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 Good morning. Thursday. It is Thursday. Can you believe it? This week just flew by, by the way, it was my birthday yesterday and I turned 55 and now I qualify for proposition 19 and we'll talk more about that in the coming weeks. So I hope you're interested in learning more about that and my experiences through that.

Today we have three things you need to know about living in Silicon Valley. Humble pie, beautiful days coming up. But best places to retire. We're looking at Portugal today. What you get for a million dollars and a map tour of Willow Glen. Let's get moving.

Inventory Impact

Here we go. Yeah. Let me get this right there. There we go. All right. First things. Let's take a look. Impact of real estate. I think it's very telling when you look at the numbers and how low they really are now, 276 or 357 single-family houses in San Jose. It's just not enough. It's not enough. No matter what this is, this chart you see right here is Santa Clara County over the last decade.
And we're still tremendously low. These numbers have actually dwindled over time, even though it looks like we went up higher last week. The last, sorry, the last couple of months have been dwindling a little bit more. Actually, it's about the same, so not a whole lot changed there, but that's just San Jose.

Cupertino's relatively low. Las Gatos popped up with 72. Saratoga is still at 23, 20, just one more. But Mountain View only has 14. That's 0. 17 houses available per thousand people. These numbers are that's why the numbers are so crazy expensive, right? Cupertino, right there, 20 houses for sale.

Crazy. And it's the same thing across the United States, right? Gilroy, San Martin. We only have four in San Martin, but it's a small town. Cape Coral, 4, 700. That number's come up quite considerably, but that's last year, same time last year, we had 2200. So why are there so many houses for sale there? Empty nesters.

But also Hurricane Ian is still affecting those homes. So people are just leaving Cape Coral and droves. It's the same in Tampa, just north of Cape Coral. Austin, we're hovering around 3, 000. That number's come up just a tad bit over the last year. L. A. continues to go up, but not drastically up.

Same thing with all these other places. Phoenix went up a little bit. But Phoenix last year had 37, 38 houses, and 100 houses. Those numbers are coming down over the year. Same thing with Vegas. Last year, we had a surplus of inventory. Now we're coming back down. Knoxville, 665. Jacksonville, 1600. They lost five or actually sold five listings last month, last week. And Chattanooga went up by three. All right. So inventory is being impacted, but.

Not drastically. The only thing is that there's not a ton except for certain places like Cape Coral.

The Best Places to Retire in Portugal

Let's talk about Portugal. Did you know that there's something called a Golden Visa? And you can have it in Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, and U. S. And I just looked inside of this. This is something brand new to me. This allows you to trek through the states, and through the countries in Europe if it's something you want to do.

If you want to call Portugal your home temporarily you can get a golden visa for two years and then ask for a residency permit and then become a dual citizen in Portugal if you want. Now it requires 250, 000 euro investment. What does that mean? That means you have to buy a piece of property. You have to invest in a business.

You can buy commercial real estate. You can buy into a REIT. You can buy into all sorts of different things. Oh wait, That adds value to Portugal. If you invest in Portugal, they'll let you invest in you, them. They'll allow you to live there. I think it's the same thing everywhere.

But look, you can Travel all throughout Europe. Pretty amazing. Pretty amazing. And there's a lady. I follow her name's Kristen and she does these videos and she goes all over the world. Pretty amazing. When you think about it all over the world, she travels all over the world, talks about pros and cons, different little things about it, and is pretty amazing.

Makes you really want to just travel, check out different things. And what I plan on doing when the girls are in college is actually living in different places across the world for four or five, six months at a time, and just checking things out and traveling. This sounds like a really fun idea, especially since I just turned 55 I'm starting to think about what's coming up in the coming years.

Maybe two years, four years, five years, who knows? So there you go. All right. 

Weekend Events

What's happening in Silicon Valley this week? The Niners are playing the Broncos. That's cool. The Quakes are playing. That's Saturday at 7. Saturday at 5. 30 you can watch the Niners play. 

Lazy Dog

Sunday we went to Lazy Dog.
And it was a blast. I had a blast going there. It was fun and packed as usual. And I got to tell you that it's, a fun place to be. It's great people. The servers there are fun and they're fun to talk to. The food's pretty decent. The air, this one is in Albaden. I've been to the one in Cupertino and it was a really fun place to be.
And you can buy into a membership, which I think that's the new thing that these, restaurants are doing is 40 bucks a month or 40 bucks a quarter, and you get priority seating and you get once a month you get a sampler of beer. You get once a month you get an eight-pack of their take-home beer, which is 16-ounce cans.

Maybe 20. I don't know. If you're a beer drinker, that's it's a great place for you to go and hang out yesterday we went there because it was my birthday and We used the membership to get into there and they instead of it being a 20 or 30-minute wait We got sat in five minutes Can't say that's going to be a consistent thing, but you know what?

That was pretty doggone cool. And the food was good. They have a bison burger, which I will try next time. They also have bison meatloaf, which again, I'm going to try. We'll see, we'll check it out. 

Humble Pie  

Let's see what, Oh, guys yesterday. I went up the hill yesterday, every day. Every Wednesday is hump day.
Typically the Marines, we call it a hump and we go on a little hike. This was from last week. I was so beaten up last week. Or yesterday. I don't know what it was. I don't know if it was me. Or it was the humidity or just whatever It just kicked my ass and I only did five miles going up those hills yesterday, but I tell you what

Made me want to quit but you know what? I'm going to keep on doing it. That one is one I did by myself That was a that was an ass beater but yesterday we did I did a five mile and I was just not ready for it for the hike. I don't know what happened. I just felt like I slowed down for some reason But I'm not quitting I'm not giving up.

