Is Spring Really the Best Time to Sell a House? | Sellers may earn more by listing later in the year| Housing Snapshot 🦅 🌎 ⚓️ (Mountain View home)



Is Spring Really the Best Time to Sell a House? | Sellers may earn more by listing later in the year| Housing Snapshot 🦅 🌎 ⚓️ (Mountain View home)




Sellers may earn more by listing later in the year

Introduction: Spring Selling Season Insights

 Is spring the best time to sell your house another story that I'll talk to you about a little bit more should I wait until the latter part of the year and then we'll talk about 90 days on market homes near Apple Homes in Mountain View and Distressed property of the week. Lots to talk about.

Let's get moving. All right. So real quick, let's do this. There we go. 

Is Spring the Best Time to Sell Your House?

Is Spring Really the Best Time to Sell a House?

Is spring really the best time to sell your house? In Santa Clara County, specifically, that's when the height of the market is, that's when we get the most listings. That's when buyers come out in droves. It just tends to be the time that people want to look for houses.

It just happens to be the time. Now it could be completely different somewhere else. It could be like in San Francisco. I know it's the fall and in different parts of the country, it might have a different selling season. For example, in Florida, it's generally the winter when they sell the most. Houses are because they have snowbirds coming down from the winter in the snow And they vacation down in florida and they go.

Oh, this is so great. I love this here. I want to move here so that's when they tend to sell the most houses. So it really depends on where you live here in Santa Clara county Silicon Valley. I can tell you, for example, that for the time you see the biggest gains in March, April, and May, which we're in right now.

I have listings that I'm massaging right now, getting ready to go on the market. And that's just normal, right? I'm working with buyers right now. We're getting into a contract right now. And it's part of the season. It's when I do the most work for sure. It's when we see the biggest gains for sure. 

Rent vs Buy Calculator

Understanding Market Dynamics and Timing

However, sometimes it's better to sell a house in the fall or in the later part of the year because You're ready.

So the real, the reality is it doesn't really matter. You're not going to get 400, 000 over the list price like you did back in 2021. Just because we're not in that market right now. We don't have a lot of inventory. We'll talk about that in a minute. So prices are set at a premium and people are still bidding over about 5 percent on average in Santa Clara County.

Bye. Now is when you're going to see more offers, more people going a little bit higher than normal in different places. But if you look at a chart and we started at a million dollars in January, you might get up 5 percent in March, April, and May, but it's always going to continue to go up. So it might go to 6 percent or 7%.

So comparatively speaking, you're making more money in the October, November, and September timeframe. If you sell then too, because your price is already going up. Cause when we price, we look back at the last three months. It has nothing to do with market explosions or market depressions. What happens if we go to World War Three?

What happens if the economy blows up? So it's a timing thing too. So seasonality does have a lot to do with it. And it's just the ebb and flow of our market. Every market has a cycle and we're, we tend to go micro cycles of springtime is the best time for us to sell. It's when we have the most buyers.

It's when we have the most sellers and that just happens to be it. But houses sell all year long.

That's why slow times, there really isn't a slow time here. There are slow times in other parts of the country. We always have enough buyers for the sellers unless you wait or unless you price your house too high. We'll get into that in a minute. So here this one is housing wire. Oh crud. I can't get into it I have to join the account.

So anyway, they're talking about they're talking about Sellers may earn more the listing later. I talked about that The prices don't contract here in Santa Clara County. They just continue to go up, notch up a little bit. And sometimes March, April, May, you'll see bigger notches. And then in September, October, and November, it'll still notch up, just not as crazy.

So there you go. 

Analyzing Overpriced Listings: A Case Study

All right, 90 days on the market. We have 29 of them in Santa Clara County. Single-family houses. I want to look at this one, Belt, Bolham Road. We have 29 houses that have not sold in over 90 days and that's telling you that it's overpriced based on location and the quality of the house.

So if we look at this one in Bull Ham, this is not my listing originally listed at two and a half million. It's out in the unincorporated area, of Saratoga and it dropped down 200, 000. This is a three bedroom, two bath, two and a half bath, 2, 500 square foot house. It's 65 years old, built in 1958, and it's been on the market for 205 days.

So I'm telling you. You can't be a market maker unless you're, you have something really amazing to sell. Now it's two acres. So if somebody's looking for a two-acre property, that might be it, but it's not worth 2. 3 million because it's still on the market after 200 days, right? It's common sense. And here's the thing.

A seller could tell you how much the house is worth all day long, but it's not going to be what it's worth until a buyer comes and says, this is what I'm willing to pay for it. Buyers determine the price Sellers put it up for market and when you have it overpriced based on condition, location, then it's just going to sit just like this one.

Yes, it has beautiful views. That's what you're buying for two and a half million dollars. So they're trying to say that the values in the land, but obviously it's not selling. So I would say 1. 5 and see what happens, right? If a seller tells me that I'm not in a hurry to sell, I'd rather come down on price and see what we can get.

