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🔴[LIVE] 🚨 Can't Sleep? | TITLE THEFT (Los Gatos Homes for sale)

Can't Sleep? Why Your House Might Be To Blame And What You Can Do About It

Having trouble sleeping. Yeah. Might be your bedroom. We'll be talking about that as well as title theft and what you can do to do about it. And Tuesday's highs and lows and Los Gatos house of the week and what else? Yeah, that's it. As well as gas et cetera. So let's get into that real quick there.

Discussing Rising Rates and Gas Prices

So rates are taking upwards last week. A couple of weeks ago, we saw 6%. Now we're up to 7. 14. Now these are not quoted rates, right? You, there's other places. Talk to a broker. I have a list of brokers that I can introduce you to for refinances. You can break the rate. Barrier a little bit. And there's some stuff that we can talk about.

We have videos about that gas hovering at 3. 69. See right there, that little guy. And that's in Burbank. I pay, I go to Costco, so I'm sure I pay a little bit more than that. Somewhere. Let's see.

429. I guess that would be it. No. Oh no. Right here. 3. 99. So yeah, if I'm ever over in that area, then I will fill up, but not worth me driving out there, but prices are coming down. Remember five gallons, 5 a gallon. It was painful. Okay. 

Tips for Better Sleep

So if you can't sleep, consider doing these things, right? It's one of those issues that are consistently a problem.

And guess what? I tell my kids this all the time and they're like, yeah, okay, dad, whatever.

It boggles my mind because, at the end of the day, the simplest thing you could do is clean your room, right? You can clean your room. That's not a big deal. I keep my room clean. I keep all my laundry put away. Yes. You should clean the entire house. You should clean your vents, et cetera. You should change the filters in your HVAC system.

But you should also have a dark room and make sure that you have ambient noise. If you can sleep like a bug in a rug without having issues, that's great. I need sound. I was a mortar man. Somebody that launched grenades out of a tube. So imagine that explosion thousands of times over my career in the Marines.

So I have tinnitus. I need something going on in my ears all the time, or all I hear. And it's going on right now. It's constant. I always have tinnitus, don't feel sorry for me because half of America has it, it's just not a big deal, but the best way to do it is to have a fan running or have a white noise generator and now there's something called pink noise, which gives you a different type of frequency pattern that helps gives you a slower relaxing mood sensing thing.

I have to fall asleep with a TV on. Now I have my iPad, and my little earphones so that my wife can sleep. She's not bothered by it. And that constant talking and movement in my ears allows my ears to focus on that versus the ringing, which when I hear my ringing, I cannot fall asleep. So noise is hugely important.

It's hugely important, especially if you're suffering from tinnitus. I would go months without sleeping. Regularly. And now that I have my system down, a little bit late, but I can fall asleep to it, to my earphones. Yes, you should have your temperature down. Your body will heal better. Your body sleeps better when it's cooler.

And if you need to be cut bundled up, that's great. But the outside air should be cool. So at night, turn your thermostat down and save some money on heating or cooling or whatever. Also, during the summer, it's probably better to open up the windows once it finally cools down to let air travel through and clean the air that's inside your house.

As a matter of fact, you should do it even in the winter, because imagine just the stagnant air circulating through your house, going in and out. And the only time it has a chance to breathe is when you open up a door. You should, once a week, open up your doors and windows, and let the cool air in. I know it sucks, but once you're moving around and letting that happen, breathe, let your house breathe, then you'll actually have a better, healthier lifestyle inside your house too.

Not just for sleep. Control the stink. My children are watching this clean your room, right? You're going to have bed bugs. You're going to have spiders. You can have mites, you have dust, mics, all that stuff, whatever. Bug bugs, that's an issue all on its own. When you have a dirty room, you have dust and dust.

We'll attract dust mites and dust mites attract spiders. And if you have little bites on your hands and your arms or your legs, you have only you to blame. Children. Again, this is to my children. Yeah, and there are smells that you can bring in. I wouldn't use that glade or any kind of chemical air freshener.

It hides and masks the issue. And it's like when you get sick, doctors are going to treat the symptoms, not the cause you need to treat the cause here, or you'll get sick. So clean up your room. clean all the dust put away your dirty laundry and keep your closets full of clothes, not your junk. Anyway, change the layout.

Now my daughters do this frequently, at least twice a year, and I get to help out, which I don't mind cause I get to see them clean up their room at least twice a year. So that's good. But changing the way you're headed. compared to magnetic north helps change things up for you. So if you sleep head to toe, sometimes you might want to change direction and it does help you sleep a little bit.

And when I have restless nights, I roll around and that's because your body's trying to get used to sleeping, get used to a different position where it's not the same old, and yes, you should change out your mattress. Now I changed a really expensive, like three or 4, 000 stupid, crazy mattress, dollar mattress for a foam mattress.

