🔴[LIVE] More Counties Sale Prices over Last years average now- Values Holding Steady


🔴[LIVE] More Counties Sale Prices over Last year's average now- Values Holding Steady 

  • 4 counties average OVER Last year's Sales Prices!
  • Opportunities appear as SF apartment values sink to 2014 levels https://therealdeal.com/sanfrancisco/2023/10/12/san-francisco-apartments-trade-at-2014-prices/
  • Fraud on the rise
  • The 9 Best Neighborhoods to Live in the Bay Area - Bungalow
  • Stark Castle for sale
  • Homebuyer Workshop https://event.webinarjam.com/register/6/8oz4kcg
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Homebuyer Workshop https://event.webinarjam.com/register/6/8oz4kcg

 Happy Monday. Three things you need to know living in Santa Clara County, Silicon Valley real estate time four counties out of the 10 counties in the Bay area averaged over. Over a hundred percent of the list price or last year's averages. And that's exciting news. So I'll explain a little bit more, more in a minute, cause I just put this together.

Opportunities appear as SF apartment values sink to 2014 levels

Opportunities appear as San Francisco apartments value sink, good opportunity to invest fraud is on the rise. We'll talk about that again. Nine best neighborhoods. To live in the Bay Area We'll talk about that as well. And then the start castle is for sale. So just hang on with us. Let's get going obviously we'll talk about the numbers that this week's averages.

So that's this week's averages But let's talk about real quick questions. This Episode is brought to you by no event if you know a veteran they're struggling with any kind of disorder or issues whatsoever. Have them talk to us at no event this Program allows them to get help and self-help. And they, if they have trouble getting into this or having any kind of questions, you can have them talk to somebody here.

No event, guys, this is just a great way for you to help somebody who might be struggling with whatever problems they might be having. Okay. Opportunities appear in San Francisco. San Francisco apartments sink to 2014 levels. Now, if you have cash, I'd do that. Oh, come on. Oh! That kills me. I'm gonna kill you.

Let's see if we can do this real quick. No. Okay. So anyway, it talks about possibility and I'll do some more research about it, but San Francisco is a sinking cesspool of a place for people to live and people are leaving. They're leaving in droves simply because of the way they're managed, right? Again, I'm not talking politics.

I'm talking about how the government runs. The government needs to be more efficient. They need to care about their people that are actually paying taxes and they need to keep their cities clean. San Jose has the same issues. San Jose is having the same issues. Any metropolitan area in the United States right now is having issues and it's not red or green or blue.

I don't care. It's we need to talk more about how to clean up and common sense governing for the people, not for a specific demographic to catch more votes. So

do I believe that San Francisco will turn around and start taking care of its citizens? Yes. I believe that they really need to start focusing on that. And I think it's a time, but while you're doing that, while that's happening, it could be a decade. It's a good time to find a place to buy and rent if you're into investing.

The 9 Best Neighborhoods to Live in the Bay Area - Bungalow

    Something to look into. Nine best neighborhoods to live in the Bay Area. I have a feeling that this was written by somebody who lives in San Francisco because most of it is. It's San Francisco, Castro, Knob Hill, sunset, and no Valley mission. This, come on, this is there's so many better neighborhoods and I get it right.

    If you're somebody that wants to live in a city. Bless you, right? There's nothing wrong with that. I'm more of a suburban, suburbanite and I like the country a little bit more. I love where I live. Blossom Valley is an amazing place because it's backed against the hills. There are trails up there.

    I go hiking. You probably see me hiking a little bit. I see people there all the time. It's a great part of nature. Granted, San Francisco has water surrounding it and it's by the bay and I love going to the beach.

    But yeah, you can't just be in San Francisco, there's San Mateo, there's San Bruno, there's Pacific Grove in Monterey. There are so many different areas that you can live in. Oakland's amazing, right? Berkeley is amazing. Napa Valley, right? Bay Area. I think this was a horrible, very not horrible, very myopic-centric, self-absorbed article.

    Fraud on the rise

    Okay. Silicon Valley living title that's on the rise guys. There's a blog. There's a link to the blog and all of my videos here. Watch this video because it's important. If you have an aging parent or a vacant home or whatever, find out what you can take, and what steps you can take to protect yourself. And it's better to be proactive because once somebody takes your title, it becomes a legal, costly, legal nightmare.

    Stark Castle for sale

    And yes, that was a shameless plug, but I don't care because if you own a house, you owe it to yourself to check on that. Okay. This isn't the Stark castle or mansion, but this thing's. Amazingly gorgeous inside. I've watched this before. I just wanted to take a look at it again because look at this. I would love to live here. The thing is awesome. Okay. Enough of that. 

    We're also doing a home buyers workshop. So if you know anybody who's thinking about buying a house, there's no sales technique. There's, we don't even follow up with you. Scott might, but I'm not going to because this is really just to educate you.

    That's my whole purpose of doing this. Scott's a great guy. I work with a bunch of lenders who just happen to work with Scott. He's a Navy veteran. I can't fault him for that. But he's a veteran and he understands veterans the VA loan. He understands USDA. He understands all these different products.

    He's a broker. He's not a banker. He's not Wells Fargo. He will work with you and find the best scenario, and the best loan product to help you find a house. And let's see. Yeah, we do have a blog. So come to our blog, and check it out. The numbers guys, these numbers are amazing. Look, four counties went over a hundred percent from last year.

    4 counties average OVER Last year's Sales Prices!


    So yeah, we're just, it's kicking ass far and above Contra Costa. Holy cow. Contra Costa just blew up. That's gotta be wrong. If you look, we have the last couple. I missed it last couple of weeks. I was traveling and then on Monday I was up at fleet week with the bands, but San Mateo is doing really well.

    They're kicking, but everything's coming up. I think I did this wrong. Don't yeah, I did this wrong. That should be,

    we're really not there yet.

    Let's take a look at San Francisco. Since San Francisco was on the radar, 93%. outside of Napa San Francisco is a great place to buy a place right now. You can get it for 93 cents on the dollar guys It's a great place to buy. There's low volume not a lot of sales happening That means there might be sellers out there that are a little Struggling to find houses that have been on the market for a long time.

    All right eight minutes guys That were the quickest one I've done in a long time today. We talked about how San Francisco apartments might be a good investment for you nine of the best neighborhoods Nine of the best neighborhoods for you to live in if you're San Francisco bound, but guys There are places all over the Bay area for you to live.

    And there are a ton of different areas and affordable areas too. We actually have a house coming up for sale. That'll be about 750, 000. It's a fixer, but yeah. And we also have another one coming up in the Cambrian. The area sold one next door to that a couple years back. It's a great house. Great neighborhood.

    You're gonna love it So I'm excited to show you that fraud is on the rise Start castle for sale home buyers workshop. I'm vito with abitano. Have a massively amazing week If you see me say hi, and we'll see you out there

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