'm in real estate?

Don't forget. Oh, that was gross. And also it's just a light touch to remind you that I'm in real estate.  That's how I get a lot of my business. So there you go. 

Title Theft and Protection

Title theft,

title theft is still a thing, guys. It's not going away. We're not doing there. There are just so many scams that are out there. Protect yourself, protect your parents, protect your elders, protect your family. If you have even  A dream about your house being stolen. Give me a call and I'll do a title search on it.
Make sure that you're safe. Okay.  

Mortgage Rates Update

Mortgage rates, even though it's down to 5. 7 here is 6. 65. That's without points or qualification.  6. 65 it's coming down. Remember two months ago, I said buyers will enter the market when we hit 5. 5. We're getting there guys. The dangerous thing though, is that we don't have enough supply to bring in that amount of buyers. 
Finally, we're below for 3. 79 is the lowest today. Hallelujah.  Must be an election year coming up. Highs and lows.  

Highs and Lows of Real Estate

Highs and lows.  Okay. The first one is the highest sold price is 5. 9 million in Douglas. These are not my listings, by the way. These are general MLS information, five-bedroom, four and a half baths, 4, 700 square feet on, on 0.

8  4, 3,  That's an acre, 43, 560 square feet to an acre. So it was 0. 8 acres built in 1973.  This beautiful rental house sold for 6 million.
Pretty nice house,  completely redone. It looks like it's brand new everything here, or at least a new fridge.

That looks like an afterthought room. I might be in a garage. So here's the thing. Originally it was 7 million. Went down to 6. 1 and sold for just under one 200, 000 discount in 21 days.  Pricing is important. It doesn't matter what side you're on. So the lowest sold price is this one on 17th Street.  And I want to say it's the Oakland area.

So it's North San Jose heading.  It's right by the reserve unit there. Let's take a look at it. It's just a standard bungalow looking two bedrooms, one bath, 780 square feet.  It's sold for almost a thousand square thousand dollars per square foot.  Crazy. Ooh.

R E W T F.  This one listed at 1. 3 sold for 1. 7. It was 31, 34%, 36.  6 percent of the list price. And if you know this area, it's to the right of 101 Silver Creek is to the right here. And this is it's not a busy neighborhood, but it's loud because you're right here. I used to live right
center, so it's even further north. I used to live down here in Edenville, Branham.  Right here, see these cluster homes? Right there. That was me. That house is right there. That was mine.  So anyways, on the other side, your proximity here is really close to the freeway but look at that huge acreage.

It's mostly a hill there, but that's probably why it sold for so much because it had a full acre,  but it's a nice house, right? Nice built 77, I think, or 82. Built in 82.

Wow, very pretty.

This looks like it's a flipped home. No,  that's the original cabinetry they did. And look at the old appliance. Guys, these old dishwashers, they will outlast anything you put into them today.  I tell you.  So they painted The cabinets put new countertops, new fixtures, and I kept the dishwasher the same, but that's okay.

That dishwasher will outlast any new one you put in today.  Everything else is pretty original, just new floors, and new paint.  So let's take a quick look at history.

Okay. And then the Lou, is this is the biggest divot. This one is 75 percent off the list price in Los Altos. So the original is price 7. 5. After 80 days or so went down to 6. 5 and then it sold for almost 5. 5 So 200 almost 200, 000 off the original list price 75  percent off the 74 point blah blah blah, but it's a pretty house.

Look at that really nice again These are not my listings, but this is beautiful.

Is that a waiter? That's a dumb waiter. That's an Elevator

nicely staged still when it goes to the past 30 days, something's wrong.

So there you go. All right.  

Conclusion and Preview for Next Video

Today we talked about disclosed colors for 2024 pink colors for 2024 and today's highs and lows. I'm Vito with Abitano. We'll see you out there. And don't forget tomorrow we're talking about who's moving where to different States and who's moving in from different countries. 

See you. Bye.


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