🔴 What Not To Do When Selling Your Home | Formerly homeless veterans in San Jose live in squalor



🔴 What Not To Do When Selling Your Home | Formerly homeless veterans in San Jose live in squalor


In this blog post, we will discuss important tips for selling your house and shed light on the concerning situation of formerly homeless veterans living in squalor in San Jose, California. Additionally, we will explore what you can get for a million dollars in the competitive San Jose real estate market. Finally, we will provide an inventory update to give you an idea of the current housing situation in the area.

Local Market Home Value Report https://hmbt.co/bT7qRJ

Section 1: What Not To Do When Selling Your House

Selling a house can be an overwhelming process, but with the right approach, you can maximize its value and attract potential buyers. Here are some crucial tips on what not to do when selling your house:

1. Don't take your own photos: Hiring a professional photographer is essential to capture the true beauty and unique features of your home. High-quality photos can make a significant difference in attracting buyers and setting your property apart from the competition.

2. Don't neglect your kitchen: Depending on the condition of your house, you can choose between three approaches: selling it as-is, making minor upgrades, or completely renovating it. Neglecting the kitchen, one of the most important areas of a home, may deter potential buyers. Consider investing in upgrading your kitchen to make it more appealing and valuable.

3. Emphasize the space and function: Every room in your house serves a purpose, and it's essential to highlight the value and potential of each space. Proper staging can go a long way in showcasing the functionality and versatility of different rooms.

4. Highlight your selling points: Identify the unique features of your house and develop a strategy to promote them to potential buyers. Understanding your target audience and their preferences will help you tailor your marketing efforts and emphasize the aspects that will resonate with them.

5. Don't overlook the importance of photography: Great photography is crucial in marketing your home effectively. Working with a professional photographer who has experience in real estate can ensure that your house is showcased in the best possible light.

6. Avoid showcasing your bathrooms: Unless your bathroom is exceptionally luxurious and newly renovated, it may not be necessary to focus on it in your marketing materials. Instead, prioritize highlighting other areas of your home that will have a stronger impact on potential buyers.

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7. Don't forget outdoor spaces: If your property has appealing outdoor spaces, such as a pool, pergola, or barbecue area, make sure to showcase them. These features can significantly increase the desirability of your home and attract buyers looking for outdoor entertainment options.

8. Avoid displaying holiday pictures: When listing your house, it's best to present it as a blank canvas. Avoid displaying holiday decorations or personalized items that may distract potential buyers from envisioning themselves in the space.

9. Keep pets out of sight: While pets are beloved members of our families, it's best to keep them out of sight during showings and photo shoots. Not all buyers are pet-friendly, and some may be sensitive to smells associated with pets.


Section 2: Formerly Homeless Veterans Living in Squalor

Formerly homeless veterans in San Jose live in squalor

Our focus now shifts to a pressing issue faced by formerly homeless veterans living in squalor in San Jose. These veterans deserve better living conditions and a safe environment. One such case is a property owned by San Jose and managed by Santa Clara County. Unfortunately, the property is in a state of disrepair, posing hazards to the health and well-being of its residents.

It is essential that we raise awareness and advocate for improved living conditions for these veterans. By reaching out to your local council members and county representatives, you can help bring attention to this issue and ensure that these veterans receive the support they need.


Section 3: What You Can Get for a Million Dollars in San Jose

What you get for $1MM Santa Clara County https://search.mlslistings.com/Matrix/Public/Portal.aspx?ID=0-994593336-00&agt=1&L=1

San Jose's real estate market is known for its high prices and high demand. Let's take a look at a property currently on the market for nearly a million dollars to get an idea of what you can expect:


Address: Haga 316, San Jose

Listing Price: Almost $1,000,000

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Square Feet: 1,152

Price Per Square Foot: Approximately $900

This charming house offers three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 1,152 square feet of living space. Despite its age (48 years old), the property has been well-maintained and features recent updates such as new floors, windows, lights, and paint. The kitchen maintains a classic style with natural wood finishes and granite countertops.

Five Biggest Buyer Turn-offs

Inventory Watch

It is worth noting that the San Jose market remains highly competitive, with low inventory and high demand. Sellers should be prepared for a potential flood of listings in the spring months, as this is traditionally the peak selling season. Despite the current low inventory, the market is expected to rebound, bringing more options for buyers.



