🔴[LIVE] 🚨 Happy Halloween 2023 | Haunted house stories | Deadmond Ave Haunt


🔴[LIVE] 🚨 Happy Halloween 2023 | Haunted house stories | Deadmond Ave Haunt

 Boo. Happy Halloween. Hey Halloween. Great day. Fun day. A lot of stuff happening at the end of this evening. Hope you have good plans. We have we're going to do some trick or treating and then I'll take my girls over to a haunted house, which we'll go through real quick from last year's. And then after that I'll drop them off and they can go watch videos, scary movies with their friends from school.

Alright, today we're talking about Deadman Ave. We have that haunted house again. It's not a haunted house, it's a haunted tree. Haunted listings. From experienced real estate agents and horrifyingly true real estate story stories on top of that I'm gonna read you a haunted story from haunted San Jose.

This is a book you can pick up on Amazon I don't have the link but you can pick it up. It's pretty fun to watch or read. It's easy reading Okay, let's get into this. Obviously, we're gonna do the the highs and lows as well. 

Haunted Home Listing Tales Experienced by Real Estate Agents https://www.theceshop.com/agent-essentials/blog/4-bloodcurdling-haunted-house-stories-told-by-real-estate-agents-2020-edition

So let's talk about this haunted home listings. Tell tales, experience tales experienced by real estate agents flooding

by hanging. I was selling a house that was in foreclosure for an elderly woman. It was 500, 000 house, but decorated in late seventies style. So I needed some updating while I was painting and staging. All the faucets would turn on all at the same time. All over the house, but then I would then have to go into each bathroom kitchen, turn off the water.
When the house was being inspected after getting it under contract, I held my breath, hoping the water faucets wouldn't turn on all at once with the inspector on site. The inspector was going and the inspection was going well until I heard a very large stream of water flooding in the basement. I rushed in and turned the water off at the main.

I then had. Plumbing fixed and damage remedied it turned out that the seller had forgotten to tell me that her husband had committed suicide By hanging himself on the water pipe in the basement that exact pipe broke
All right Real quick. I'll have you watch little bits and pieces of this fast forward this so you don't have to watch the hours of it This ghost guy is still here. I helped put it together yesterday

This is a fun little haunted tree. Come by. It's really quick. The line goes fast. It's quick. 5 10 minute. I know this guy from playing hockey. And one of his girls does gymnastics and we see each other at gymnastic tournaments. My girls do gymnastics as well.
And it's a lot scarier when it's at night. It is truly. All right. So enough of that. You can watch that. The video. going to be on the blog. So jump into the blog. 

Horrifyingly True Real Estate Stories from Curbed Readers https://dc.curbed.com/2015/1/7/10004812/10-horrifyingly-true-real-estate-stories-from-curbed-readers

Here's another one in 2000. I bought an old house from the Northern Tangier for a parish in Louisiana. My house was fine, but there was a house across the street that everyone said was haunted.

It was previously owned by a doctor who did illegal abortions. There was some really creepy medical equipment on the third floor. The husband died and the owner sold it in 2003. Several people had died in the house, including children. They sold the house to someone who spent the night in the house. And the next day went straight back to the realtor and demanded to rescind the sale.
And I know he said, resend, but it's rescind. He was, he said there was dead people everywhere. He sued and won since it had not been disclosed. At the act of sale. I understand that the house has a terrible violent incident like this. They like an amity bill. They must disclose that too. It's absolutely true.

If somebody dies on your property, you have to disclose that. Now the law and the rules that we govern state anything less than three years, but I always say, if somebody did pass away on the property, I don't care if it's three years or 30 years, make sure you disclose it. It's always better to over disclose.
Always better. Period. Okay. I'm going to jump into what's the probability of a recession. We need a recession. We need a recession. We need to see this thing come back in. There's a couple of different ways that this can happen, right? The economy collapses and then we see all sorts of people hurting themselves or getting hurt because they get laid off and they can't make payments and they lose houses and they lose their hot cars, which cars are being returned at an alarming rate.
But There's two different ways they can do it through inflationary means, or they can do it through deflationary means. And the best way for us to do it is through deflationary means, which means the cost of living actually goes down, slows down the market, slows down the economy and what have you.
But when we see. An inversion of the 10 year and three year nominal. Actually, that's not it right there. It's the 10 year and three year. When we see an inversion happen, that means a recession is imminent. We need to slow down this economy because we have runaway inflation right now. And if we don't do anything about it right now, it will hurt us when the can gets crushed.
Can't just keep kicking it down. The street and wait for the next series of government to come through and kick it down and kick it down because there's more and more people suffering and having a hard time making ends meet all over the world. So we're here and we're expecting. A downturn, right? Okay. So there you go. 

Haunted San Jose

That's that now haunted house. San Jose This one happens to be san jose state university on page 52 right here. See look at that san jose state university known familiarly Is my la. Founded in 1857, California state normal school.
It was the first institution of public higher education in the West. Originally college for training teachers, mostly young women. Interestingly, San Jose campus opened, blah, blah, blah. Hoover Hall. It's actually where they put the kids to sleep, their dorms. And there were used, there used to be six of them.

Now there's only one and they built bigger, larger buildings for it. The building most likely to be talked about in hushed voices around Camp Fire or during freshman orientation is Hoover Hall, one of the six three story brick dormitories of the southeast campus. This group of six, which opened in 1960, was known collectively as the Bricks.

And it's still called that today. Although five of the buildings have been removed. One of them, one of the demolished buildings, Hoover Hall was the epicenter of a number of paranormal claims, including showers turning on in the women's bathroom. It's not, it's like always plumbing with me, right? Plumbing toilets, what have you.

