Did You Inherit a House?|Mistakes to Avoid When Decluttering | Housing Snapshot 🦅 🌎 ⚓️ (Mountain View home)



Did You Inherit a House?|Mistakes to Avoid When Decluttering | Housing Snapshot 🦅 🌎 ⚓️  (Mountain View home)  

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The Art of Decluttering: Avoid These Mistakes

6 Imperative Mistakes to Avoid When Decluttering Your Home

Six imperative mistakes to avoid when decluttering your house. Start that over again. Six imperative mistakes to avoid when decluttering your home. You could tell that a bot wrote that.

Goodness gracious. 

Insights on Bot Writing and Content Creation

I've been doing a lot of bot work. And what I notice is that. They tend to use a lot of structural adverbs to describe things, and they're just really heady at the most part, at the very least. So you have to go back, and what I'm telling my people is I have to go back and humanize it, whatever copy that I use.

Inheriting a House: What You Need to Know

So anyway, what you should know if you inherit a house. It's happening a lot more these days, and we talk about it all the time. Wednesday's distress sale of the week or REO of the week homes for sale near Apple Mountain View home of the week and the snapshots. Okay. 

Decluttering Strategies and Tips

Six imperative mistakes to avoid when decluttering your home or just decluttering your home.

Think of six things to look out for. Guilty laziness and procrastination are the number one reasons why houses. Or rooms like my daughter's rooms don't get clean. They're my daughter's rooms are both filthy and they complain about spiders. And here's my key to that. I just sent him a little thing. I should go find it real quick.

When you have a dirty room, it elicits a lot more dust and dust. Dust attracts dust mites and dust mites attract spiders. So if you don't want spiders crawling around in your bed and biting you clean your room, and get it dusted. So there you go. Anyway, that's the number one thing. Procrastination. A lot of it is not having a plan.

The plan is not to tackle too much at one time. And that's the This is what I tell people when I'm, when I sell their houses, I get them house, their house ready to do. They do a lot of the packing themselves and I say, do one room a day. That's it. One room. Go to this room. It would take me about an hour to clean everything out, throw everything into boxes, and separate them into categories.

Having the organization plan the next day, I would do the living room and then the bedroom and the bathroom and a kitchen, et cetera. And that before you know it, 10 days later, you're done packing up your house and you're, it looks very decluttered or stress-free. Not having an organization plan. Now, a lot of the videos that I do talk about getting your house ready to sell.

It's also a mindset of living clean, If you look at my house, my, my thing over here, I have a lot of little projects that I'm working on that's not really living cleanly, right? It's not, it's, I don't have a plan to keep this up. I have a plan to restructure this room. I just have other things going on right now, so I'll get to it.

Donating and Recycling: A Guide to Letting Go

And when I do it, I'll have a video about it, but create a plan once a day, have a plan to donate Throw away give away, and keep, right? Have multiple piles of things that you just don't use. Like we had a trampoline three or four years ago. We gave it to our neighbors who have five kids.

They loved it. They use the hell out of it. And then the last wind storm, it broke. So they got to get rid of it. But you know what? My kids weren't using it. It was two or 300 bucks and we sent it over. Next door and they loved it. They loved enjoying it. So you, if you have something, whatever it might be, you're not using it, give it to somebody that might use it, and then whatever else that's junky, get rid of.

Like I have keyboards that were made in the 1980s. Right there in my pile. And by the way, we have an e-waste pickup thing coming around in San Jose. So you can absolutely do that. 

Emotional Aspects of Decluttering

If you want more information, I'll have that in my blog, letting emotions do the talking. Now I get it. I'm sentimental. I have.

A lot of stuff that reminds me of my kids, and my dogs, and I love them dearly. And when I move, those are the things that I'm taking with me, period. I don't care about the couch or the ottoman or this desk, I like the desk, but I just don't care. I'm probably going to leave it here for the seller and they can get rid of it or I'm just going to donate it.

I'm not the garage sale kind of guy. I have garage sale signs for my clients because sometimes they want to do it, but I just, don't. bother with them because they're things and I'd rather just get rid of them. I have a use for them. Once I'm done using it, they're gone. Getting rid of things.

