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 Three things you need to know living in Santa Clara County, Silicon Valley. Let's get moving. A council member runs over a person. Two, two franchises, restaurants are starting to fail and mortgage rates are supposed to come down. So yeah, those are the three things we're going to talk about, but afterward, I want you to hold off or maybe come back to it.

But I've been reading this book, how to say it to seniors and it's. Part of my journey. So today we're gonna be talking about empowering their legacy And I am muddling through this. I am struggling through it. Okay, Let's get back to something fun and exciting. San Jose official allegedly hits a homeless man with a car.

San Jose official allegedly hit a homeless man with a car

Okay, allegedly he already admitted that he did. He gave him money, right? This guy, okay I don't know who he is and I didn't really get a lot of time to speak with his predecessor Who is our current mayor? You can jump on this all you want. Just go take a look let's see. I'm going to get right here.
This. There it is. Okay. So Arun Batra is my council member for where I live in District 10. Up until a couple of years ago, I was in District 2, which was Sergio Jimenez, who is turning out next year, I believe. We've become close acquaintances and confidants. I don't know if we're friends yet. I'll let him decide if that's going to be it.

And you know how I feel about politics, politicians. So anyway, nothing against the guy, right? I know accidents happen and I am not the best driver. I am a pretty damn good driver, but I'm not the best one out there. However I'm not a politician and in my life, I always try to show compassion for others.

So I guess what happened was you hit someone that was riding a bike and the bike was trashed. I think there's a picture of it here. Yeah, there you go. Arun in the story, from what I remember gave him 40 bucks to make things cool. Let's look at what's really possibly going on. A homeless guy hits a car.

Maybe he knew what was going on or not really doesn't matter. Maybe Arun was texting. Who knows? I don't know. Not saying anything here, but supposition. No guilt or facts are being laid out. Two people were in the wrong. Arun being a council member, wanted to smooth things out, but witnesses saw them paying him off, paying off the guy on the bike, which again, doesn't look like the most high-end bike and probably didn't really belong to him.

But again, supposition. What do I know? I know I've lost bikes. I've had many bikes stolen. As a matter of fact, it looks fairly familiar. Anyway, it happened right here, right by San Jose State. And yeah, that kind of stuff happens all the time. The fact is, it's the way it happened. Technically, when you hit somebody, you're supposed to call the police and make a report.

I don't think that happened. Pretty sure it didn't happen to maybe afterward. So I'm not throwing out guilt. I'm not blaming anybody for what's going on. Just saying there's gotta be a way to let people know that there's a better way of doing things when you hit somebody, it doesn't matter. All right.

Burger King to TGI Fridays are disappearing
A lot of your franchises, your favorite franchise restaurants are going to start turning up empty. It's already happening. When I was a kid, I lived in Cupertino. I went to Monte Vista High School. I worked at Burger King right by where there was a Kmart. And now it's the Home Depot on Saratoga Sunnyvale that's gone.
Now it's a full or some other kind of restaurant, but gone are the days that fast food restaurants will be a great target for you to buy. If you're going to want if you ever wanted to buy a restaurant, restaurants have never been a great investment in my eyes, but a lot of these companies are starting to dry up.
I know for a fact part of the problem is the fast food restaurants, Burger King, and McDonald's, started fighting and getting into the dollar menu thing, which didn't help them. Didn't help. Definitely hurt the franchise. And yeah, benefited the consumer because whenever I went, I always went on the dollar menu, but it didn't help them pay rent and it didn't help them pay labor and the way it's set up is, I talk about this with a couple other guys all the time, franchises are set up so that the franchise.

Our company makes the most money. They make you choose where they're going to put the restaurant or whatever franchise it is. They make sure you use their merchandise their equipment or their supplies. And they require you to update their restaurants or that store every couple, or three years, franchisee now in California.
Labor going up to 20 an hour, rent going up the threat of Proposition 13 going away, which means your rent is going to skyrocket. This is a very dangerous thing, but it's not just happening in California. When was the last time you went to a Cracker Barrel? I went there a week ago because when we landed in Nashville, I had to drive to Knoxville and take the kids to Cracker Barrel.

It was all right. Food filling. But yeah

we're going to see a lot. Of restaurants,

but I tell you that this is good because you're also seeing Mom and Pop. Big box stores Let's see. I think I have it right here. I don't know if you

so Big box retailers are also going to go away Which is good because I think we need to return to the mom-and-pop individual, the nonbig, huge real estate team or the big name you wanna work with, the people

work in neighborhoods. So that is, this might seem it's a good opportunity for us to return and become small retailers, all these places, all out money.

