🔴[LIVE] Tuesday Hi Lo Happy Valentines Day


🔴[LIVE] Tuesday Hi Lo Happy Valentines Day





Happy Valentines day, 🔴[LIVE] Tuesday Hi Lo Tuesdays are fun because we get to see last weeks Highs and Lows of Santa Clara Home Sales.  

Let's take a look! 

  Good morning. Happy Valentine's Day Tuesday. I don't have to tell you what time it is, but it is nine o'clock. What day it is, but it is nine o'clock. Sorry, I look like I just came back from the gym, but I just came back from the. Crazy week. Been busier than ever. I don't think I've had a day off and I don't know how long, but last week I went back to the gym and as I was getting out of the truck, my, my back, I had this, the sacrum in my lower lumber was tweaked out.

and my lower back was just jacked up for two, three weeks and I was like limping around like a 80 year old man. And last week I popped outta my truck and it just, a knuckle, like when you pop a knuckle and it was like, oh, and my I could actually I started dancing like Pinocchio, , Pinocchio, right?

But I felt so much better, and ever since then, I've just been so grateful. I just want to put that out to the universe and say thank you. Oh. So happy. This week we have highs and lows and I love doing highs and lows because it's so exciting to see what, what's selling out there. And when you have a bunch of houses selling, you get all dull and doldrum and looking at the numbers, it's okay, So we're gonna do highs and lows real quick, but what I want to talk to you yesterday, y about real quick is a news piece about Yahoo and why it's important.

Let's take a look real quick. Here's the highs and lows, but we're gonna go to this real quick. Talking about Yahoo. Laying off 20% of its stuff, not because it's doing poorly, it's because they're changing directions, they're pivot. It's not a bad thing, right? Sometimes when you go up against the giant, you have to pick and cut and throw that accent to the, into the giant's leg a few times here, and then you have to run over here and pivot and tr and chop it down here, right?

And the big giant is Google. Google is just, and it's amazing ad platform, right? Yahoo, Google, you name it. But what they're not talking about in this article is TikTok. TikTok is taking everybody's lunch, Facebook, Instagram, Google. So much easier to work with. They deliver on what they're doing. And it's cost effective if you're an advertising.

No, I come from advertising, right? I used to sell advertising. I never did the backend stuff. But I can tell you that Google took everybody's lunch for decades. . And then Facebook is a short, is a very tight second. And then there's a bunch of lawsuits saying, you can't do that. You can't do this. And then na, na, na.

It made it really difficult. Not for Facebook. Facebook wanted to make it easy, but because there were lawsuits, , it made it more difficult and more expensive, and now it's neck and neck. And when you have three players in the game, which is Yahoo, they're like, you know what? Let's do something else. Let's go to an aggregator program where, you go to a different site.

Any other site like cnn? CNN has their own ads, but you go to pretty much any other site and little things underneath, the little clickbait thing stuff. They're working with Tabula, which is a third party aggregator site, and they're gonna serve ads on Yahoo. Totally makes sense. Why pay people 150, 200, $300,000 on top?

And by that number I'm talking about 14. How many people, 1600 people? You do the math. If it's not paying off, why? Why keep them around. And you know what? I used to be one of those guys, right? I used to be an ad sales guy. I used to be one of those 1600, not in Yahoo. I work for Business to business publishing.

I totally understand it. That said, layoffs mean there's gonna be people needing to sell houses, right? That's just a typical thing. Those people will be absorbed into. I don't know, like Google or TikTok or other places, they'll go back to agency. They'll go, there's a thousand different things that they can do.

So I'm not too worried about 'em yet. It's temporary setback. But like all these layoff news reports, they're just salacious clicky. They're designed to make you click and go, oh, no, the market the sky's gonna fall. Chicken little's going, oh no, the sky's.  and that could very possibly be right.

I'm not here to tell you yes or no, but enough said on that. Okay. Today's highs and lows highest sales price in Santa Clara County. These are all single family homes, right? Santa Clara County, single family residents closes. There were 58 of them last week, so the numbers are gaining steam, right? I got rid of last year's cuz we're just starting a.

And I figured, let's do it. Make it quick. Paramount core and Saratoga. This is a gorgeous home. Look at this. That is palatial. Look at that. I would love to live there.

I think that's the house right there. Look at that fuse, that valley. It's beautiful home. I'm in love. I would move there in a. I showed a house like this in Hollister , and it was 1.7 , not as Fal, it was more farm land. But this is gorgeous. Holy moly. Look at that library. Oh, guys, everything about this kitchen.

I know everybody's the cool thing is grays and whites and muted tones and blah, blah, blah. Look at this. This is country. Sheik. Gorgeous. And yeah, the stones are a little bit old, but you know my opinion on granite, right? I love granite over quartz any day. That is a beautiful kitchen to me.