Selling a home successfully requires careful consideration of various factors, including professional photography, property upgrades, and strategic marketing. It is crucial not to overlook the importance of highlighting your home's unique features and appealing to the target buyer.

Additionally, we must address the issue of formerly homeless veterans living in squalor in San Jose. By advocating for improved living conditions for these veterans and urging local officials to take action, we can help provide them with a safe and secure environment.

Lastly, the San Jose real estate market continues to be competitive, with a low inventory of available properties. Buyers and sellers alike should stay informed about market trends and be prepared for potential fluctuations in the number of listings in the coming months.

For more information and to explore the San Jose real estate market in detail, visit our blog at abutano.com.

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Option 1: "🏠 Selling your house? Don't make these common mistakes! Learn what NOT to do when selling your home. Check out this insightful video to avoid costly errors and maximize your selling potential. #RealEstateTips #HomeSellingGuide" Option 2: "🎥 Formerly homeless veterans living in squalor - a heartbreaking reality. Watch this eye-opening video to learn about their living conditions and what you can do to help. Stand with us in supporting our veterans. 💪 #SupportVeterans #HomelessnessAwareness" Option 3: "🌆 Ever wondered what you can get for a million dollars in San Jose? Explore the local real estate market with this fascinating video tour. From cozy bungalows to stunning modern homes, discover the possibilities that await you in the heart of Silicon Valley. #SanJoseRealEstate #MillionDollarHomes" Option 4: "📈 San Jose housing inventory update: The market remains competitive! Discover the latest insights and trends in the local real estate scene. Whether you're buying or selling, stay informed to make the best decisions for your future. 🏡💼 #RealEstateMarket #HousingTrends"

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What Not to Do When Selling Your House


