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 If you're looking at moving to San Jose or Santa Clara County or Silicon Valley, because you just got a big tech job where you live matters, and it's not a good thing or a bad thing. That's what we're gonna talk about right now. So you live out in the Midwest or on the East Coast, or maybe even with Washington, and you've never really been to Silicon Valley or San Jose, knowing where the areas are and how.






Each house is, and where some new developments are is gonna be a pretty key thing for you to understand. So especially if you're just moving here, maybe you just want to rent for a couple of years, or maybe a year or six months, find an apartment and then hang out. We'll show you all the different areas and then we'll also talk about what those areas or cities would typically cost in 2022 numbers.

Different Areas of San Jose

So if you've not been to San Jose or on the West Coast, Center of California, but we're also in the southern part of the north of us. So we have Washington, Oregon, San Francisco, and you come back down to San Jose. So Silicon Valley is actually this whole area right here and get it a little closer. So right here.

High Tech Jobs

And the great thing about Silicon Valley is that you get high-tech jobs, but there are also low-tech jobs and there are also Biomed. There are all sorts of different types of jobs out there. There are support jobs as well, real estate, but also there are a lot of high-tech jobs. But what you hear is a lot of venture capitalist money. So there are a lot of startups that happen here, but where to live, that's a big thing, right? There is a freeway right here. This takes you to the beach. If you want to go to the beach, takes you about an hour to get to the beach this way. So what we tell you people is typically everything on the west side, houses tend to be a little more expensive. You also have better schools and you're also closer to the high tech, high paying. Which is why it all matters to convenience, right? So if you're working up here, that's where Facebook and Google and Apple, down here in Cupertino. So all the big pie tech jobs are over here. And if you were to live over here, let's say like right by Lano Park, that's where I live. I actually live right over here. It would take me a little bit longer to drive, get on the freeway, and drive and hit traffic. And get up to a high-tech job. The same thing with here, over on the east side, houses tend to be a little bit less expensive than over here. So real quick, we can just take a quick gander at this, right? These are homes that have sold, these are just average prices. I don't have the high and the low. It's just the average price. The original list price, the final sale list price, and the sole price. And then the average is as to the list price. Sole price and I use this for other conversations as well, but if you look at just San Jose, your average is about 1.6 at 1.7 million.

The average cost of a home

For a standard home, you can get homes under a million dollars, but then you're. Over here on the Far East side, when you're over here, you're gonna be paying more because you're closer to Sunnyvale and Cupertino in Campbell. And then Los Gatos is over here. Monte Reno, Los Gatos, Saratoga, not really going crazy here, but if you look, Saratoga is 3.88 million.

Cupertino is 3.02 million. Sunnyville is 2.3. So if we actually looked. The highest is Los Altos, and I'll show you those two in a minute. Those are the two closest up here. This is where venture capital money is. People can afford that. For the most part, we're looking at 4 million, and I do deep dives on each of these cities and areas, so you can actually take a look a little bit deeper.

San Jose and other cities

Saratoga, which is a great little town, I go there all the time, averages about 3.88 million. Las Gatos Monteer is 3.4 Cupertino, so let's go take a look at those two real quick. Toga Las Gatos Cupertino, it's all against the hill, so everybody wants to live. The hills, if you're up here, houses tend to be a little more expensive cuz they're nicer. But if you're here on the floor of the valley, these homes tend to be a little bit less expensive than homes over here. Cause you're closer to the hills. I live over here, so my house is worth a little bit more. If you look at really quick, just the different areas. In San Jose, Cambrian is a more expensive cause that's next to Campbell and Los Gatos.
Almaden Valley is the most expensive. And then Willow Glen. Is the second most expensive. This whole area right here is Almaden Valley, and you can actually go over on this side it's considered somewhat Almaden, but it's also Cambri Park. And then Willow Glen is this whole area right here. So there are a lot of different areas out here that you can go to.

