Santa Clara County Highest and Lowest Sold Homes Jan 24 2023

Santa Clara County Highest and Lowest Sold Homes Jan 24, 2023

Highest and lowest sold home in Santa Clara County. Rates Check Gas Prices Price of eggs?

 I was just thinking I need to do a little intro bumper for the highs and lows, but you know what I will do is make it look like this, but then some fun music and in and out. I don't know. We'll figure something out. But again, this is part of the new formula of what we're doing. Instead of talking for 40 minutes, I'm boring you to death. I'm just going to give you five, 10 minutes worth of really quick, hard-hitting information, and today is the. Highs and lows. Let's get over here. Sorry. Still working out how to work with this system. Okay. First and foremost, rates are creeping up.

rates are creeping up

I'm looking at other banks, right? And I see Wells Fargo yesterday was 5.11.

Today it's 6.2 on standard rates. If you go down here, you can shop around. Holy crap. What are you doing, Quicken? That's ridiculous. I saw rates down to 5.1, 5.2, and 5.34. Jumbo right now. Jumbo is going to be a little better pricing than conventional, so be aware of what you're looking at. And also know that there are fees and points, and there's a way to ask your lender, whether it's my guys or your bank or whatever, they have specific rules that they have to follow through. They have to give you a cost breakdown disclosure. After you send in all your information, you have to ask for that. They don't have to give it to you. think they have to give it to you, but there are loopholes, et cetera. But the big question there is to ask. So we're at 6.2 for conventional and, what did I say? 5.72. I can see that coming down. If your reserves, your job, and, everything look good and you're in your credit, right? Okay. And then gas is down to 3.76. That's the lowest we found today. I didn't even see where it is. Let's give 'em some kudos and a shout-out, and if you're needing to buy gas at Costco, get a quick stop at Pearl. Let's talk about what you're really here for the highs and lows. Now you can go and find this out yourself. It's Quill Hill is the highest and Barlow is the lowest. But let's go take a look, this is Barlow. It's the lowest.

Santa Clara County Highest and Lowest Sold Homes

It listed at 7 25 was on market for 56 days and sold for 7 88, which was. I wanna say 88, 20 8% higher. I didn't ask that. Okay. I have that number right here. Hang on. It was 108% over the list price. This is also probate incur confirmation may be required. Guys, if you do anything today, And you own a house if you don't do it if you don't go to the gym, you let your kids walk home from school, do this. If you own a house, make sure your house is in a trust. There are a whole bunch of reasons why. I'll get you a link down below as to why, but getting your house into a probate is one of the worst things you can do to your family if you pass on, because it just makes it way more miserable for your heirs. You have to deal with lawyers in court and all this other stuff. There's a way around it, and that's trust. All right.

This one was a three-bedroom, one-bath, 1300, almost 1400 square feet on a very small hunk of land. And let's take a look at where it is. It is right by Reed Hillview Airport, which if you think about it, they're trying to close down Reed Hillview. Not saying that they're going to, but they're trying to. I like having a regional, There you go. That's where it is. 7 88. You can still buy a house for under a million dollars in San Jose. Good on you, mate. All right. The most expensive house sold. This last week is Quail Hill. It is 5,107 square feet in Las Gatos. This is actually on the border of San Jose. San Jose. Borders is like right here. this area right here is very highly sought after. It's like the hills, but not really over here. You're getting into septic sometimes. Over here. You're definitely into the septic. Septic. And you have to make sure that those, you don't get sewer and water from the pipes. So you have to be careful of this. But look. You get an additional 500 square feet. The total square feet is 5,607 square feet, I think. Let's take a look. Let's take a look. Somehow, I saw this one before. That little arrow makes a lot of sense. I wonder if I don't see the adu. Maybe the ADU is right here, or no, this is the ad right here. Look at that. And you have a nice little vineyard in the back. So pleasant. Loan Little Paradise Hideaway from measles. 5,000,006 mil, 7 million. All right. This one was listed at 7.8 and sold for 88%. Definitely not a newsmaker other than the fact that was the highest, most expensive house sold in Santa Clara this last week. And it was in Santa Clara in Las Gatos, but it's a beautiful house, right? Nice area. Look at that textured counter. A beautiful look at that entry stairway. Pretty amazing views. You want a look at Zebo next to the A D U, the guest house. I guess that would be a guest house, not an AD U. There you go. Very nice. Good job every. All right. That was a quick one. Highs and lows. Santa Clara County. We'll do that every Tuesday. If you have any questions or any ideas or thoughts, let me know. I'm Vito Scoria with the AANA Group. We'll see you out there.

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