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 Three things you need to do three things. You need to know cut Three things you need to know in silicon valley. Hey, today. We're talking about where you will move when you retire Homes for sale note near the Apple campus, which is just a diversion. That's not one of the three 30-day challenges to emptiness, success, and financial intelligence.

We also have a new video that I want to show off a link is down in below. If you can't actually, I need you to go to the blog to find it. So click over to the blog and then you'll find it. Alright, I'm Vito with Abitano. Today we're talking, let's get to the first one real quick here. We're talking about homes for sale near the Apple campus.

Homes for sale NEAR APPLE CAMPUS 

Just so you have an idea, Apple campus, I'm talking about the spaceship, which is, I think it's like, where is it? It's right here, right? That's where it is. So we can get the satellite image. Yeah, it's a little spaceship Pretty little spaceship. There are 26 total listings, not a whole lot and they range anywhere from 2 million to 6 million dollars for standard ranch houses 1, 800 square foot house guys my house in South San Jose, which is Over here worth 1.

8 over here just because you're close to Apple campus It's worth two to six million dollars now granted this one right here is palatial Six seven six beds seven baths forty-five hundred square feet on a standard lot. So it's a rebuild Little tiny townhouse. It's actually a condominium, but it's a townhouse because you go up and down.

Glentree Court, which is a standard older home, 2. 5. I sold a house down here. Yeah no right, here for 2. 5 last, earlier this year. 2. 2, original condition. We looked at this one, Gascon, actually. Gascon just had the highest sale. Let's take a look. Highs and lows. Gascon Was the highest list price sales price of 128 over the list price right down the street from that listing 3.

45 So there you go. That's a little bit listed 2. 6 I guess they were listed because it went 128 over this one's in pretty decent shape Blaney, which is a busy street 1. a 78 Townhouse. There you go. All right Let's talk about where would you move if you moved out of san jose? Would you move to san diego?

Where will you move when you retire?

This one talks about san diego. The conversation says both are expensive people would rather live in different areas San Diego is cheaper and the traffic is more manageable. Why am I saying, San Diego? To me doesn't really matter to me guys. You have to figure this out on your own, right?
I want you to Explore as an option not saying oh, I'm going to live in my house until I die. That's absolutely feasible, right? There's not I'm not saying not to do that and you should consider that as an option. However, story house and you get older Your hips become a problem. Notice I'm pointing at me.

You might want to move. And in my mind, I want to move out of a high-cost area and live very well on the money that I've made and not have to. Pay towards poor, poorly managed streets and litter everywhere. And it's not that I don't like living in San Jose. I think it's fantastic. I love the people that are here.

The 30-Day Challenge to Empty Nest Success: 

I'm right down the street from my park. I enjoy it, but I need something else. So there you go. All right, that didn't really answer a whole lot this lady right here Emptiness Coach your emptiness coach. com. I don't know. I just found it I thought it would be great to at least talk about these questions that she broke What am I going to do with my life when my child moves out?

This is stuff that I'm looking at in the next couple of years. My girls are juniors at Santa Teresa High and I Have to get that in my mindset, right? Let's see if I can make that bigger And adjust it so you can look at my noggin a little bit. Here we go. What am I going to do with my life? There are other things there you know, sailing and archery and hiking.
I'm going on a hike and Less than an hour right now. There are all sorts of things you need to do. You need to get out there and be physical and you need to get out there and be social. You need to get out there and use your brain. And I can tell you straight up, I have people, I've been studying older people for a while cause I do a lot of work with older people.

And I know it's the ones that are extremely active and very social and open to being cool with other people and just being, there for people. You. You learn to be more social and when you're more social, you tend to want to live longer and feel better about yourself and do more things and just get out there and be social.
So when you see somebody that you tend to want to be with them for longer because you have a friend. It's like the, they say that if you have a pet, you live longer, tend to live longer. I, solely believe that I have I've seen examples of people that just sit there and watch TV all day.

And then they walk around with a cane and feel sorry for themselves versus people that just get out there and move. And yes, your body will. Eventually, give out but you know do the best you can and that's what I'm I know I keep on talking about fit Fitness, and flexibility after your 50s because it's very important.

It's very important And I don't want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I just want to be flexible so that my hips don't hurt. That's my goal so I go out and hike, I go out and exercise and I'm social with other people with dogs and, go to the beach and I'm trying just to get out there and move my body because things in motion tend to stay in motion.

Not to show who I am outside of my roles as a partner. You need to go explore that, right? And like I was, I went with a guy I've known since seventh grade. Kennedy junior high. He and I went to the beach the other day and we were just talking and he's Hey, I'm going on a sailing trip. I'm like, put me on the list.

I want to go. I'm not the best sailor in the world. I get seasick, but you know what? I'm going to try it. Keep trying it. Go golfing and go shoot archery and what have you. Extra time. There's a lot of stuff you can do with extra time. You can read a book, you can get smarter, you can go back to school.

My partner and I get along. That's a big choice. That's a big conflict, right? You can't be afraid of change. You are going to be okay. I'll tell you that straight up. You will be okay. And let me tell you, if you believe you'll be okay, you'll be okay. If you're fearful and you go into life with fear and apprehension and anxiety, that's what you will deliver yourself.

So I think you'll be okay and I believe you will be okay How do I find friends in the empty nest years? There are a ton of groups out there. There are social groups. There are online groups. There are churches. There are Meetups there are all sorts of different things that you can do To expand your life when you're a parent your whole life is or should be focused on your children Enjoying the memories and creating those memories with your children we went and saw beetle juice.

It's a great show. I thought it was okay funny a little bit off Color and different examples timely, but we created great memories, right? I'm going to find other people that will have great memories to do, right? My kids will go out and become their own adults and have their own lives. My child, my son, who turns 21 in two months, three months, he's out there struggling through life right now.