Less Expensive Homes

But remember the rule of thumb is everything on this side tends to be a little more expensive. And then this is another median, another marker, which is 80. Which allows people to say, I can't really afford this. This is the next best thing. Are you gonna buy something up here? No. Cause you're next to the airport and this line right here, that's Monterey Highway or Monterey Road and goes all the way down. It's part of the El Camino. If you know anything about the El Camino, it goes up and then it cruises over here, and then it actually goes all the way up to Washington of Vancouver, WA Canada, and it goes all the way down to San Diego. So that's part of the thing. But that line right here, that's actually the flight.

San Jose Airport

For San Jose International Airport. So it's a thing that people know that if you want to live here, it's gonna be a little noisy Look at Campbell and Santa Clara. And the reason why I have those two areas highlighted is one, they're pretty close to each other, but those are the best buys. Believe it or not, even though they're 2 million or 1.8 million, they're probably the best. For the house that you're gonna get in any part of Silicon Valley or Santa Clara County today. Why is that? Because it's the most affordable and there's going to be a tendency for that to jump up even higher in the next few years. Is it gonna be today? We don't know. We don't know if the market's gonna come down or go back up, but it, when it starts going back up and we start getting feverishly heated again, you're gonna see those numbers jump up.

Proximity to Higher paying Jobs

Sunnyvale and Santa Clara have always gone back and forth. Sunnyvale became far more popular. Again, Santa Clara Sunnyvale. The proximity to high-tech jobs, the closer you are to your high-tech job, the more willing you are to pay for a house. And then obviously you have all of San Jose and then Milpitas. I'll show you that in a second. And then Morgan Hill, Gil Way, San Martine and I spent a lot of time selling houses there. Mil Pita is up here again on the west side of eight 80 s. But so are Morgan Hill, San Martin, and Gilroy. Then live over here where houses are older. This is a 54-year-old house versus a house that's maybe 20 or 30 years old.

Better Cost of living

Bigger and better value, and then from here to here is 20 minutes and have the arteries. You can do some expressways, you can absolutely do that. San Jose grew up organically to accommodate its growth. Not necessarily become planned. You go to Boston or Dallas or any major. The metropolitan area that's planned their growth. You see their concentric rings as they grow out. You'll see it out there and you, they created 1 0 1 out of necessity because the El Camino, which is the Monterey Road, as we grew as a county, as more population came in, we needed to grow and have federally funded freeway. Which is 1 0 1, and that's how it grew. LA is 24-hour traffic, 1 0 1 and 85, and two 80 and 87 and eight 80. They get clogged up, there's no doubt. But every freeway in every metropolitan area and. Every day gets clogged up. Is that a bad thing? It's not because that's just the way it is. That's the way it is. Can we do better? Absolutely. But it takes time. So again, if you're looking at homes here in Cupertino, Saratoga, Campbell, you're looking at buying two to $3 million. At first, we're down here, and then when they can go to Almaden, Again, the most expensive. So let's go over here and take a look at these numbers. They're the best value out of all of San Jose in my opinion. Several growths. The fact that there's not a huge amount of inventory values is gonna continue to go up. We have seen a contraction over the last year, but we needed that to happen. And as when rates go up, we're gonna be more susceptible to seeing our prices go down versus over here, blossom Valley and Santa Teresa. I'll show you where those guys are. This whole area, right? Up to Communication Hill. See, it says Communication Hill right there. What's included in Blossom Valley. See, that's all Blossom Valley. It's a big, huge place. This street right here is Coddle Boulevard. That is the defining border of Blossom Valley in Santa Teresa.