I'm just going to keep on doing that tomorrow I'll probably go to the beach and go Check that out. I'm not hiking this Saturday. I have a gig that I have to do that's the thing you're When you get older, you need to get out there and keep moving. You got to keep moving because today I did legs.

I felt it a little bit. I kept on going. Didn't slow down. We did the sled, we did the squats, and the little leg extensions and curls and stuff. And I felt really good yesterday. I think it was just the humidity got me. It was just really, hot. And we didn't go like in the middle of the day, we went around nine o'clock and it was already warm.

Anywho, the point being is, if you're younger, 30 or 40, you still have to exercise. Don't get lazy, because I got lazy a lot. I got lazy a whole lot. And over COVID, I was already in my 50s during COVID, but I was prevented from going to the gym. And that worked me over hard. I gained weight. I gained girth and since, since we've been open, I've been at the gym five days a week, pretty religiously unless I'm traveling and I feel good.

And do I put a hundred percent in every day? Nope. But I show up every day and I do my job. Sometimes like today, I felt like I put in that extra spark. I put in a couple extra percent of effort and I felt a lot better yesterday. I showed up for that hike. I didn't put in my hundred percent. But that's okay.

I showed up. The point is, get out there and do exercise and feel better about yourself. Fitness flexibility in your fifties is most important because if you have that habit now when you're 60, 70, or 80, you'll still continue to do it.
 I hope that rings a message with somebody 

Beautiful Day Oct 7 and 8

beautiful day. I think we talked about this beautiful day.

Go out to the different places. I'm going to Latimer Elementary this year. I'm a sub-lead there. I'm working on landscaping and building some boxes and doing quick repairs on a wall. And you don't have to have a lot of talent. If you want to paint, if you want to pull a rake, if you want to help shovel, do stuff, we just need four hours of your time.

be a part of the community, come out and do it. Let's see if I can open this up real quick for you.

Yeah. Beautiful day. org. And you don't have to hang out with me. If you don't like me, that's fine. I totally understand that there are 21 different projects out there. That's a lot. I'm doing latimer. It's an elementary school. I, last year I did this guy and we painted and we did some repairs. We did some landscaping.

I moved some boxes and we were supposed to do a shed, but that's still on hold because that's just it. So anywho, if you're interested in being a part of the community and helping out, love to see you. There you go.

What you get for $1MM Santa Clara County 

Last, thing I want to bug you about. What'd you get for a million dollars? Let's just quickly take a look here.

I know somebody that lives on this street.
So the Groves go to Oak Grove High School. It's a nice area. It's by Car Marshall Caldwell Park. This house right here is worth a million dollars. Look, it needs the siding is a little dated. The weird thing about these houses is they have a side entrance. They don't have a front entrance, which I don't know.

And looks like,

I don't know, does that look like virtual staging to you? Yeah, you know what? That's virtual staging. There you go. Maybe it is. I don't know. What do I know? It looks completely vacant. Yeah, that's virtual staging, I think. Yeah. Okay, look at this. Look at the cabinets really close.

Sorry. You can see that the cabinets are original. They have a flat. There's not a whole lot next to this. That's what you get for a million dollars in San Jose today. And again, is this Oak Grove? Yeah, this is Oak Grove High School right there. I went there when I was a kid for a semester, right? I live down here.
Oak Grove's right here. My first house was up here somewhere. Yeah, right here, Plaza Inverno, that's my house right there. It's not a, it's a pretty decent area. It's 46 years old, built in 1977, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1, 155, 000 per square foot. Crazy, right? 909 per square foot. Yeah.
Deplorable. So it looks like it just popped up.

Oh, it's right on the busy street. Look at that. Let's take a look at this one real quick. It's right on Snell. No one's going to be fun to sell. And if Snell, it's a pretty busy street. There's a lot of traffic there. So I think this one's going to take a while to sell beat-up carpet
original cabinets tile dual pane has a cottage cheese on top of a million dollars. It's funny when you look at different places and what houses cost and how much houses cost here. It's just crazy, but that's the cost of doing business here, right? Because there's just Not a ton of inventory and buyers have chosen to be choosy now instead of now, that's not saying that if you're in Cupertino, you don't really have that choice

if you're in Cupertino or Campbell or whatever, there are a lot fewer houses for sale, right? We just looked at that where Cupertino is 20 houses. Where's Campbell? I don't even have Campbell on this.
I have to add Campbell, but you don't get a whole lot of choices here. And like this house, her, our letter, there it is. Let's take a look at our letter. This is a little bungalow. How many square two-bedroom, one-bath, 1, 038 square feet. Look at this little tiny, nothing of a house. That was ADU back there. I bet you that's not legal.

You have some living space, but that garage was converted. That looks like it was a covered overhang there.
I like that. I like the look inside of this. I know it's a two-bedroom but look at that little tiny tray outline ceiling right there. Little and that is really cool. Looking at rounded corners. There's your cooling. Original cabinetry.

See you have old-world charm there. You see those doors? Not that cheap paneling. It's actually solid, but it's thin. It's older, but it's nice looking. I like that. That garage was converted into an ADU. See they didn't even, they just boarded it up to the garage door. Let's take a look at this cottage. There you go.


rustic. Oh, that's rough.

It's difficult times my friends. All right. That's it. Okay. So today we talked about three things You need to know about living in silicon valley plus a little bit of humble pie This weekend's events are a beautiful day best places to retire. We talked about Portugal, which I'd love to go there I have a friend who wanted to live there but something happened where They denied him.

So now he's living in France, but his girl His daughter is living is going to school in France So I'm going to have to go visit him and then once you get four million dollars boy Tell you what don't forget to check out this map tour of willow glen the links in the bottom and I'm Vito with Abitano. Have a fantastic weekend.

We'll see you out there

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