formerly homeless veterans living in Squalor


What You Get for a Million Dollars in San Jose


Housing Inventory Update



  Introduction What Not to Do When Selling Your House What not to do when selling your house. Also formerly homeless veterans living in squalor. What you get for a million dollars in San Jose. And the housing inventory update. Let's get started. Lots of fun things going on here. Alright, just real quick. I wanted to show you this. What not to do when selling your house. Yeah. Understand that when You buy a house you're looking at a lot of different houses So when I sell a house for somebody when I list a house getting it ready to sell I do a lot of things to get ready. But what's really important is adjusting your mindset to become more of a marketer because what you want is you want to be able to Show your house off better than your competition, right? It makes sense, even though this market is crazy and it's still houses are still selling really quickly, as long as they're positioned right. And priced right. There's some things that you can do to make your house. a little more valuable and more attractive to buyers. And this article is about what not to do when you sell your house. So first of all, don't take your own photos. And I talk about this quite a bit, people, agents use their iPhone, and there's nothing wrong with that. But what you're missing is a lot of different aspects, right? So I actually hire a professional photographer to come in and take high quality photos that really show. Not only brightness, but the depth of each room, their target each room, and they'll actually move stuff around to make it look more attractive and roomier, etc. So I go around with him and help him move stuff around so that it looks better stage and better for the eye of the photographer. When you do it on your iPhone. Again, there's nothing wrong with it, but you're missing out on a lot of stuff and having a second pair of eyeballs to help you take photographs, really help you helps sell the house. So invest in a good photographer. Don't address your kitchen. Now, typically when I come into a house, I go through a different process of you can sell your house as is completely turnkey or completely wholesale. Sorry, as is. As is turnkey or wholesale now wholesale is you've neglected the house or it was a rental and you just don't want to take care of it. It's not been maintained very well. That's as it's that's more like that's more wholesale when I look at that, right? So I talked to investors get an idea what they're willing to pay and then we put it on the market. Typically we get more, but we're not going to get. We're not going to get a premium price for a house that's been neglected, just not. Okay. And then there's the lived in house. That's really as is and that's when you live in a house and over time You were there for 20 25 years and you've done certain upgrades, but you haven't really made it look like a model home That's as is again. You're not going to get premium pricing. You're gonna get great pricing, but you're not going to get model home pricing. And then the turnkey is the model home where we take apart your kitchen and bathroom and floors and paint it right and make it look like a brand new model home. And a lot of times people don't want to do that because there's cost, time, energy, and a lot of dust that's going on in a house. and people typically live there. So I give the options. We have a project manager. We have contractors on staff. We can absolutely do that. But if your house is sitting there and it hasn't been touched up or cleaned up, especially your kitchen, your bathrooms, you can dress it up, make it look decent, but don't really mention it in your marketing. So you can take photos of it because you have to show the kitchen, but there's certain ways for us to dial that in. Don't emphasize the space and function, not the other way around. So again, every room has a purpose, right? It could be a hobby room. It could be an office like this. This is technically a bedroom, but it's downstairs. What you want to do is emphasize and show the value of what each room can do. So you have a family room or not, or you have a living room, you have a kitchen or not, and you want to dress it up. So it shows. What that function is for that room. A lot of people just let it be right. So when I come through and list a house for sale, I either bring in my stagers because it's completely empty, or I can bring in partial staging, get rid of old furniture and properly stage that house so that we can show. What each room has that function for and make it look big and airy. Don't always keep your selling points in mind. Typically we want to have five to six selling points in a house and it's designed to, we create an avatar or your perfect buyer. And we sell to that buyer. Now it could be like an engineer, it could be a family, it could be a couple, it could be a single person, however you want to do it, but we're going to sell to a certain person and we want to develop things that would make them Aha, right and a lot of times What I see in the marketing is it just goes to a general audience and it doesn't really sell out every little tiny good point of your house. It emphasizes the bad points, not the good point. For example, going back to the whole kitchen thing, I've had people where they remodeled their kitchen back in the eighties and they're like we have to say that we remodel our kitchen. Yeah. No, that was updated in the eighties, not. Remodeled when you say remodeled you want to say that it was updated Or remodeled in the last three years with the current fashions and styles and everything that people are looking for So keep that in mind focus goes back. Don't focus That goes back to photography and videography and the 360 and the drones which we do all do right? I mean I do that with all of my listings But that's the reason why I have a photographer. They have, that's what they do all day long. They go through three, four, five houses every day and take snapshots and they know how to use it. And they have a very expensive camera, very expensive lens, very expensive tripod, and they know what they're doing. So they do the HDR and they do all that stuff. But obviously you want to focus on that. So just keep in mind that if you're going to do photos, make sure that they're focusing on the right part of the rooms. Don't show off your bathrooms. Now, I have a problem with bathrooms. As a matter of fact, when I put listings on the MLS, I don't like to put bathrooms in there because I mean, yeah, unless it's gorgeous and brand spanking new, not going to really emphasize your bathroom, right? Now, if it's brand spanking new and it looks gorgeous, and it's a huge walk in bathroom and ensuite, and it has everything that you want, that people are looking for, absolutely, we're going to do it. But I'm not going to take a picture of the shower and the toilet. Although I like to put the shower and toilets on R E W T F on Facebook, I don't necessarily want to do that in my MLS photos because if it's a standard bathroom, yeah, I mean nobody wants to look at a toilet unless it's already wtf Hang on a sec. Let me see if I can show this to you real quick Yeah, I'm going to open this up real quick so you can see what I'm talking about. For example, this one right here. People share this with me and it's fun to do. Let me open that up for