He's becoming his own person. And that's what it's all about. Finding, new things while my child is moving on. My parents are needing me more and I don't know if I feel good about this. You know what? That's part of life. Be there for them, be their mentor, be there. Now it's time to be their friend.

You can guide them and have fun with them and invite them, but you're in their looking glass, right? they're creating their own lives and that's a sad part of life, but you'll move on and You'll enjoy it. So

Yep, there you go All right. Enjoy the next chapter of your life. If you want to learn more about EmptyNest, youremptynestcoach. com. Please feel free to jump over. I don't know her. She doesn't know me. I just found it. I thought that was a fantastic blog for you to choose and look at. All right. One last thing.

Financial Intelligence

Financial Intelligence Wednesday, financial intelligence. We talk about financial intelligence once a week. We interview other service people in the world. Insurance, doctors, lawyers, and people that do services for other people to learn about the ins and outs of their profession. So you can go into if you ever need to talk to a doctor about what questions you should ask and what you shouldn't ask psychologists.
We'll be going off and if you have. A service that you offer. Please let us know. I'm happy to interview you. It's 15 to 20 minutes. We go and it's more conversational. I have a list of questions, but I don't ask the questions. We're having a conversation and that's really what it is. And my intention in financial intelligence is to help people understand how to live their life better.

Right financially how to be more aware of different things how to avoid scams those types of things So right there the link is right there. Please sign up to get mailings or emails We don't call you and harass you or sell you anything. It's more for my edification, more for me becoming more aware and abundant in my life, financially.

Santa Clara County Housing Slowing 

That's what it's about. Santa Clara housing is slowing. It's absolutely true. Take a look. We're down to 65 closes last week. Last week, last year, 72. But we see that already coming, right? We already see... Where are the numbers and it's all because of inventory, What we're going to talk about tomorrow, inventory is down to about 60, 70, 65 to 70% of what we've been at last year.

There you go over a bit, bring that in there a little bit. There you go. See, it's all about production value, but there's this, chart right here. This is July numbers. I don't know how to explain it other than Low supply demand staying the same or is still greater than the inventory that's out there now Hold on a second veto.

There are still 351 houses on the market Yeah, there are still houses that sit on the market for way over 40 and 90 days because people still have the mindset that this is April 2022 and the values of houses have gone down dramatically have gone up again because we went through a correction. We went through a contraction and now we're back.

Look, the numbers are showing you the average sales price today is 1. 7, 1. 8. In in, in, Santa Clara County or San Jose proper, right? The average price compared to last year. We're still down about a hundred thousand on top of the market. Delta was 200. So we're catching up. We're coming right back. A hundred thousand dollars is far better than two in Blossom Valley.

We lost 250, 000 on average from April to August ish. April, August, September, and October timeframe. So we're coming back. Values are coming back. Houses are flying off the market faster, even though you look at days on the market last year, days on the market this time last year, and 24 days on the market. Now we're at 16 average was 21 because, over the last year, this year to date is 21 days.

Our numbers are shrinking. Considerably faster. There are still houses for sale that are on the market for over 40 days, 400, almost 500. Now the numbers are changed. Absolutely. I changed it up because remember I'm doing the 10, the Bay Area reports, these 10 counties, I wasn't doing that over here. So I thought I'd change it up.
So I went and added the 10 counties. Which excluded Monterey County. So if you ever want to know I'm happy to show you these numbers in real-time 495 in the 10 counties that we have it's not even less than 2 million anymore

495 houses on the market over 40 days. What does that mean? Let's take a look Let's take a quick look at what that means real quick. See

90 days results A lot of them are really expensive some, really expensive houses stay on the market a long time. I used to do two million dollars less but you know what? You need to have a better snapshot of what's going on here, right? So we're getting into it. I would say

107 out of 190 days on the market. There you go, right? So roughly half of them are super expensive houses. Not everybody can afford that. These houses, right? A lot of these, let's take a quick look. Paso Benito Lane, 1. 77, 518 days on market, Aptos. Let's take a quick look at that one. That thing's gorgeous, but it's up in the hills, right?

You're not really... Ooh, I wonder if that comes with it.

This is the 70s built? Yeah, 73. I can tell by the structure. Yeah. Two acres, 3, 200 square feet. The big house might not be worth 1. 7, originally it was 2. 16, but now it's there. Why? Because you're up in the hills. You're probably taking numbers from over here, which houses down here will sell for a whole lot more here. Plus it's gargantuan, not like gargantuan mansion style, but compared to what everybody else is looking at.

It's pretty big. Let's take a look at Belito Drive. 139 days on the market.
So this is 96 off of East Main. Oh,

is that right? Yeah. I sold this house right here earlier this year. This house is on the market again after,

yeah, they pulled it off the market. And they put it back on the market. It looks like, yeah. So the thing is, this is 96 styling, not updated. It might be semi updated just this yellow wood. I love the granite. I'm a granite guy, right? So anyway, let's get back to this. Houses on the market, over time.

Willow Glen's 5 Most Expensive Houses

 There are Willow Glen's five most expensive houses. Did this last year. Love for you to check it out. Just put it on the YouTube channel. I lost it for a bit because you see it's 2022 and then I put it back on. I know the guy put it Cardiff, which is in Campbell's don't bust my chops about that. But there you go. Love for you to see it. I'm Vito with Abitano. Hope these are helpful. If you have any other questions, please let me know and help.
I'm eager to help inform people about this. My comments and thoughts about the real estate market. I'm butyl with albatano. We'll see you out there. Have a great weekend wait, I'll see you tomorrow on Thursday. We'll talk about inventory watch 

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