2nd Winter Chill in Santa Clara Housing? | NAR To Biden πŸ¦… 🌎 ⚓️ (Mountain View home)


2nd Winter Chill in Santa Clara Housing? | NAR To Biden πŸ¦… 🌎 ⚓️ (Mountain View home)

Top Remodels and Renovations That Actually Pay Off

Introduction to Home Remodels & Renovations

 This one right here is the top remodels and renovations that actually pay off. This is from Realty Times. The link is down in my blog. If you want to take a look at it. I always give you the choice. 

America’s fastest-shrinking counties

Pros and Cons of Turnkey vs. As-Is Home Sales

I want you to have the knowledge and educate yourself on if you're selling your house, should you sell it as is repaired or completely turnkey?

And this article really talks about the different things that you could talk about, right? There's. Absolutely pros and cons to it. If you completely turnkey your house, you're spending money, you have dust and delays and Different changes and all sorts of stuff that can happen, but you will get a premium price for your house.

If you sell it as is in its current condition without doing any repairs or remodels, then don't expect a premium. So those are the pros and cons, right? You have to deal with it. It costs you a little bit more. And sometimes the ROI doesn't really make sense. So I always say you can do a complete kitchen remodel, but the cost, you're never going to get the cost back.

Maximizing Curb Appeal and Home Maintenance Tips

Curb appeal is absolutely necessary. I look at so many homes every day and half of them just look like they don't really put a lot of effort into it. Yesterday, we looked at a house that has been on the market for almost six months. Overpriced. And the front yard is just wood chips and the backyard is completely barren.

And it's a nice enough house, but it just turns buyers off and you're not going to get a premium price for a house that just looks meh. So update your curb appeal for sure. And if your house paint is older than five years, consider repainting it or at the very least. Fill in with any kind of chips scratches or dings.

And if you have marring clean that up, and especially on the outside, do a pressure wash but consider doing a paint job on your house because colors do make a huge impact. Impression on buyers. When it helps with the curb appeal. It helps with everything. 

Kitchen Remodel Insights and Personal Experiences

Kitchens. I always say, if you're going to do it before you ever think about moving because you get some utility out of it.

You're not going to get a full ROI, the return on investment on completely remodeling your kitchen, do it for yourself. Do it to your taste your likes and your needs, but also understand that you're not going to get that money back. I've remodeled my kitchen twice because the first time we did it was because the house was original and I put wood cabinets in and granite countertops and I loved it.

And then the dishwasher sprung a leak and destroyed three of the cabinets, and I had to redo it. And now we have it painted, not necessarily my favorite looking look and feel, but It's functional and it works well, but the paint has a lot of chips. So if I ever go to sell this house, I'd have to sand down the chips, fill them in, and then repaint it.

So it's a thing you have to maintain in your kitchen. People want solid surface granite or, quartz,

redo the tile, the 12 by 12 tiles, just so 1990s. I'm not going to really redo anything to it because I did redo it once. And maybe if I go to sell it, I'll redo it to update it, but I won't put a new tub in. New toilet or counters or cabinets.

Cause I redid the cabinets, if anything, I'll paint them to make them look a little bit more modern and updated depending on what colors are fashionable at the time. So like right now it would be taupe or gray with white. 

Staging Your Home for Sale: Decluttering and Presentation

And then make your house look ready to sell, get rid of everything on your countertops, on your nightstands, on your anything, anything with three serve, anything with a surface should only have three things on it.

Like the wall back there should only have, let's I'll show you real quick. See how junky this looks. Get rid of chachkis, get rid of anything that just might. You're too busy looking, right? And then stage your house up with your furniture. You don't have to go crazy with, bringing in furniture, unless you have dogs that destroy your couches, like my couches.

So just consider that, right? 


NAR To Biden

NAR's Response to Housing Supply Issues

NAR response to President Biden's speech. The problem really is that there's just a lack of supply for the demand.

Our population continues to grow. We're not building enough new housing. Industrial investors are coming in and buying tens of thousands of homes, taking them away from you as a home buyer, especially first-time home buyers. Those are the big targets right now. And they just convert those into rentals and you can't really enjoy the American dream of buying a house.