you. That's actually a toilet. So that's the fun stuff that I do when I shoot photos, I like to see stuff like this. And if it's, if there's anything that's quirky about that's what I like to show off. So there you go. Okay. Emphasize, don't emphasize your outdoor space. Now again, if it's completely barren and the landscape is dead, we're not going to take photos of it. We're going to have basic photos of it, but if you have a pergola or a pool or a lounging area or a party area or a barbecue area, absolutely. We're going to take time to emphasize and show off that part of your house, that part of your home, the part of where you're enjoying living, because that's the selling point, right? A lot of people wouldn't ignore that. And for criminy's sake, holiday pictures. Don't put holiday pictures in there. If you're, if you do Christmas, don't do the Christmas trees. I sold a house in December and they had their entire house was completely decked out. In christmas and it was gorgeous. It looked great But I was like you got to put everything in the garage and then we'll take pictures and then we'll you can bring them back Out and they actually did it but the house sold and it sold for a lot of money. So keep holiday pictures out keep people out keep dogs out. We don't as much as I love dogs I don't think selling a dog with a house doesn't really help right? Because if you walk in your house smells like dog, then you're gonna have a problem So there you go. What not to do when selling your house. formerly homeless veterans living in Squalor So the next thing is we're talking about formerly homeless veterans living in Squalor. This segment is brought to you by NOAA. This organization, I do a lot of volunteer work with them. And if you know a veteran that's struggling in any way, you can actually help them. You can take them to this site and they will help get them help. Whether it's mental drug abuse, financial job search, what have you, homelessness, there's programs inside the site that help veterans get. So if you know of that, send them to the site. Formerly homeless veterans. I feel like that was a commercial. Formerly homeless veterans in San Jose lives in squalor. There's this house. That San Jose owns and it's run by the Santa Clara County and it is just in horrible condition right now. I should go do a video walkthrough of this, but it looks like it's eight single story buildings on four and a quarter acres. They bought it a couple last November and Swenson builders, I think it's supposed to be managing this, but understand. This is a tough thing to see, and it's not just because they're veterans, right? Nobody should ever live in a place like this. This is disgusting, and it's hazardous to your health, and it's not helpful. But what's going on is the county's pointing fingers at Swenson's, and Swenson's pointing fingers at San Jose, and all this other stuff, and nothing's getting done, and it's just not a safe place for these veterans to live in. Contact your council member, contact your county reps, and let them know that this isn't cool, okay? These people, they deserve better. They deserve better, they deserve a place to feel safe, and You can't feel safe in a place like this, right? I mean, it's a fire hazard everything So if you're watching this go to my blog you can go to this link inside the blog and then you can make comments there but send your council people council members and send the County rep. I don't know who it is and say that this isn't cool. What You Get for a Million Dollars in San Jose Yeah, there you go Okay, what do you get for a million dollars in san jose now? We have I think 11. I don't know There's more. There's 20 of them, but I wanted to look at Haga 3 1 6. This is not my listing, so please take a look at this. It's a million, almost 1,000,053 bedrooms, two bath, 1,152 square feet. It's like $900 per square foot, which is crazy. I remember five years ago, we were like, holy cow, a thousand dollars a square foot. That's crazy on market. Six days is built is 48 years old. Let's take a look at it. It's a cute little house. Again, don't do the bro box brownie. That's a twilight. I don't think that's a twilight. That's a box brownie. What they do is they overlay in the back a night scene and it makes it look like, I don't like that, but look, see the grass there guys. Yeah. And the funny thing is this house is going to sell. It's going to sell fast because look, it's nice and turnkey. They updated a lot, new floors, new windows, new lights, new paint. Let's take a look at the kitchen. It's almost like they flipped it, so it's an older kitchen, older style, but I like it. I like the natural wood. I like the granite. I'm a granite guy. I am not a big fan of the plastic quartz. Just, I have it in my house and it's okay. I just, I don't feel like it's I, I like this style a little bit better. I'm not big on the dark look. Cause dark makes it look smaller. I have a listing listing appointment last, this last week. And it was original wood and then they put countertops on top and it's black granite, which I love, but the size of that kitchen made it look really small. So we're going to dress it up and camouflage that. I'm not going to go and spend 000 on new counters. So it looks like this whole flipped out. So a new bathroom, so nice looking house, so nice looking house. All right. There you go. That's what you get for a million bucks in San Jose. Here's my blog. It's abutano. com. I'll take you right there. If you have. If you ever want to go search into it, please feel free to do that. I'm having an assistant help me with all this now. Housing Inventory Update And today we're looking at the snapshots of San Jose inventory is still woefully low. If you look, we were an average of 265 last year, and now we're at. That average is still, yeah, we're going to have to change that. So we're still about 160 on average. So we're way off. And I know that's going to pop back up. So don't feel like, Oh my God, the supplies down doing, it's going to pop up. Typically people want to put houses on market in March, April, May. That's when our selling season is. And typically we see. A lot more homes pop on the market then, and then the flood starts and people tend to activate. So it's the same problem all the way down in all the different cities in Santa Clara. If you look over here, Cape Coral is still going higher and higher. They added 150 new listings last week. It's not that houses aren't selling, it's just You know, this is the season for them to sell so you're going to see this number dwindle over time Austin nothing normal out of the normal Nashville a little bit under not super under even las vegas has less houses for sale It's just that's the time for people to not sell so look, Las Vegas has 2, 500. We have 150 houses for sale. Granted, Las Vegas is a little bit larger, and it probably takes on all the outside cities as well, but it's still a lot more houses for sale there and Phoenix and Nashville than it is in San Jose. Even in Knoxville, 690, which is, that's a tiny little town. Go volunteers. But there you go. Conclusion and Sign Off Okay, today we talked about how not to sell your house. Veterans living in squalor, what you get for a million dollars in San Jose and inventory snapshot. All right. I'm Vito with Abitano. Have a great weekend. We'll see you out there. Go Niners.

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