Absolutely. I don't know if you've looked in your garage lately, but every time I look at my garage, I have cardboard boxes from Amazon and soda cans and beer can boxes. And I have equipment that exercise equipment that hasn't been used since we opened back up. Just stuff could really get gone, right?

There's a utility to it, but if you haven't used something in over a year, you probably don't need it. Let's put it that way. 

Routine Maintenance and Decluttering

And then don't wait too long to do it again. Have a routine of doing it every six months, like your maintenance thing, redoing your HVAC dust collector filter, and changing out your dryer vent, not the vent cleaning it out when you're cleaning your dryer vent, but the Vent behind it that goes to the outside that needs to be cleaned every six months, or it's a fire hazard.

And then, there's the water heater, anode rod, there's all sorts of little unique things about being a homeowner that has to go into a maintenance thing. So if you want, I can create a checklist and that's, it's actually a great idea. So I'll do that. So there'll be a checklist down below. Make sure you grab it.


What Should You Know If You Inherit a House?

Navigating Inheritance: Legal and Emotional Considerations

What should you do if you inherit a house, and your parents pass away? I apologize. I'm sorry for the, my condolences. However, part of life is the Hakuna Matata. Wow. Look at that. Hakuna Matata. I don't want to sound unemotional about it, but at the time that I get engaged, I have to be more businesslike and logical.

There are a lot of things to consider when you do it, you have to figure out who's on the trust or the will. If there's no will or trust, it has to go through probate and elicit. You have to hire a lawyer to make sure that gets handled correctly. You want to talk to your tax people.

You want to talk to the trust, read through the trust, and find out who the trustee is, right? Find out who the mortgagor is and let them know that your parents passed on they're gonna ask for death certificates, etc And they're going to give you a payoff amount and instructions depending on the kind of loan It is if it's a reverse mortgage or a standard mortgage or just a HELOC There's a lot of different ways that banks deal with it.

So you have to figure out what they want Did you inherit a house with your siblings? Now, technically if it's in probate, it gets issued equally out after probate fees and court costs. If you have a trust, then you listen to what the trust says. And if it's 33 or equal amounts, that's great. Or if Joe gets 50 percent and the rest of the siblings get an even amount, that's fine too, however, it says in the trust and do you know that trusts are negotiable, not negotiable, but.

up for litigation too. So there's no real way out of that, but have a plan, discuss it with your siblings, let them know what the plan is, and discuss it. In California, you're allowed to move into your parent's house and keep their tax basis. Otherwise, you lose that tax basis. So that's one reason why you might want to do it.

Now, if it's an older house, there's loopholes and plans around how to figure that out. Again, those are discussions you want to have with trust lawyers or family lawyers. But can you move into it? Is there a benefit to you to move into it? What if there are five siblings and only one person moves into it?

How's that going to be handled? Who's going to pay who? Etc. There are other things here to know about your tax laws. Every jurisdiction has specific tax laws as to how inheritance works. Inheritance works. There's local San Jose. County, not so much, but the state has California has some serious laws about how inheritances are handled as well as federal.

So make sure you understand that. Get with a tax professional and get that. Talk to professionals for advice. Don't talk to your aunt Sally. Oh, this is how we handled it. It's two totally different trusts or two different. situations. Every situation is different. Every probate will or trust is always different.

So I always say, let's go sit down with a tax lawyer. Let's go talk to a trust lawyer and let's sit down with a tax accountant so they can tell you exactly what the options are and you can make a better decision. And the last one is, Oh, have one person as the trustee. I see it quite often. One person is the trustee of your estate.

If you have two people, guess what's gonna happen? Fighting, lying, screaming, lawsuits. You don't want that. You don't want that. You want it to be as easy as possible. I'm going through that right now with one person who put both siblings in the trust as trustees. And guess where we are a year and a half later, nowhere, because she said, he said, she said, and all this other stuff happens.

And then my last advice is to figure out what you want to do with personal property. If you have a house full of tchotchkes and memorabilia, and all the siblings and family members, extended family members come through and say, Hey, I would like to take a look at some stuff. I was really interested in this little tiny, Curio, what have you?

Great. You need to be here by X date, or it all goes to Goodwill, or it goes to the dump or it goes to wherever, however, you're going to do it and be very specific about it because you can't wait for somebody to wait around and decide what they're going to do with one specific thing. It holds up the entire process.

