🔴[LIVE] Robin Williams' home for sale for $25M | Bay Area Luxury homes | Bay Area 10 County Report


🔴[LIVE] Robin Williams' home for sale for $25M | Bay Area Luxury homes | Bay Area 10 County Report

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 Good morning. Robin Williams, Homes for Sale. Firewatch. Firewatch. That's a word I haven't heard in a long time. Firewatch in multiple Bay Area counties. And we're going to look at some luxury homes today. First, we'll go into the 10 Bay Area County report. It's nothing really special. Nothing crazy is going on.

Bay Area 10 County Report

We did see San Mateo go over 100 percent again last week. 100 percent means that was what their average sales went over. 0. 04 percent of last year's average sales price. Yeah, it's good. Your best buy is still in Napa. It has been all year. You can get every house for, 90 cents on the dollar.
That's awesome. Can't do that pretty much anywhere else. Santa Clara is still maintaining a strong 2. 1 million the average. We're still about 2, 000 away from last year's average houses are still selling guys. We're at 6, 000 homes for the year in Santa Clara County, which is still not a ton. Let me show you this real quick.

There you go. This right here, this is Santa Clara County volume. Bigger for you.

So this orange line is the volume of sales that we've, we're, we've encountered this last year per month. See right here per month. September we're down. We're average. This was 22 was 22 came in an average right here too, but we're seeing numbers slowly die out. And if you look at this chart right here, I'll give you the numbers.

Our numbers are about 600 sales per month. Just in Santa Clara County, single-family homes, only single-family homes. So if you look at this number, this is what it looks like since 2018 last five years. And while we did peak in 2018 and 2020 for sales, this is where we had the inversion of sales over inventory.

That's where we had the firestorm. Now it's a little bit opposite again and things are normalizing out, but we still don't have the volume of listings, which is why we're having that problem. So let's go back to here. So if you look, we're still at 47 billion in sales for the year for 10 counties. That's pretty good.

That's really good. I think that includes single condos and townhouses too.

But look, if you look, we're down 75 percent from last year. So there you go. All right, let's take a look at the quick news.

90+days on the market Santa Clara County 

 These are 90 days on the market We are seeing a lot more houses come on sale and stay on the market for a lot longer now I'm not saying that they're bad houses or the markets crashing It's just sometimes they're overpriced based on the location condition and the certain micro Market conditions like take a look at this guy right here

Oh, great. Can't go to that one. Okay. Let's see if we can go. Anyway, there's a lot more coming up. We're going to see these numbers grow, but we talk about this every week. We see 90 days on the market on the 40 days on the market report. It's normal. Especially into winter for things to yes, we see prices going rates are going up.

The market is slowing down. We have a lack of inventory. So that's why you're seeing it. But the reason why those houses are not selling those 90 days on the markets is simply that probably going to get, an area because they're overpriced based on condition, right? And there you go. All right.

Bay Area Luxury Homes 

Luxury market. Love looking at this. There was one called Firethorn. I want to look at that one.

43 million. I think I'll just write a check. It's a beautiful house. I think we looked at this one last week. This looks like it's been rendered
really nice. Let's go back to the results. Let's take a look and see what 38 million in Atherton will get you this nice Spanish style.
And yeah, you know what? These are going to take more than seven days to sell. They take the right type of person. You need to be worth hundreds of millions, if not billions to be able to afford something like this. where you will write a check. So a completely different world. 

Fraud on the rise http://blog.abitano.com/2023/08/title-theft-is-on-rise-what-is-it-how.html

All right. Fraud is on the rise, people.

I know I talk about this a lot. Woe be it that I don't tell you enough about this. And then you ignore me and you just pretend everything is great. And then you go off and come back, five years later and say, Hey Vito, somebody stole my house. Don't let that happen to you. Watch this, and learn about it.
Give me a call. I'll help you out. 

Robin Williams' former Sea Cliff home for sale for $25M

Robin Williams's house is for sale. Look at that beautiful home. 25 million guys. Easy money.

It's a beautiful house. Get a look inside the home of an amazing person.
There you go.

A fire weather watch was issued for a large swath of California

 All right. Fire weather people. We're on fire watch right now. A red flag means it's heavy wind, et cetera. If you live in these areas, you have to protect your home from firestorms. It's a normal thing. You know what to do. There's a bunch of stuff from USGS and the U S fire Service and the California Fire Service, Cal fire, protect your home, get ready for it.
Be aware of high winds that will be coming here pretty quick. It's not if it's going to happen, but when it happens, you know that's going to happen. So be careful. All right. I think that's it. 

Homebuyer Workshop https://event.webinarjam.com/register/6/8oz4kcg

Homebuyer workshop did the 10 County report. That's it. All right. Simple. Seven minutes today, guys. I think that's a record.

All right. So now we talked about Robin Williams, home fire storms, 10 County Report luxury homes, and 90 days on the market. 90 days on the market. Again, it's not a big deal, but we're going to see that number grow. Just because the market will slow down because it's the winter. All right. I'm Vito with Abitano.

We'll see you out there 

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