Home Modifications for Seniors, The U.S. can’t handle the ‘silver tsunami, Los Gatos Home of the Week


Home Modifications for Seniors, The U.S. can’t handle the ‘silver tsunami, Los Gatos Home of the Week




Navigating the Silver Tsunami: Home Modifications for Seniors

Home Modifications for Seniors: Creating an Accessible and Safe Environment

Home modifications for seniors, silver tsunami. The U S can't handle the upcoming epidemic of seniors. A Willa Glenn house of the week lists price reductions in Santa Clara County and this week's highs and lows. Let's get moving. Home modifications for seniors, creating accessible and safe environments from reality times, realty times. It's all based on slowing down. 

Embracing Fitness and Flexibility in Your Fifties

Now I'm 55. I'm getting a little bit older. So part of my exercise routine is. Fitness and flexibility in my fifties. And I can tell you that since we opened back up in the past three years or so, my joints have gotten a lot better, but I'm always being more careful because the older you get, the more brittle you get, you have to take it slower.

Because at the end of the day, your body just can't handle what you could when you're 20 and 25. That being said, you have to think a little bit more about what you can handle if you're older or what your parents need if you're dealing with elderly parents. And that's a very common thing today. And a lot of parents want to stay in their house until they pass on.

Absolutely fair. That's part of what the Silver Tsunami is all about, which we'll get into in a minute. 

Creating a Safe Haven: Home Safety Tips for Seniors

The 'silver tsunami' of baby boomers aging is exacerbating

Alterations, not altercations. So focus on things that could trip up the senior, their steps are shorter, tend to shuffle a little bit more because the pathways are slower, they're slowing down, plus their balance isn't as good as they were. Think safety when you go into a house or any kind of doorways, if there's a threshold or a bump, you want to make sure that's covered by some sort of a ramp, a mini ramp of some sort.

And yeah, you can do stairways if you have a few steps up if you have a brownstone or a tri-level or something where you have to step up to the entryway, absolutely. For bathroom safety, you can change out the bathtub and put a door, a low-hanging bathtub with a door in it so you can shuffle in.

It's a lot safer, it's a lot more conducive, I see that more often these days. The change out is pretty expensive, but it's worth it because you don't want Seniors hurting themselves. I remember one time I came into an emergency room. I can't remember where it was or why I was there probably or something stupid.

I'm sure, but a senior citizen lost his balance, whatever, but blacked out, slipped, and fell on the soap dish tray and it cut a big hole right here. Not only broke his ribs, but they had to re-sew his side. It was pretty gross, pretty nasty. Just the little things you have to think about, right? Yeah. Get rid of short corners, that kind of stuff.

Tell you the bidet is a godsend even for me. It's. When you think about it, it's gross, but it is what it is. 

Kitchen and Bedroom: Making Everyday Spaces Safer for Seniors

Kitchen accessibility. You want to have everything down low and not so that they have to bend over super, super deep. So think about taking things from the highest point of the cabinets and your covers down below and bringing them back up stuff that they use all the time.

You can lower countertops. Pull-out shelves and lazy Susans. Appliances with front-mounted controls for easier operation. 

So if you have a stove where you have that little mini wall in the back, where all the controls are, looks like a renter to me. When I look at those homes, just to put it that way make sure your lighting is a little bit higher. I tend to like my rooms darker. Even when I'm in this room, you can see that I have lighting on, but I like it dark because I just like the contrast when I'm working on my computers, flooring, and lighting.

I have nightlights all over mostly because I don't want my children to leave the hallway lights on all the time. But morning, there are lights on all over the house, but, I have nightlights all over the hallways, even in my bathroom.

So that I know where everything is number one. So I don't kick the dog, but also so I don't wake up my wife and everybody else. And it's just common courtesy to me, bedroom comfort and safety. You can use an adjustable bed. Lower, I have a very high bed, but my bed set is very high. So I actually have to jump into my bed. If they're really slow, think about putting in a commode or a urinal to help them so they don't have to trek all the way to the bathroom and back. That's a nice thing. I always have a phone or a button or a two-way like the kid's thing.

If you're staying with them. So they can call for help. They need help and always have light accessible without being out of touch so that they can just go over and reach over and touch it without having to fiddle around lastly, there are new technologies that are out there to help the seniors with care facilities with stay at home.

They have. Caregivers that have access to 24-hour service, just in case something happens, it's there for them. So think about how you can make their life easier. Or if you're a senior, think about how you can make your life easier for the last few years that you have to enjoy.

It'd be sad if you hurt yourself on something that could have been prevented. 

Addressing the Housing Crisis for Baby Boomers

tsunami of millions of baby boomers needing housing in their retirement years. It's true. I heard something where there was, at this point right now, there's like a million point two beds needed for seniors, and I'm not talking about intensive care units, the memory care units.

I'm talking about just places for seniors to go and live there if they want to move out of their houses if they can't maintain their house. So this number is actually higher than what I was saying. This was in 2021.

Now seniors decide that they want to move out and into a care facility, whether it's active adult or memory care or something in between. They want to be able to feel safe and know that they can have a place where they can work. feel safe, be social, and do physical activities, whether it's walking in the park, walking around the grounds, doing exercises, or going to the mall, right? Having stuff that's nearby makes them social, right?