Boston Market, Walmart, Nordstrom, department stores, big boxes going away, there's no real need for that anymore, especially with the advent of Amazon, but I tell you, there's a reason why you never have

So we're, I tell you, every time the cycle goes down, every time the economy goes down, 2008, it happened, 2000, it happened in 1995, 94, it happened. And it's just a normal thing for stores and restaurants to contract. Our real estate market's contracting. Everything's contracting. And I think it's a normal thing.

So just be track, be aware. And I tell you, if you're if you're thinking about starting up a small retail store, I think now's the time to look at it. Just be a little careful.

Subway 20, 000. Holy cow. They went down 5, 400 stores.

Just get used to paying 15 a sandwich guys, more good predictions for October 2023. I don't believe it. I know that this is what they're saying, but if you look at the 10-year note, the 10-year yield, I think mortgage lenders are just going to stop pretending to play the yield game. And yield is the, when you look at yield, it's their profit margin, right?
Mortgage Rates Inch Lower After Tuesday's Much Larger Drop
And. Two years ago when rates were at 2%, we're the temp, and the tenure was far lower than what it is today, but you're seeing what's happening and we're expecting it to lower. Maybe the feds are trying to make it go down, but I think banks are a little bit wary about this. And what happened was when the rates went down, there was a yield war or a profit war.
Don't call it profit. They call it yield, but it's the same thing, right? If I'm. Going to sell you something at a hundred dollars. I need to make 20 percent to 30 percent Profit right when the value goes down to 50 I still need to make some kind of money, but my profit margin is the same, but my money is different It's a lot lower when it was two and a half three percent There was a margin war going on.
The yield was so low, that people were fighting tooth and nail to sell loans. I know somebody had made a million dollars in one month, right? But that those days are gone. Banks are saying now, and it might come out where competition will make it happen again, but banks are very wary about going into the yield war.
Mortgage Rate Forecast: When Will Rates Go Down?
Again. Individuals might fight tooth and nail, especially if you're the consumer, you're allowed to negotiate and look and fight for your lowest rate. However, make sure that you get the right mortgage for yourself and that you're not getting screwed and that there are no back-end points, and that there are no junk fees and all that kind of stuff.

So be very careful about that.

What you get for $1MM Santa Clara County
What you get for a million dollars. Simmer and drive. I sold the house right there a couple of years back. So four bedroom, two bath, 1900 square foot, 46-year-old house on the market 24 days. Let's take a look at this thing. Million dollars and it needs work. Whoa. What the heck is it, Oh, it's a mat.

I can't really tell you what it looks like. Maybe this was a rental. Maybe it was just a young family.
I'm not going to go into the agent because the agent obviously doesn't care about this. It feels like this was a rental. It feels like somebody came in and said, Hey, sell my house. I'm done with being a mortgage, a renter, a landlord, just selling it. And you can go down and talk to the neighbors and find out a little bit more, but look at the maintenance on it.

It's a little shaggy.

4 bed 2 Bath. It's actually a great deal for the size if it was in better shape. I don't think there's,

yeah, there's no more, there's no HOA. So that's good. That's probably the best deal you're going to find in Santa Clara County right now unless you want to live right against the freeway on Lansing. Let's take a look at this. See? The sucker is right on the freeway. That's why this house will not sell for a while unless I'm a real estate investor and I buy it because I'm going to throw a renter in there.

It's been on the market for eight days. We'll keep an eye on that one. So that's what you get for a million dollars in Santa Clara County.

Inventory Watch
Let's do the numbers real quick. Nothing really crazy to report. Numbers are slightly going higher, but that's normal because we're in the fall, and demand slightly goes back. Inventory goes up a little bit and that's the thing. My concern is we're at an 8 percent interest rate right now and I don't know if that's going to change anything for the long term or the near long term.
But right now we're just keeping an eye on inventory. Nothing's going crazy high, right? We're seeing out in Tampa, across the rest of the United States, we're seeing inventories go up slightly. Except for in Austin, everything's going up. But guys, that's normal. Inventory goes up in the fall. That's a normal thing, right?
Now, if this was like 5, 000 instead of 8, 000, 1, 800, or this was 10, 000 versus 44, 000, that would be something worth talking about. But right now I think we're just ticking higher. And I think that's normal, especially since we're at 8 percent and we're in the fall and inventory naturally goes up and demand goes down, prices will come down a little tiny bit, but they're not going to correct.

Say it to seniors https://www.davidsolie.com/books-cds/book-information/    
There you go. That's all I'm going to tell you about that. Now I've been reading this book off and on for the last five, or 10 years. I just got back from Knoxville. My parents are older. We're having these conversations and I need to chronicle this because I want to share what I learned, but maybe if you have ideas on how to help me, that'd be great too.
So this is all together. The last passage I read was learning about. Discussing the legacy, right? And in my youth, I couldn't discuss this with my parents. I didn't know what to talk about with my parents. And we have these conversations. My mom totally grabbed onto it. My dad doesn't want to talk about it.