South San Jose is a great place to live

It's also 95123 95111. And then up here is 95136, and if you look at homes in Blossom Valley, the least expensive ones are right in this area, and the closer you get to the hill are more expensive. Let's say. I also have a larger, one of the larger homes in the area, so I'd say 1.6 to 1.7. An average home of 1600 square feet is probably gonna be about one three to one four, depending on the condition.
And then, Up here, houses are gonna be a little less expensive. 1.1 to 1.2. As a matter of fact, there's a house over here that's listed at 1.2. There you have it. Santa Teresa's, the same thing. All the houses, remember, this is the defining line right here. This is the border, and then Santa Teresa is all here, which is fairly small, so it's hard. So one of the best-kept secrets in Santa Teresa, especially along this border here. This street, right? It's not one street, it's Curry, then Heat and Moore, and the golf course Lane. These houses over here are very highly sought-after areas. Paseos has, an association and there's a pool there, so you can have an association pool, but it's also closer to the flight path. So I tend not to sell houses there. Love selling houses here and over here. And the same thing over here. Rancho Santa Teresa. We belong to. Rancho, San Teresa Swim Club. Great area. So then the other thing too is when you're looking at different areas, you want to see homes. That is closer to downtown areas or main streets. The thing that's negative about our areas, and including Edam because it's so big, is there's no main street. If you went to Minto Willow Glen Lincoln Ave has a really well-known Main Street. Campbell right here has a downtown, Campbell. They have an Art and wine festival, they have festivals, and they have music in the park. They have all sorts of great things during the. We don't have a whole lot of that. The closest thing we have in Blossom Valley is right here, the new target in Safeways Village Oaks, Mount Coronado. Sometimes we'll close down that street and have a little community fair. All the houses, all the businesses there, all the restaurants, there are chains except for the Centro Sushi and then the Poke Bowl, but there's five guys, mod pizza.

Great Restaurants

It's all chain. The beauty of Campbell and Willow Glen is there's a lot. Mom-and-pop smaller restaurants, but they're classier, they're nicer better food. So living here is great because if you're in this area right here, you're within walking distance. You can go there and meet your friends, and hang out. Everybody knows each other. Willow Glen has a great small-town vibe whereas Almaden has that. But you have to be part of the country club. That's. The center of where everything is now. There's Boulder Ridge Golf Club and that's part of a big larger chain to be part of the El Country Club. That's where people go to meet, do business, have dinner, and relax. There are also different little bars all along the expressway, but the further south you go, the harder it is to get there and the slower it seems to that traffic. VAs Gatos has Main Street right here. You can see it keeps going. It just keeps going. There are so many restaurants and things to do here. Every weekend.

Parks, events, and things to do in San Jose and Surrounding cities

They have, there's a park right here. They have a farmer's market. Really fun stuff to do. Same thing as Saratoga. They have it right here. That's where we got married. La Fondu too. They have a ton of little restaurants. There are not a whole lot of chain restaurants here, and that's what's great about it. Cupertino has Apple. That's the only claim to fa other than the fact that I went to DeAnza College. But they have Apple, and Apple is everywhere. I don't know if you heard about this, but San Jose and Google are working together. You get this whole area developing into millions of square feet of commercial and residential property, which can be a big, huge park.

Short Drive

And it might be even down here. I'm not exactly. Right here, the whole intention is that they're trying to make this whole downtown area. Oh, one cool thing about downtown is Market Street, San Pedro Square. This whole area right here is pretty much walkable. There's a lot of stuff going on down there, and then that's Christmas in the park. But the thing about living in San Jose is you're pretty much 20 minutes to 30 minutes on a good day to anywhere. Else in Silicon Valley. If you want to move and go to San Francisco for a day, which you know that's not my cup of tea, or you want to go up to Mill Valley, it's an hour and a half if you go skiing, the closest skiing is up here on 108 in Dodge Ridge and then Bear Valley, and then obviously Kirkwood.
But then you're having four and a half to six hours depending on traffic to get to go to. If you're thinking about moving to San Jose, let me know. I have a little relocation package down there below. Happy to talk to you about anything. If you have any concerns or if you want to see what's actively for sale right now, let me know. Just shoot me a DM or hit me down at vito@a.com. Yeah, there you go. I'm Vito Garo with Theano Group, powered by Compass. We'll see it out there.   

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