Yeah, some shelters are available for homeless seniors, but Those are really going to get translated into larger community senior services because their assistance sometimes needs to be dealt with. So I guess the government's going to come in and start helping out with all that.

All right. 

Spotlight on Willow Glen: House of the Week

Los Gatos Home of the Week

Willow Glen house of the week. This is Cherry Ave. It's beautiful. It is 19 days on the market. And again, the reason why I chose this one, is that's brand new. And it's really close to downtown. You can walk there, have some fun, walk back, and have some good memories there. It's a great-looking house. This is a six-bedroom, five-bath, 3, 700 square feet on a very small lot built in 2024.

So this is a teardown. They bought it for a couple million dollars and threw a million dollars into it. And now they're selling it. And this is a standard thing that they do. And I know the contractors that do this. And if it's something you want to look into, we can absolutely do this. This is all brand spanking new, fully staged. It's a great investment for them.

Beautiful house. Again,  downtown Willow Glen. How can you beat that? 

Navigating the Real Estate Market: List Price Reductions and Market Dynamics

Price Reductions

This is a list price decrease. There were 76 total list price decreases in Santa Clara County. I think I picked this one on Blossom Hill because it's Blossom Hill. 

This is a standard three-bedroom, two-bath, 1, 600 square feet. It was built in 1968, 55 years old. They're asking for a premium on it. The original list price was 1. 5 million on a major thoroughfare. It's not even a filter street. Might be a nice-looking house. Might be well done inside. Look, you could at least, this is a photo of a printout. So yeah, looks like everything is pretty standard.

Yeah, they painted the cabinets,  they didn't even put the new counters on top. And they're asking for a premium. This house is worth 1. 1 million right now. It's been on the market for 26 days. Now, remember, I always say, don't be a market maker, track the market, track the buyers that are looking for a certain price point in a certain area.

And you'll sell your house quickly. This is the wrong way to go. This one's going to be on the market for a very long time unless they take a lowball offer. So I don't know what the seller's thinking. I don't know what the listing agent's thinking, but this one should never have been listed at 1. 5 and it certainly shouldn't be at 1.

38. It should be at least 1. 1. I think he's cheating out on a lot of stuff, so that's just me. Highs and lows. Let's take a really quick look we had 137 closes so far in the last seven days, which is down by one from last week. $8 million is the highest. 755 or close to 800,000 is the lowest, highest list.

The price-to-sales price ratio is 155 over the list price starting off at 550, 000 lowest list price of the sales price is 80 percent, and then the highest days on the market is 181. We're averaging for the higher-end homes, it's about six months, six and a half months. And again, lowest, that seems to be a consistent lowest day on the market.

Santa Clara County High's and Low's

The highest for sale right now is 17, 950. This one was the hotel that they were trying to pass off as a single-family home. And the lowest list price is now 555. This one sold. Actives. We have 782. Remember we need about 1900 to 2000 to make it a good balance market, not even a buyer's market, but a balanced market supply is driving sales right now.

And price reductions. This is the highest sold price in Santa Clara County and it's in Los Altos Hills. So for. 8 million, five bedrooms, four and a half baths for 4, 500 square feet, 1.2 acres sold in six days. That's gorgeous too. Nice view. Amazing view. Great photography. Right there. You have a dining room that looks into a mountain or into a hill. That's your view there. I don't know. I probably dig it out and put a water feature or something, or I don't know. For 8 million. You think you'd buy something, make something out of that.

The lowest sold price is this shack right here in downtown San Jose. This is 

So that sounds like a state that Santa Clara Street. That's the market. So it's right there. This creek is right here. That's where Coyote Creek is. That's where all the homeless hang out. So there you go.

So again, this 1. Sold for 155 over the list price, but it was also the lowest sold price and the lowest list price for a while.

That was quite close in seven days, six days. That's pretty cool. Okay. This is

lowest list price to sales price ratio, 2. 8 to 2. 4. That's 79 percent of the original list price. And you're basically buying a farm. I don't even see the road. It's nice.

Where's the house in Gilroy? This is a beautiful house. I don't know why they would have started with that big hunk of land. Go figure. Yeah, it's a little dated-looking. So that's why it sold for less. It took 118 days. Don't be a market maker, attract the market, right? Okay. This is the highest day on the market.

181 days on the market, four bedrooms, two baths, 1400 square feet built in 1959. And it's right here. 95124. What that's actually, I'm a den area, but they were stubborn and they held up for somebody. Can you wait? Yeah. But how many months, six months you wait for this house to sell to get in a contract on top of another 30 days to 28 days to close. That's really seven months from the time you started to get the price you wanted, right? You got the price you wanted.

And how many months did you have to pay extra for that? It would have been smarter to run that thing up or list it low and sell it quicker. So just my thoughts. Plus you don't want to deal with me for six months. This is

zero days on the market. Can't really even see it. They didn't even tell you what the original list price was going to be because they sold it off the market. I have a problem with houses that are sold off the market. They're not breaking records. So there you go. All right. 

Conclusion: Insights on Senior Living and Real Estate Trends

Today we talked about modifications you can do for your senior, or if you're a senior. Silver Tsunami Wave is a good investment opportunity. If you're into building senior communities, Willow Glen House of the Week lists price reductions and highs and lows of Silicon Valley.

I'm Vito with Abitano. Hope you appreciate this. We'll see you out there.

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