And the reason why I did it was like three or 400 bucks versus a thousand. I thought I was going to try it for a couple of months and see how I liked it. And it's been four or five years now. It's time to get rid of it. What, three or 400 is way better than 5, 000. And those 10-year guarantees, they're all bull crap anyway.

So try it. It might be worth an investment, but get a new mattress, whether you're stuck on spring mattresses or you want to try foam, go ahead. All my family has foam now. They all love it. And they do sponge up dust mites and skin particles, which is gross. So after a while, you want to get rid of it.

And you can wash it, you can clean it, but up to you how you want to do it. And new bedding, sheets, pillowcases, mattresses, or blankets. You should wash your sheets at least once a week to keep all the dust mites, washed away, but also your blanket should be washed and dried. Now, even if you don't want to wash it all the time, it's probably smarter to.

It's probably smarter to throw it in the dryer for about 30 minutes on high and get rid of whatever eggs and mites might be in there. And don't say that they're not. There's the little bugs that live all over us, the Targaryen type, whatever. And they will survive, but they're beneficial, but there's other bacteria and other things that grow inside your bed.

Mattress and your sheets and your blanket. So wash them frequently, air them out frequently, and dust them off. And last but not least, don't let your dog, I don't know if you can hear her in the back, don't let your dog or dog sleep on your bed because they leave hair. All their little bacteria and their little dandruff and their germs, et cetera, on your bed.

So that might be causing your unrestful sleep. Just hints. Don't listen to me. I'm not an expert. I do this frequently and I sleep a lot better. Also, one last thing. 

The Importance of Regular Exercise

Exercise regularly. You go to bed at a certain time and if you exercise regularly, your body will regulate itself. Now, you don't have to go to the gym.

You just go out for a walk or what have you, but go out and exercise regularly and you'll be a lot better off. 

Understanding Home Title Theft

Alright, home theft is on the rise. I've talked about this a few times. I haven't spoken about it in a long time, but I thought I'd recycle this because I saw another article just a few days ago.

One of my title reps on this video, and you need to understand what title theft is because if you own a house or your parents own a house, they're the targets for fraud for lots of different types of fraud, and this is one type of fraud that you can help prevent or at least keep an eye on and.

Basically, the end story is if you want me to do a title check on your parent's house, I'm happy to do it. I don't do any kind of sales script or whatever. I do it as a service for my viewers my clients and my prospects. I do it because I want to make sure you're protected. You want to make sure that your name or your trust is on the title and nobody else's.

And if there is, then there are certain steps you can take. And that's what this video is about. Okay. 

Los Gatos House of the Week

Los Gatos Homes for sale https://www.onereal.com/vito-scarnecchia-1/listings/calrets/ML81950519/LOS%20GATOS%2C%20CA%2C%20US

Los Gatos home of the week. The reason why I picked this one is it's a nice-looking house. But it's also close to downtown, it's within walking distance. I love the fact that you're within walking distance of downtown. And I think that's where most of us are, right?

Most of my mindset is I want to be within walking distance of downtown. That's my mindset. I'm so far away from anything. I have to get in the car to go somewhere that's like country living, but I'm in suburbia. So I'm like, if you can imagine, I'm like over here to get to a coffee shop. So I'm like half a mile away.

Anyway, four bedrooms, three baths, 300, 3, 585 square feet, 18 years old, and only seven days on the market. This thing is not true. This is 80 because look, you are, you're close to everything in Los Gatos. So that walk score is wrong. Original price, 4, 000, 995, 5 million bucks worth every penny. If you can afford it, you should move there.

It's a beautiful house. Manicured. It's gorgeous. This is not my listing. If you want to see it, please let me know. I'll arrange a showing. But look at this. It's just. Everything you could ever want in a nice little house. We've got 5 million lying around. Let's go.

This is a list of price decrease price reductions. This one is in Campbell, Kennedy Ave. And it looks like it's in a townhouse area or like a patio house. Just made me think to look. Oh, yeah. So it's in an HOA and you're really close to 17, right? This little complex is called a patio home because you're sharing a driveway with people and you have a small backyard. They're more patios instead of a backyard. So the trade-off is HOA, they take care of the grounds.

You have a little bit of a backyard. Let's see if we can open this up so you can see it. See, there are your little backyards. You're sharing a driveway and the developer gets to pack more houses into the land that he buys. That's really the value that developers make more profit per square inch on the land that they develop.

But if you're looking for something that's low maintenance, it's a great option for you. You don't have one, this doesn't even look like it has a backyard. Yeah, there's a little tiny backyard. Maybe a side yard, crushed living. There you go. Let's look inside. I'm sure it's nice, right? Canned lights. Nice kitchen.

I want to say this is about 10 or 15 years old. Just looking at it carpet

I don't know why new builders put in tubs like that. Nobody ever uses them It's oh they have to have it like vanity. That's nice to have a Dedicated laundry room would be nice if this was a mudroom too, but oh, yeah, see there's your little patio

There you go.

