Sure-Fire Ways to Enhance the Value of Your Home | What you get for $1MM in SILICON VALLEY


Sure-Fire Ways to Enhance the Value of Your Home | What you get for $1MM in SILICON VALLEY



Maximize Your Home's Sale Value: Expert Tips
 Surefire ways to enhance the sale of your house. And also it's going to be a Robin Hood moment. They say that there's going to be some great deals in the next 12 to 18 months. What does that mean? We'll also look at inventory and existing home sales all across the 12 counties of the Bay area and Santa Clara County.

Let's get moving. Okay. The first thing I want to do is talk about, let's get over here. Realty time sure. Fireways. To enhance the value of your home. Now, this is obvious stuff, it bears talking about because you never know if you're in the market, where to start. These are great places to start to get your house ready to sell.

And it doesn't matter if you're selling your house or if you're thinking about getting an appraisal for a refinance or whatever. So the first thing you always want to do is look at curb appeal. Landscaping is. Primary, the first thing you want to do now, if you're going to put the house on the market, make sure any kind of dirt spots have chipped wood or gorilla hair on them.

Mulch that kind of thing just to decorate a little bit, put some perennials in there, some flowers to add some color, but also gardens are a big thing. So if you have a vegetable garden, you start growing, make sure you trim that up, make it look nice and pretty, and trim up your trees because Trees tend to grow wherever they want to.

And if you want to make it look manicured, you have to dress it up. And because this is the spring, typically we want to allow you to do your spring cleaning and outside outdoors, make sure that looks really well, energy-efficient features. So low flow water. Update your appliances.

However, you know me, I don't care if you, I don't really want you to buy the new appliances. If there were some older appliances, you could do some stuff to dress that up to make it look more modern. There's a lot of things we can do about that. And that includes a new HVAC updating your HVAC or making sure that it's clean.

So that there's that right there. Replace old windows now. Yeah. If it's broken, that's great. And if you have an old historical house, you want to keep those windows. The windows are there for a reason because they're older, they're historical, they're. They're about that house or a part of that house.

Now, if you have, a little cottage and, or an older house, that's maybe a ranch or something, get the old ones out and put some new ones in. And in California, you don't need to do all the high energy efficiency crap. The inner gas inside, just don't bother with all that. Just get dual-pane windows.

That's all you need. And. The other thing about those inert wind gas that they put inside there is, that when it gets too hot, the air condenses a lot more than the air outside. So it actually bows the window. So just keep that in mind. 

Transforming Spaces: From Extra Rooms to Modern Kitchens

Convert extra space into rooms. Yeah, no kidding. This is a dumb article. So Convert extra space into rooms.

Yeah. So this is technically a bedroom, even though it's downstairs and there's no full bath downstairs. This is still considered a bedroom and has a closet has everything. We converted it into an office because I use it as an office. I'm here every day. If there are other rooms, make sure that you have a detailed reason as to what that room is for, not just storage.

I've walked into multiple rooms lately and it's just storage rooms. So what we do is we take out all the boxes and stuff and create a hobby room or an office or an exercise room, and we give it a purpose, update the kitchen. As well as the bathrooms, right? If you have tile on the counters, et cetera, those are great ways to add value to a house.

The last couple of houses that we looked at over the last week, they've all had tile counters on the top. That's not what buyers are looking for. So they're not willing to pay a premium for it. Will it sell? Yes, but not at the price that you're expecting. That makes sense. Update the cabinets, update the appliances, update everything, make it look modern, stay away from gray, stay away from all sorts of stuff.

Some other things you can do are floors, new floors. You can do new lights. You can do new. Knobs and doorknobs, et cetera, are on the inside of your rooms just to give it a fresher, more updated look. One of the listings that I have coming up, they had the old wooden doors. It was just brown and it looked dark and it made the whole house look darker and smaller.

And I mentioned, maybe you just paint it. And there was a little bit of. Not fight back, but a little bit of really, does that really make sense? I like the wood. I like the wood too. However, after they painted it, they said, I can totally understand why you wanted me to paint it. So take it from an expert.

Somebody who's been doing it for 20 years, make your look house look bright and airy. Also, get rid of furniture. If you're selling your house, get rid of old furniture. We can bring in some partial staging and make your house look like A showroom house, like a new home. So there you go. Okay. 

The Robin Hood Moment in Real Estate: Seizing Commercial Opportunities

It's going to be a Robin Hood moment.
Real estate fund manager says there's going to be a fantastic, there's going to be fantastic deals in the next. Now this isn't for residential real estate. This is for commercial real estate and we have another article. I'll prove it to you there. So this guy is saying that many of the loans are coming due in the next five years, which we've spoken about before.
This. The opportunity here means if you're going to get into real estate, get into real estate on the commercial side because buying residential real estate as an investment right now has already been played out. It's overpriced, it doesn't cash flow unless you have a million dollars to sink into a house and let it just give you accumulated money every month.

It's still not necessarily the best value right now. Commercial real estate is going to start dropping and you can tell me what you see out there. When you go to the next time you go to the store, tell me that half of the tell me that there are no vacant properties or vacant offices or vacant retail outlets there.

It's just a natural progression of life right now. Rents are going up. There's a lot of upward pressure to increase property value and increase value in property altogether. And small businesses just can't afford that. So that's going away. And those real estate investment trusts or REITs or syndications have sunk hundreds of millions of dollars, trillions of dollars into buying commercial property.