You're trying to be a market maker and all you're doing is hurting the value of your house. That's the same thing as trying to put it on coming soon and getting an off-market offer. You only have one offer. How can you tell what people are really willing to pay for that? So I don't like doing coming soon and I don't like overpricing properties.

I like pricing them just below. So we attracted the right amount of people coming through and getting a larger number of offers and then negotiating the top ones up. And seeing where we land that way. We know what the market brings to bear. Okay. 

Homes for sale near Apple

Spotlight on Properties: Apple House and Mountain View Home

This one, I think is the apple house of the week.

This one's really close to Apple. Let's go back to the map real quick.

Give you a better view. So this one right here. It's right here. And this is where the Apple campus is. So you go across Lawrence Expressway, and you can actually walk to campus if you work there. 2. 7 million, five bedroom, three bath, 2, 500 square feet built in 1954. This is a beautiful house.

Look at this thing.

So you can tell it's more raunchy style. They probably added to it. On top, the kitchen's dated.

Mountain View home of the week

So bathrooms are dated, but this is what the house is, the size of the house determines the price, right? So 2. 5, this'll probably sell pretty quick. We'll take a look at it next week. Mountain view home of the week, 3 million for 1, 500 square feet. Crazy. 2. 7 for 2, 500 square feet versus 1, 500 square feet for 3 million.

I would rather. Pay a little bit less and get a whole lot more and live in Cupertino. Or it's actually Santa Clara and Santa Clara has great utility values, and pricing versus every other city because they have their own utility commission.

Original everything. This one's probably going to sit on the market for a bit. It's been on the market for 17 days, but it's 70 years old. I don't think I'd pay 3 million for it. And it's right next to an avenue. Let's take a look at this real quick. So it's on Fordham, but you're on a corner of a Fulcher street, which has a stoplight right there, which tells me that you're going to get a lot of traffic noise from that as well.

So I don't think that's a great buy. I didn't get a chance to look at this. 

Bank-Owned Properties and Market Opportunities

So let's take a look and see at the bank-owned property of the week. There's not a whole lot out there. Wow. A whole lot in San Francisco. Go figure. Number 1. 8. Let's take a look. No, I don't want to look at that because that's not a single-family house.

That's new construction opportunities. So they're selling value as it's a lot, basically what they're selling. So it's not a good value. Let's see what else you got here. Let's see what's in Hollister. We

talked about this one last week. Cobalt. 883, 000. They might be selling the fact that it's got no neighbors, but give it 10 years. And I can tell you straight up that will be developed. Hollister is going strong into development right now. I have a listing coming up in Hollister and I can tell you for a fact that they're fixing the 25, one on one interchange.

Remember how you go down? I don't know if you don't do it, but when you go south on one and you try to get off, you have to, it's a really old intersection interchange and it's not safe and they're actually fixing it up. So they're going through a lot of paces. Four bedrooms, three baths, 2, 300 square feet, 883, 000.

And it's been on the market for 125 days. So I can tell you if you're looking for a good deal, I would start at seven 50. And land somewhere around 800. That's where I am. All right. 

Market Snapshot: Last Week's Sales and Current Listings

REO of the Week

So these are the last week's sales, Santa Clara County, and we're going to do the snapshot 40 days on the market. We have 54. We looked at the 90 days on the market, 29, 29 houses for sale that haven't sold price location condition, right?

REO California bank-owned property all throughout California is 149. Nothing to worry about. And then for sale, we have 313, we only have 300 houses for sale in San Jose. We need like 900 to a thousand. Same thing here in Santa Clara County. We need about 2000 1900 to 2000 to make that a healthy market. So why prices will continue to go up even though rates are higher.

We had 143 of those going to pending, and we had 132 close. Same thing with San Jose. We had 73 closings, which again, we should be about. 250 to 300 closings a week. So things are a lot more difficult these days, but it's a great time to buy because The shortage is not going to stop. It's just not enough properties out there.

We talk about the Silver Tsunami. We talk about industrial investors. We talk about the Airbnb model. Those are all sucking up supply and the demand's not going away. So prices will continue to go up. Even if the market crashes, even if the economy crashes, are we going to World War III? I don't think we're going to see prices demolished that bad here.

Other people are speculating that Florida is going to see a crash. There's a high cost of living. All of a sudden people used to go to Florida because the low cost of living insurance costs are more, much more expensive. Housing costs are much more expensive. And. Everything's much more expensive. So people are exiting Florida now and it's just a normal thing.

And it's not just Florida. In other states, people are exiting too, because of the higher cost of living. They're going more to the interior and living in lower-cost-of-living areas, just part of life. 

Conclusion: Market Trends and Future Outlook

So today we talked about whether is spring really a good time to sell or if we should wait until the fall 90 days on the market and talked about value versus Location and condition and homes for sale near Apple and Mountain View and the bank-owned over the week.

I'm Vito with Apotano. Thanks for watching. We'll see you out there.

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