All right. Today we talked about if you can't sleep, what you can do about it. Little tiny things make a lot of difference. Tidal theft Los Gatos house of the week and the, oh no, you know what? We're not done. We're doing highs and lows.

Highs and Lows of Santa Clara County

Tuesday Highs & Lows

Okay, today is now highs and lows for this week. This one is green. This one is a green Ridge terrace. Let me see if I can.

All right. Highs and lows of Santa Clara County this week of February 20th, 19 2024, 1995 green, which green Ridge terrace, this was. Built-in 20, the year 2000. So it's 23 years old. It's a bedroom, four bath, four a half bath, 4, 900 square feet off of Blossom Valley. Now, if you take a look at this real quick,

it's right off of Blossom Hill and it's far away from Los Gatos. But, and I think this is San Jose proper, right? No, it's Los Gatos proper. There you go.

But you're up in the hills there. That is, what's that called? Shannon Road. It's one way to get, I think Shannon Road turns into that's Blossom Hill. It's a nice little area. Let's take a look at the photos real quick.

That's a pretty house. I wonder if you have a nice view. Probably overtaken by All the trees.

Nice house. All right. This one list of 5. 6. So for 5. 2 took 45 days on the market. So for 93 percent of the list price. That's the highest-priced home sold in Santa Clara County. This is the lowest-sold house in Santa Clara County. It's in San Jose. So for 650, 000 took six days to sell. It's a three-bedroom, one-bath, 1136 square feet.

And it is a fixer. Look at that bad boy.

Yeah, look at that.

Probably got red-tagged too by the county. Or they ran out of money. Sad that people destroy stuff like that because I love laughing at plaster homes. Okay. And then the highest list price to sales price ratio. This was 29 percent over the list price.

So low Nardo. And

let's say, yeah, okay. Cambrian area, I guess

took two days on the market three bedrooms, and one bath were priced correctly. Remember what I tell you? Don't be a market maker, attract the market. You'll be pleasantly surprised with the sales that you get. And it doesn't matter the condition. If you're a market maker, you're saying to the world, I don't care what the price is.

This is what you think the house is worth. This is what I'm selling it for. And depending on the kind of house you're selling, like a standard house, people are gonna be like man, I'll go with somebody else. Cause they're looking at 14, 15, 16 different houses. And then not just in your one-mile radius, they're looking all over the area because they don't know where they want to live.

They're looking for something that matches their needs not your specific house.

Price Reductions Santa Clara County https://www.onereal.com/vito-scarnecchia-1/listings/calrets/ML81953224/CAMPBELL%2C%20CA%2C%20US

So when you sell your house, have the mindset that you want to attract the market, not sell the market or make the market. Don't be a market maker.

So to Springs Las Gadas, this is the lowest price-to-sales price ratio, 84 percent original list price. The original price was 2. 2, dropped the price down to 1. 9 and sold for 1. 8. 1. 87.

This one's a five bedroom, four bath, 3, 367 square feet with an 800 square foot ADU built in 1990. Took 85 days to sell. They wanted to be a market maker. Took them a long time to sell. Yeah. It's a pretty house. Gorgeous views. Love the Tule fog there. That is an amazing view.

Again, you have to attract the market, right? I love that staircase. That's awesome. I don't know if I'd want it for my house, but yeah, it's nice. That's a beautiful house, right guys. It doesn't matter what your house looks like. It could be a wreck. It could be beautiful like this. It could be. A 30 million house.

It doesn't matter as long as you price it it was going to sell. And when we talk about marketing everything we do to it, not just pricing, but pricing is the most important thing. And if you come into it, headstrong with ego and say, my house is worth this. And you're wrong. Your house is going to sit on the market and there's nothing we can do about it except for wait until we lower the price or you get lucky and you happen to attract that one buyer.

But when you have one buyer, you don't have a lot of leverage. When you attract the market, you have multiple buyers, then you can control the price. In the transaction, you control terms on top of the price. So it makes it a smoother transaction. This is a beautiful house, but I can guarantee you that there were a lot of different things that were asked on top of a lower price.

That's look at that. That's a great view. Let's take a look at where this is on the map. So

Soda Springs Road, that's Lexington, Los Gatos. So once you get out there, I bet it's still 20 minutes to get out. So you have to be very careful about homes that you sell up here because they're not the standard homes that you could take the house that we, the first house that we looked at was right here and you could take a look at it and say, Oh yeah, same size, et cetera.

It's easy walking where this is not easy walking. You might love being out in the country up in the mountains, but it's not easy to get to. So there's a certain value that you have to attribute to that. That's what we do. When we go to sell houses, we do. A lot of different things to understand the value of your house.

And when you have to come up with recommendations. All right. 

Conclusion and Sign-Off

So today we talked about why you can't sleep. Title theft, Los Gatos house of the week, and highs and lows on price productions. All right. I'm Vito Vito with Scarnecchia. I'm Vito with Abitano. Thanks for watching. We'll see you out there.

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