America’s fastest-shrinking counties | Housing Snapshot πŸ¦… 🌎 ⚓️ (Mountain View home)



America’s fastest-shrinking counties | Housing Snapshot πŸ¦… 🌎 ⚓️ (Mountain View home)




Introduction to the Fastest Growing and Shrinking Counties

Howdy fastest shrinking counties in the U. S. And yes, you guessed it. It also goes into the fastest-growing counties in the U. S. Plus we'll also talk about the REO or bank-owned property of the week homes near Apple and Mountain View home of the week as well as What's going on in the 40 days on the market on the count.

So let's get moving on this real quick. 

Exploring the Fastest Growing Counties in the U.S.

America’s fastest-shrinking counties

Fastest growing counties in the U. S. for last year. Guess where it was. Not just Florida. 

Their insurance is out of control. There's a political realm, which I'm not into. I don't really give a crap about what side you vote for, but it's not a lower cost of living anymore. I can tell you that right now because I have looked all over the United States and Florida is now very expensive.

Not as crazy as Santa Clara. But it is crazy expensive, especially on the waterside, right? Moving inland is not so bad, but you're still paying high insurance costs, just like California, et cetera. So I want to zag when people are zigging. So if you want to move to Florida, God bless. Montgomery County, Texas. People are moving from Illinois, Pasco County, Florida, and Collin County, Texas. So it's like mostly Texas and Florida. And then South Carolina, go figure. Let's go take a look at South Carolina. 

Diving Into the Fastest Shrinking Counties

Anyway, now the fastest shrinking counties. Yep. Santa Clara is on the bell point 0. 1%. So it was like, they almost took everybody that shot out and figured out how to get out of there. So the 10 fastest counties, New York and California account for seven of the 10 fastest shrinking or contracting counties in Cook County, Illinois.

Harder Chicago's metro ranks number two. Sergios, lots of buyers from L. A. County are drawn for prices of four per square foot. Look, I get it, right? There's Arizona, there's New Mexico, Texas, there's Alabama, 

go explore, go figure out where life is. I enjoy Florida. I enjoy the people. I enjoy that. I don't know about politics because I don't really care about politics, but living in Texas, you can have a lot more land. I have people that I'm talking to about selling their house, but like, where are you going to go?

They don't know. So giving them options is a good thing for you to think about. This link is down below, but it's also on 

Highlight: Bank-Owned Property of the Week

This is a great buy, even though it's four million dollars, let me tell you why I think it's a good buy.

It's been on the market for almost 60 days. That means there are deals to be had. If you want a house in Mountain View, Menlo Park, it was developed and the bank took it back because the builder lost their ass on this. Five bedrooms, four baths, 3, 100 square feet, A mere 4, 000.

I'll bet you can get it for three, three and a half. Just saying, if you're interested, let me know. 

Spotlight on Homes Near Apple

Homes for sale near Apple

Homes near Apple. This one just came on the market. It's 2 million, three bedrooms, two baths. And the reason why I like it is it's literally walking distance to Apple. You can just hop the fence right here. Look how close it is. Is it the best-looking house in the world? No, it's a little ranch. It's 1100 or 1600 square feet. It's worth every penny.

I think this zone is going to go for a lot more than what you think though, because if you look at all the other houses that are for sale right here, especially in this area, they're all two and a half. I should just do single families.

Anyway, there you go. 

Mountain View Home of the Week

Mountain View home of the week

This is Mountain View, home of the week. And let me show you why. I think it's a nice-looking house. The only problem is, it's a little tiny. The reason why I'm looking at this is because I have a client who's been looking for a house in Mountain View for under two million dollars.

They need four bedrooms, however. Three or four bedrooms. This is a two-bedroom. This is 942 square feet. And it's on a busy street. But it's under 2 million. If you can afford 2 million and you want to live in Mountain View, there's you, there's a perfect opportunity for you right there. 

Analyzing Days on Market and REO Trends

REO of the Week

Days on the market shrank by two, 26. REOs bank-owned in the Bay area, 61 stayed static and it went up a little bit in all of California. Again, we're looking at hundreds. And tens, not thousands. So that's nothing to be worried about for sale right now. We're at three 47 includes coming soon.

It's actually five 200 and change that are active for sale. So what these guys are doing is they're convincing their sellers.

Hey, let's do the coming soon and maybe I can attract another buyer off the market. Then you don't have to stress out. That's great. But then you're not making the full book on that. And I'll tell you why. And when I do my research. 

The Housing Market Snapshot in Santa Clara County

79 closed Santa Clara County itself. We have almost 800 for sale, but that includes coming soon. Do not show. It's really about 555 houses for sale in all of Santa Clara County when you need 1900 to 2000 to make it a semi-dollar market where 25 percent of where we need to be as far as inventory is concerned.

So don't worry about the rates. Don't worry about demand. We have such a low amount of inventory that there's just no way prices are going to recede right now, unless World War Three breaks out, unless the global economy busts or something crazy happens. You just never know, but there's just no way if everything stays the same prices are going to continue to go up in this area, period.

And we had 149 houses. So the demand is there. It's just there. All right. 

Conclusion: Recap and Final Thoughts

So today we talked about where people are moving, Florida and Texas, South Carolina from Illinois, New York, and California. And then we also talked about the bank-owned property of the week, which I think you should buy if you're interested, and the homes near Apple and the mountain view home of the week.

The housing snapshot in Santa Clara County. I'm Vito with Abitano. Thanks for watching. 

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