And over the next five years, those loans. Are going to become due. Now, a lot of them, they're just going to refinance and put it to another five years. But there's going to be some that will falter or default, which means they go into the bank-owned or they have to sell out and then they lose money.

Yeah, this was the whole thing right here. Seizing the opportunity. What I would say is look into investing into a REIT or syndicate, if you can afford it. A syndicate is. Qualified investor, you have to have 500, 000 or more, et cetera. A REIT, you can just buy into it. There are different tax advantages and we can go into that.

I actually have a couple videos on that in. And in my channel. So make sure to watch that. If you have questions the bottom line is you're going to have good opportunities to sink money into real estate investment trusts that are starting out and looking for these opportunities. Don't put one into that one.

That's got a couple hundred million dollars or a billion dollars in assets already because that might get sucked up. So be careful where you're investing. And if you want proof, here's my website. Another article, this is absolute proof because we just don't know what's going to happen. We don't have a crystal ball.

Vacancy rates have climbed and it's not just retail. It's an office. Multi-family units are also struggling right now. I'm working with a deal right now on a four-plex and it's just one of those things where it's going to happen. Things are going to happen and it will shudder. I don't think it'll be a huge deal.

Dip, it might be a 20 percent value loss, but I don't think we're going to see 50%. So that's what this whole article talks about. And if you want, the articles are in the blog, and the links are in the blog. It's all sourced out, ready for you to look at it. So there you go. Another thing that you have to consider is a lot of these REITs bought into real estate when rates were low, Based on that they owe their investors a certain amount of money every month and Even though values are creeping up a little bit right now when they have to refinance They're going to have to refinance that 7 percent or 6%.

So there's a way that's a that's another thing that might hurt these commercial properties out there. Okay. 

Navigating the Market: Inventory Insights and Investment Tips

So inventories just reported 665, 000 units for sale across the United States. We'll go into that in a minute over here. Just spent some time looking at that and existing homes. The average consumption rate right now across the US is three months.
Okay. Which has gone down considerably, but I think that's going to go up. I just did all the numbers here. I think this is what you get for a million dollars in Santa Clara. So right now there are 12 listings around a million dollars for sale in Santa Clara or yeah, Santa Clara County. And this was the one I looked at.

And it's just decreased in price. It's a two-bedroom, one-bath, 800 square foot built in 1924. Fernando, this is not my listing. It's two bedrooms, one and a half bath, a hundred years old days on the market. 23 original list prices. One 1, 198, they dropped it 200, 000. There you go. And it doesn't even have air conditioning.
It's a cute little bungalow. See, this is more of a historical house. I wouldn't change the windows because that's just those windows are set up older. They have the sash here. You can see their sash windows. You can't really get sash windows these days. And it goes with the look and feel of the house. So I'm glad I mentioned that's actually Providence and see how they have the old tile kitchen If you wanted to update it, you could that's what people are saying They're not willing to buy a house that they need to put work into and make it look modern So and I think this house or is this house?

Yeah, this is in the Alameda Rose Garden Around here somewhere. So it's either Rose Garden or Providence Or Alameda area. So it's a great opportunity for you if you want to look at buying it. Okay. Let's take a look at inventory consumption rates. Inventory over the last month has shot up. So you're seeing all these numbers.
I'll make it a little bit bigger for you. So you've seen these numbers shoot up right here. What does that mean? Is that alarming? Does that mean that the market's collapsing? No. Over the last 12 months, we've seen a low inventory. We've been struggling with inventory all across the United States. We've had lower numbers of homes for sale and now numbers are ticking up because this is the spring.

These numbers will massage out. This is mid-March numbers. So once these numbers finalize over the next 15, 20 days, or 15 days, we're going to see these numbers come down. But for right now it's telling because it shows you that This is the selling season. This is the time that people are going to come in, but people will buy houses.

We have a lot of buyers out there and the number here is not, it's might look alarming, but it's not because what it's showing you is right now we have an uptick of supply, and based on the last 12 months, on average, it takes that many months to sell. It's the same thing here in Santa Clara County.
All these cities are showing larger numbers. This one right here is Los Altos Hills. It shot up to 26. That's not true, right? It just, We put a lot more property, a lot more listings on the market, and we're putting them to sell. Over the next couple of days, these will get consumed and these numbers will average out.

So it's normal to see this happen. And you'll see that there are two zeros here, hard to see right now. Let me get that over so you can see a little bit bigger. See, it's a little bit. These numbers here are shooting down to zero. That's because we have no new listings in those two cities on a Serena.

It doesn't have anything new for sale and San Martin doesn't have anything new for sale right now. So those numbers are based on the last what's active. And on average, how many months it would take to sell based on the consumption of the last couple of months. Now, We're going to look at these over the next six months and see how that works and how this evens out.

But we're going to see the numbers go up a little bit. The inventory is only one side of the story. All right. 

Wrapping Up: Key Takeaways and Final Thoughts

Inventory And Supply Charts

Today we talked about,

all right, today we talked about surefire ways to add value to your house, windows, new kitchen, update your kitchen, Appliances, and fixtures, make sure that they look new and are new and more energy efficient, and look at investing in the commercial space, either in a REIT or syndication, but find out and make sure that you get the right ones because some might be struggling in the next step.

Five years and inventory has shot up, but that's actually a good thing.

All right. I'm Vito with Abitano cut to I'm Vito with Abitano. Have a great weekend. We'll see you out there.

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