So again, when I get into it and help my people my, my clients deal with. removing everything. It's very logical. So I lose the emotional part. I have to. So that's where it is. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. 

Homes for sale near Apple

Real Estate Highlights: Bank Owned, Apple, and Mountain View Homes

Today's bank-owned property of the week is this little guy right here.

And the reason why I picked it out is because it's so fricking cheap. It's 160, 000. I can guarantee you that this is going to go into a bit. It's three bedrooms, two bath, 1400 square feet. There are only two pictures on it. There are still tenants living in the property and it's in the fine town of Modesto.

Let's take a look at it. So what we have right here, far enough away from downtown that you're semi-safe, but it's central Valley live in, but there's some affordable property here. I'm guessing it'll go up to three or 400, 000. Okay. This one right here is The Apple House of the Week. I say the Apple house.

This is near Apple corporation or Apple headquarters by the space center or the space saucer. Let's just see where it is. This is

the closest one.

Is that right? Yeah, this is the Apple one.

Let's take a quick look here. I lost my, I want to, Oh, there it is. There's the Apple campus right there. So you can actually walk to Apple from this house. It is a three-bedroom, two-bath, 1300 square foot built in 1957 for the mere price of 1. 99 million standard ranch house updated with new flooring, and love it.

We're not going to be able to see the pictures, but that's okay. It's been on the market for zero days. It's a great price. And the reason why I brought this one up is because it's so close. It's the closest listing near. Apple. And it's a great price for being an Apple. I can guarantee you that this one's going to sell pretty quick and for a lot more.

Here's a new listing in Mountain View. Again, these are not my listings. The reason why I brought this one up is because it looks really brand new inside, even though it was built in 1988. Oh, we're in Mountain View. It's right by the shoreline. So you're near all the high-tech. I think Google's like actually Google's over here.

But you're close to Moffitt. Middlefield and where is Castro Street? So look, you can actually walk down to Castro street and go in there tomorrow for lunch. It's a great little place. So this is a nice place. It's nice and centrally located. It's a great little place. And yeah, obviously we don't have pictures.


So there you go. 

REO of the Week

Market Snapshot: Inventory Insights

And let's talk about the snapshot of 40 days on the market, Santa Clara County. We have 57 houses, single-family houses for sale. Have been on the market for over 40 days. And of those 28 of them have been on the market for over 90 days in the air. In the Bay area, we have 61 homes for sale that are bank-owned properties.

And in all of California, we can track 146 currently for sale, and 333 homes for sale. Remember I told you we need to be about 900 to a thousand to be a balanced market. We're in the middle of March and we're still very low on inventory. It's the same thing here. This needs to be about 16, 1700, 2000 is even better for all of Santa Clara County and we're just nowhere near where we need to be.

We're selling houses, but they're not at the same clip of where we were. Two years ago, specifically, that was the peak of the market, but now we're just seeing what houses do come up as long as they're priced right and positioned right and in decent condition and in a decent location. They separate pretty quick and it doesn't matter what the condition is.

So what I actually tell people is you have the option of making more money, but you can also sell the house as is. You're not going to get a premium price. You have to invest money into your house to make, and get that premium price. And then on top of that, you have three, four, two, two, three, four months of waiting for your house to get ready for sale because you have to have contractors come in.

There are delays. It's Oh, there's a can of worms here and blah, blah, blah. So absolutely. I'm happy to do that. I'm happy to bring in contractors and manage the whole process for you if you want to do it and spend that extra money for maybe a little bit more money, does it work? It absolutely does.

But if you're hell-bent on getting a premium price, that's the journey that we're going on. If you've helped, if you're like, Hey, I just want to sell the house as is that's fine. Great. Let's do a couple of repairs here, and make sure the smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and hot water heater are strapped up.

Let's go. So there's, I give you options walk you through it and it should never be something where I, you feel like I'm trying to pressure you into that. Okay. 

Conclusion and Farewell

Today we talked about decluttering inherited homes, REO house of the week, Apple house of the week, Mountain View house of the week, and the snapshot of San Jose and Silicon Valley, where we are as far as inventory is concerned.

I'm Vito with Abitano. It is Wednesday, March 20th. Hope you have a fantastic day. We'll see you out there.

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