He doesn't want to let go. Although he's let go. And then I combine myself with what's going on with other people, right? I belong to a group of no event. It's called no event. org right here. And it's a program, a nonprofit that helps veterans. And this actually has just reverted over to seniors as well, where we talk about any kind of issues that you might have and how to get help homelessness, drug addiction, mental health issues, what have you.

The problem that we're seeing though, is there's a, all, a lot of vets are getting older, right? We have Korean vets that are really now the senior legacy. We have Vietnam veterans who are done are old and we have desert storm vets, who had the 48-hour war, and the 72-hour war. And then we had what was going on for the last 20 years.
We need to help these veterans. We need to help your parents get older and understand what's going on. There are certain things I want you to tune in on a lot of these things. And I want you to understand that there's offers an opportunity for you to help your parents if they're struggling financially or what have you, how do you say that?

Ask them about how it was when they were younger, how did they handle this? Because our world today and their world 50 years ago was 180 degrees different. Nobody could fathom where we were today back in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

So we thought we were all gonna wear silver suits and fly saucers,, fly cars. It's a totally different world. Financially. They might be struggling. There's pride that's issued into them. We need to have that discussion with our parents about how to create a legacy for them, whether it's a car jewelry, or guns.

or their estate or what have you now is the time to have those conversations and believe it or not My mom took me to the safe and showed me the trust and showed me where all the money's tucked away under a mattress. I know, right? It's going to happen. And that's why I point you to this. And it's in the blog.

This link is in the blog. I don't get any money off of it. I don't know David doesn't know me. It doesn't matter. I want people to buy this book and we'll go through a passage every now and then to talk about it. And this one is called personality development growth through crisis. And I'm not going to read the entire thing.

That's. Illegal and unethical by the freaking book, right? I'll tell you my passage here and what it means to me It goes into talking about personality As you grow up as a two-year-old as a teenager as an adult and then as a senior and as you grow You become more powerful more Personal, and more aware of who you are.

And as you go to the next age category, which is seniors, you start realizing that certain things help prevent you from enjoying life. And it's a crisis that they talk about. Crisis is about making you stronger, not failing, right? Certain things. So I got in an accident like Arun Batra just got into an accident.

That's a crisis. How you handle it makes you a better person or not.

There's something that talks about the senior mission of older adults, and that is describing or developing their legacy and it's your job as a child of an adult senior, a senior person to give them management control. They need to maintain control. You have to do it tactfully without telling them how to do it.

Allow them to figure it out on their own. Help them be there for them. Be there. I guess I would say a mentor, but not really a mentor. Now, how do you do that? You ask questions, right? Here are some of the questions just to start it off with, right? What's, what was the world like when you were growing up? What was the most significant thing? We landed on the moon and all that, right? These are memories that helped them relive what they, what their life was and how cherishing their life was, how amazing their life was, and it's time for you to spend and enjoy that time reminiscing.

Because time is short. My mom is 80 years old. I know she doesn't have 50 more years left. Every time I can, jump on the phone and talk to her. Every time she asks, I send myself over there and meet with her, right? As expensive and excruciatingly painful as it is what it is because time slips quickly.

Talk about your best friends. Why is this important? It's important because it allows you to commit to that. Memory to a positive thing. My first step, Dad passed away a few years ago, from congestive heart failure. He was an army vet. I was fortunate enough that I was flying around and I got to go see him a couple of times.

We broke apart, right? We left, and let him go. We got into trouble and some bad things and let him do this thing. And then now that he was older, I regrouped and I got a chance to sell. A house for a friend who moved to Austin and he needed to have his car driven to to Austin. So I volunteered to do it through my son in there who was 16 or 17 at the time.

It was awesome because that was a time, a memory that he and I get to share now, even though he hated the first couple of days, anyway, it was a good memory. And now he appreciates it. We went through Dallas Fort Worth and I looked him up. I said, Hey, we're in town. Do you want to have dinner? Let's go have dinner.

We had dinner and I knew this was the last time I was going to see him. And he's I'm going to the hospital. This, that I have congenital heart failure, some kind of heart failure. He Never made it out of the hospital. And as regretful as that is, I appreciate the opportunity I gave myself to reach out to him and spend a few last hours with him.

And those are great memories. So get into it guys. We'll be talking about more about this. In the next couple of weeks, I'm going to do it at the end. So if you don't want to listen to it, you don't have to listen to it. All right. We talked about the politician that hit somebody on a bike retail restaurants and outlets are going to start contracting and mortgage rates are supposed to come down as well as leaving your leg, helping your parents create a legacy on veto with Abitano.

Have an amazing weekend. We'll see you out there.

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