Highs and Lows of the week! Santa Clara County


Highs and Lows of the week! Santa Clara County

Quick Recap of the last weeks highest and Lowest Single Family Sales in Santa Clara

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It is January 11th, 2023. Instead of boring you for 40 minutes, we're gonna do quick five to 10-minute little videos so you can take 'em off in a little tiny bite-size pieces.

And also I'll have this down in a blog as well as a podcast. So if you don't wanna look at my face and you wanna listen to this while you're driving home and get some information, that's great, but you're gonna miss out on some cool pictures. So today we're talking. The high and low sales of the week.

It's Wednesday. Actually, I should be doing this Thursday, but I just created the format, so here we go. Let's, do this. All right, so we, this is where we are. Let's see if I can jump over. Here you go. Willow Street, actually in Willow Glen of all places had the lowest. Priced sale in all of Santa Clara County.

High and LOW of the week 

This is a single-family home, that was originally listed at 825,000, and it sold for 815,000, if you look at the numbers, it was 98.79% off the list price, which isn't that bad. It was on market for 54 days. The problem is it's on Willow Street. Willow Street is a very commercial busy street. There's a lot of traffic and I have a house that's on Busy Street.


It faces away from a busy street, but it still detracts from a buyer's needs and wants. So keep that in mind when you go to buy a house, you have to think about resale and you want to think can I really? Am I gonna sell this? This is gonna be easy for me to sell when and if I ever do sell it.

So if you look at the house itself, it's really pretty. This is, it's done up really nicely. Here are the pictures of it. It's a little tiny cottage. It's a little tiny thing, right? But that's the way homes used to look back 80 to a hundred years ago. Little cottage-style bungalow, right? Really pretty, really well done.

The lot is even tiny. The primary square foot is 865 square feet, and then there's an A D U a granny unit or accessory dwelling unit. Dwelling unit at a thousand square feet. If you wanna drive by, go ahead, and take a look. All right. The second one is on Hail Street in Palo Alto. Now, look at this gorgeous thing listed originally at 13,000,488, cuz $488,000.

It's a good strategy to pull people in on a retail mindset. , after a few days, it was on market for a month, and 10 and seven days it looked. They dropped it down to 11,988 or 12 million and they've got an offer for 10,000,002. That's just the way it is. Now, let's take a look at some of these pictures. Really pretty home.

The High 

Gorgeous gargantuan 4,300 square feet, an additional square foot of 545 square feet. Actually, let's take a look at this. Oh, the extra square feet. Maybe an a d u of 160 square feet for Willow. That's crazy. That's half a garage. All right. Again, it was, the lot is a quarter, a half an acre.

Hail street. The highest expensive, most expensive house sold last week. There you go. But here's the thing. We always want to know what the percentage was when you sell it. List price to sales price. The list price to sales price ratio was 70, almost 76%. So 24% off of the original list price. Crazy, There's let me see if I can find it for you. I wanted to also talk about, Is this it? No, I have another article that I'm reading. It's the state of Spending on Home Improvements. Now, let me get over here so you can look at my face a little bit.

Home improvements

this is gonna be like two minutes. I promise. If it goes, just click off cuz I prob I promise this. I I go to Realty Times and I pull off some information. It's all real estate related, but it's all about home improvements. Now, last year we spent quite a bit of money on home improvements because we just wanted to get things done right.

Wound up. I had some really crappy contractors. All of my guys were busy working on other things and I thought I'd entertain you.  bringing in some new people, some people that were recommended, and we did our tile in our bathroom in the master, and then we had this house. Part of the house right here is originally a flat roof, so we had a contractor, a licensed general contractor come in and frame the roof.

Both of 'em did a crappy job. , the tile is popping on the floor. When you look at the little hex in the shower pan, it's not separated correctly. It's just not uniform at all. And just how he did it was like he had no idea what the hell he was doing. I spent quite a bit of money. That, and I feel like I want to have it redone by a true professional, which is gonna cost me two or three times as much.

The roof guy here you're supposed to have a rafter overhang, and he convinced me that it wasn't necessary. Now that it's been rented, six months later, it's an eyesore. You think, why the hell did you even think of this? This way? You're a general contractor, you should know better. You.

It just adds to my, anger issues because he has the rafter just coming off, not even in an inch, and it just looks like crap and it pours into everything in the frame, into the window, onto the siding, onto everything. It just looks like crap. So when you work with people, make sure you do the right thing.

And I know over the last couple of years, It's been hard to get contractors. Believe me, I've been doing a lot of work for a lot of people, bringing in tons of contractors. Inflation made, it really, difficult. Contractors took advantage of a lot of people. They did a lot of crappy jobs. So make sure that when you do stuff, you work with somebody that has.

A good plan in place that you can communicate with that will come back and finish a job on time and the work, the quality of workmanship. I would actually go to some of their old jobs, not just look at pictures on their phone, cuz you know, at the end of the day it is what it is, but, Know that when we hit this recession, if we, if this recession goes in the cost of labor, the cost of materials, the cost of everything will continue to go down in certain aspects.

If there's a shortage then for lumber, then obviously, you know they're gonna make it so that you have to pay a little bit more. But on average, Homeowners that did any kind of work spent an average of $7,500. This is on the survey of a thousand people. 95% said they were happy about it, but on average, those people that were surveyed spent about $7,500 on that one project.

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Yep, that's it. Okay. So if you're watching this and you like what you're seeing and you like them, the information, and smaller bites, let me know. If you have the information you want or questions you want to ask and have my answer, I'm happy to do that as well. And That's it. I'm Vito SK with the AANA Group, powered by Compass, and we'll see you out there.

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