So yeah, costs a lot to sell a house mostly because realtors charge a lot, but we have the process and we have the buyers. Mind you. That NAR settlement. I just heard today that the lawyer is asking for 20 percent of that 120 million or 158 million settlement that we put up to the judge.

That's 82 million that they're going to walk away with crazy. So 20 percent versus them arguing about our 6 percent or 5 percent because it's never been negotiated. It's always been negotiable. It's never been a set fee. It's always been. The market demands and individual agents will offer their services for their set which is obviously negotiable.

Homes for sale near Apple

Exploring Homes Near Apple Headquarters

So anyway, let's take a look at homes near Apple. This one right here is really close to the Apple community. So it's right here. You can walk to Apple headquarters. And this one is nice looking, except for the fact that. They put the kitchen as the first picture, which is dumb.

Now I can see why, because it's a standard-looking house, but it's still nicely updated. They painted it and put a new garage on it. They could have power-washed the driveway, but that's just me. That's how I roll. I would have fixed that curb or the sidewalks there. The house is going to sell even close to 3 million.

That's what a house in Cupertino costs today. So nicely updated. So you have to have a gray counter, the gray cabinets. These are white cabinets here. So it's nice looking. That's the style today, right? Next year, it could be completely different.

This is 2, 300 square feet, four bedroom, two and a half bath built in 1958. It's a ranch and it's a really big single-story house. So it's a great opportunity for you to buy. Let's take a look at this beauty. 

REO of the Week

Bank Owned Property of the Week

This is the bank-owned property of the week, 700, 000 for a mountain house that is on stilts. Let's take a quick look at it.

It's two bedroom, two bath, 700, 000 square feet on the market for 147 days. And it is. Up in the Los Gatos mountains,

you're gonna, and it's south of Lexington. So it's way out there. This is Los Gatos right here. You'd have to come all the way out here and do back hills. And I don't even remember seeing a street to this one. Oh yeah, it's right here. So it's almost two acres, 1. 38 acres. So you got a lot of land, but it's on a Hill.

If you're interested in looking at it, let me know. These aren't going to be the greatest photos cause there are their thumbnails and lower res, but look, it's completely original. This thing's going to really sell for about 500, 000.

So if you're looking for an affordable house. This is a fixer for shizzle. Okay. 

Mountain View House of the Week

Mountain view house of the week. This is a 20-view street for 2. a 6 million, three-bedroom, two-bath built in 1925, 1600 square feet. And why I like it is because it's close to Castro Street, which is the downtown's where the restaurants are.

You want to be closer to walking distance to downtown so you can walk to a restaurant, have some fun, meet your friends there, and then saunter back home and enjoy your life, right? And this is an older, I want to say it's craftsman style, but it looked more like a cottage from the outside.

Maintained beautiful style in this house. So there you go. 

Mountain View home of the week

Market Trends and Inventory Analysis

All right in the big and the title of this video, I said the winter chill, and the reason why I'm saying that it seems like all the numbers are backing down Slightly. Okay. So 40 days on the market. We sold one house 90 days on the market either came off the market or they sold So we're down 20 REOs bank owned properties are 55 versus 61.

We had a high of 69 for a couple of weeks. REOs in all of California are shrinking down again, slightly, nothing to be concerned about except for the fact that we're going in the wrong direction. We should be going upwards right now because this is April. This is the heart of the selling season.

And we have very few homes for sale right now. There's such a huge demand for inventory. They're getting sold as quickly as they get put up right now. We have only 337, which is 10 less than last week. So again, we're going back in the wrong direction. It's the same thing with Santa Clara County with 763.

This needs to be about a thousand. Houses for sale at any given time are to be a balanced market, not a buyer's market or seller's market, but a balanced market. This has to be about 2000. I showed you the graph last week in 2008. It went way over, became a buyer's market for a couple of weeks about a year and a half, and then came back down to normal because the REOs and short sales went away and then we're back to normal.

This should be about 2000 to be a balanced market. We haven't seen that in a couple of years, so there you go. All right. 

Conclusion and Recap

Today we talked about. Remodels you should do. NAR response to President Biden's little talk about lowering commissions to save money, to make it more affordable. Homes for sale near Apple, REO Bank owned property of the week, and Mountain View home of the week.

I'm Vito with Abitano. Thanks for watching. We'll see you out there.

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