And I have a white kitchen with a tope gray tope bottom cabinets and I have they're nice, but look at that. That is just

gorgeous. Tray ceiling, sunken tub. Did I just see a sauna? Oh, I wouldn't pay 8 million for a sauna, but maybe. Maybe. All that wine comes with it too. Guys. That is gorgeous. Started at 9.4, sold for 8.5, right? Let's it on the market three quarters of a year, nine. . All right, next one. This is the lowest. The lowest is Humboldt, so for 6 4, 6 64, which means that, look, houses are still selling, right?

Nine days on market, listed at 700. This is, where is this? This is South San Jose, south of downtown. It's a very good, hardworking neighborhood, right? Humboldt. Little older craftsman style. It's more bungalow, not in the best shape, but that's what you can get for $665,000 in San Jose. Look at that.

Look at that. That is a flipper's dream.

All right, it was on market nine days. Two bedroom, one bath, 1300 square feet, and it is 103 years old. God bless its little soul. Highest list price to sales price ratio on LaMer Avenue at sold for 2 million 133% over 134% over list price listed at 1.5. So for 2 million n. 1500 square foot standard.

Three bedroom, one and a half bath. That's what this means, built in 1953. It's 70 years old on LaMer, which is, it's not a busy street. It's a filter street. I used to live little fat little factoid. Veto. I lived right here on Mary Anway, this house. Was it this one? Yep. And it actually had a pool, that whole green area right there used to be a pool

That's very funny. Okay. Enough of that 2 million. Crazy. But that's Campbell for you again? 134 th $500,000 over list. . You don't get that a lot, but you know when you sell it, you know what the comps are. Why waste time and try to get more money and just say that the money's, the house is worth 2.4 million.

You're not gonna get that house sold at $2.4 million. You're the seller. You set the list price. You let briers come in and determine the final sales price. , right? It doesn't matter what you listed at, when the market comes in all day long, you can have 15 offers. That's the number. That's where the market belongs, right?

It's gonna happen. Case in point. This one right here, Mount Hamilton Road, right? The comps are urban, which means you have to go five to 10 miles out. And when you look at the map on this one, it means it's, you need to go way out to get to civilization, right? Not that it's very far out. This road takes you up to the, to

the telescope, right? And during the winter that's closed. But when you're that far out, . People aren't willing to spend that much money, especially if you're like over here by the country club and these house use these houses as comps, and over here it is more urban. You have to be a little bit more careful about pricing, right?

So it's on market. Two days you're like, holy crap, let's do it. Let's just take it. Let's just take it and run. , I don't know if you saw this or not. Central vacuum system for the entire house. I sent out a picture, a post on Facebook a couple days ago saying, are central vacuums a thing? Is it something that people would really use as a buying key?

Oh, I need to have a house with central Val vacuum in it, and one person out of a couple hundred said, yeah, that's nice. So when you're selling houses, you have to know what people are looking for, right? What people are tending to look for are the grays, the neutrals, et cetera. Unless it's a gorgeous mansion, palatial home, and it has its own style.

That was the house that we saw beginning. It was more palatial, where this one is more. , it's custom, right? This is a beautiful house. I'm not really a big fan of that, but you have acreage, you have, you're out in the country. You're septic maybe propane, right? So you have to understand the living style of that.

You have to figure out how to get internet.

And like the cabinets are older. These are dated. Some stuff is updated. We talked about this last week. These balances need to go, ah, that's a beautiful bar. I love that. But guys, if you're gonna sell a house for 3 million, you need to update and paint and make sure all the, everything looks nice.

This is a good oakwood floor, but it's gonna take a while. And when you don't update and you get it up to here, you're like, oh, let's see what the market will come in at. He comes in at 30% lower than less price. He's still got a good bargain for 2.3. So there you go. All right. What's going on with rates?

We're at 2.54. Come on, God damn right there for a 30 year conventional 6.5 30 year jumbo. And I can tell you right now, any of my lenders will come on and go, I can get you underneath that. No problem. Any day. No problem. Because those are just non quoted rates. They look. Credit history, et cetera. And you can go to PennFA, but I can guarantee you're gonna close on late.

And there's nothing saying that you're not gonna get close to that. With my lenders. My lenders know how to get things done. All right. Let's see.

That's it for now. Happy Valentine's Day. It's we went to the highs and lows. Highs, price, highs and lows. Sales price to list price ratio. Buyers know what they're buying. Buyers know, and they're comparing your house against 15, 20 other houses, the ones that they wanna look at. And if you're overpriced, you're not gonna get a lot of showings.

If you're getting a lot of showings and you're getting low ball offers, that's what the market's telling you, that's all I can tell you. Have a great day. Tomorrow we're gonna be doing 40 days on market, and there was one other thing that I want to talk about. Nope, that's it. Have a great day. 

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