Including showers turning on in the women's bathroom on the first floor and reports of menacing and uncomfortable feelings in the first floor rooms. Many residents said they never felt completely alone in their rooms, even when no one was with them. Dun. The building in his most notorious ghost story also haunted.

Haunted phone booth in the spirit of a murder victim who replayed the last moments of her life in a graphic residual haunting Phone booth. I have a friend on Facebook who loves phone books or phone booths So maybe this will pop into her feed Legend has it that a young woman was attacked in a hallway somewhere between the second floor on the way to her room Terrified and bleeding from her injury.

She ran screaming down the stairs with her knife wielding attacker in pursuit. She attempted to find the safety of a telephone booth in the lobby of the building, even getting as far as dialing the first two digits of 911. When her attacker caught up with her and dispatched her with several vicious stabs of her knife, of his knife, assuming it was a he, she bled to death.

In the phone booth, her life bled staining the walls and the floor around her. Generations of students in the building spread stories of her bloody figure running down the stairs, screaming for help. Those attempting to use the telephone in both telephone and the booth often found it out of order and it would only dial the numbers nine and one.

Later cell phones become ubiquitous. They stopped using it, but some students claim to hear the phone ringing in the middle of the night. Even though it was no longer there, perhaps it was the young woman calling for help from beyond the grave. Okay. Read this book. It's fun. It's historical. It's a great way to spend some time with kids and take them all around San Jose and learn stuff like.

At the Santa Teresa, Bernal Gulnick farm. There's a haunting there Silver Creek high school. There's all sorts of great little hauntings in this. So make sure you do pick one up and share it with your kids. All right, let's get into, let's get into. 

Hi's and Low's

The highest in Lowe's, the highest sold house this last week in Santa Clara County was Red Crest Avenue.

It was listed for 8. 00, 11. sold for 11. 00, 8. 00 in 24 days. And it's a beautiful house. Look at this. Oh, only one. So they took it out. So you can't even look at it anymore. Saratoga Elementary, Saratoga High, and it's in Montecirino, which is Los Gatos area.
And, yeah. You have a nice gated area there. Okay, so the next one is... The lowest priced and you're going to see this twice. Comanche Trail in Los Gatos, 37 photos, 650,

000. Can't beat that. Look at that. It's nice. Nicely updated,

but here's the thing, guys. Thousand square feet, two bedroom, one bath. 93 years old, for 650, 000 originally listed at nine fifties, sat on the market for 112 days and they sold it for six. So those are the houses you want to look for when you're struggling to buy a house. You find something that's been on market for a while and I'll show you that in a minute.

This is the highest list price of sales price ratio. It sold for let's see 165 percent over list price listed price 800 sold for 1. 32 sold seven days Guys, this is the best way to sell a house It doesn't matter what you listed as long as it's underneath what it is. You're going to get a ton of traction.
I can guarantee you they had 15, 20 offers, not more. There's no reason to snivel and talk about how you can get the price as high as you can and look for the motivated buyer. That's. That's wishful thinking when you do it like this, it's becomes a blind bid. There's a lot of buzz. There's a lot of action.

And look at this house. It's just boring. I would have much rather have that house up in the hills, up in the Redwood forest than this, because this is an old Eichler. It's all beat up original everything. And look, there's a broken window there. It's just beat up and old. And the only reason is because it's in Sunnyvale.

And it's it's close to Apple Mountain Dew. It's near all the high paying jobs, 1. 3 for a house. That's just crazy. 165 percent over list price. And we're going to go back to this Comanche trail because believe it or not, it came in at 65. 3 percent of original list price, which means it's the lowest list price to sales price as well as the lowest sales price of the week.
Look again, it's smaller, but it's been updated. I would've got, I move in and get rid of those shingles. I'm not a fan of shingles on the side of siding, but it's a nicely updated house. You have septic, you have, probably you're going to have issues with. With electricity. So you get yourself a generator.

This is country living and it's not too far away From Los Gatos. So you can go down to Los Gatos and have your breakfast and come back and check it out and chill out So there took 112 days. There you go guys This market, I have two listings coming up and I already have offers on them. It's crazy.

It depends on where it is, but if you price it it doesn't really matter. We're starting low and we're going to get these things sold up as high as they can. One of them is a standard three, two older house deferred maintenance. We're going to get rid of some stuff. It's just, it is what it is, right?

People want houses and they either want it turnkey or they want original. It doesn't matter. There's two different types of buyers out there, but people are willing to buy a house in its current condition. And right now, because the market's kind of contracting, you're not going to see a ton, but if we went to go.

Do upgrades at a house and we listed at 700 and it was worth 1. 6. You'd get it up around 1. 6, maybe even more because if you have the buzz going, there it is, but we're going to list this thing low, probably 1. 1 and we're going to expect 1. 3. That area. And then there's another one in East San Jose, which is less than a thousand square feet, three bedroom.

It's real, real rough. Probably gonna get 800, 850 for it, but we don't know. It's just crazy times that we're living in. All right. Today we had Halloween talked about scary listings and scary San Jose state and Deadman Ave guys come on by today. Danny's going to be there all day. I'll show up pretty early to hang out and check in with him and make sure he's happy and doesn't need anything major, but come by six 30, 10 30 tonight.

It's it's, I promise it'll be like 20 minutes. You'll come in, wait in line for about five minutes, go through, have some blasts, come by, say hi to me, and then you can go on the rest of your week, the rest of your night. Happy Halloween. I'm Vito with Abitano. We'll see you out there.

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