Tax Day deals 2024: Score discounts | YTD SALES 12 Bay Area Counties | Colors that Help You Sell Your House (Backed By Science)



Tax Day deals 2024: Score discounts | YTD SALES 12 Bay Area Counties | Colors that Help You Sell Your House (Backed By Science)




Tax Day deals 2024: Score discounts

Welcome to Tax Day Specials & Real Estate Insights

 Happy tax day as a bonus. We are going to talk about tax day deals and foods that you can get for free. Willa Glenn's house of the day colors that help you sell your house. That's important. And Monday's luxury home of the week as well as Willa Glenn's home of the week. And let's see what's going on else.

Just real quick. 

YTD SALES 12 Bay Area Counties

Market Update: Sales and Prices in the Bay Area

I want to show you where we are with the numbers so far. We've had 1800 sales this year. 16 weeks into the year 1800. So a little over a hundred a week. It's not bad. You need to go up the volume. The record is 3. 9 billion. It's almost 4 billion in sales in four months. That's not bad. Four and a half months, three and a half months, March, April, May, February, March, April, and three and a half months.

The average sales price in Santa Clara County is 1. 2 San Mateo. It's 2. 4, almost 2. 5. That's the average sales price. And then list price, the highest list price to sales price ratio is 107%. Santa Clara is right behind by 2 percent and the total listings put on the market is almost 3000. So there you go. 

Finding Value: Napa's Real Estate Market

If you want a good deal, guys, I'm telling you Napa is the place to go.

Look, it's almost 50, 95 cents on the dollar houses that have been on the market for a really long time. And there's only been 200 houses sold. Not like there are a whole lot of houses out there right now. There are 400 for sale, and 350 for sale, but up there you can get a great deal.

And it's a lot more affordable. Oh, but I have to commute. Yeah. Here's the thing. You can always go to Alameda and pay the same price, but then you're paying 7 percent over just saying. Contra cost is the same thing. There's 1600. There are so many houses out there. Way more affordable than Napa, right?

If you want information on that, go down to my blog, check it out. You'll see, we can have a conversation. All right. 

Open House Etiquette: Do's and Don'ts


When you go to an open house, you're going to somebody else's house. Okay. Don't touch switches. Don't touch equipment. Don't touch electronics. Don't touch other people's stuff. Common sense people. It's other people's property. You don't go in there and start messing stuff around. I had somebody go into an open house yesterday and they were messing around with the pool switches.

Like they knew what they were doing. Don't do that. It's disrespectful. Just don't. It's ridiculous. Shame on you. Okay. 

Willow Glen Home of the Week

Spotlight: Willow Glen House of the Week

Willow Glen house of the week, 1212 Curtis Avenue. Sorry. I don't like this house mostly because it's just like a Frankenstein house.

Look, they just, Kept on building and building. And because it's 4, 000 square feet on this little potions size lot. The front looks okay, but there was no architectural mindset behind this. I'm sorry. This house is just going to take forever to sell. It's just on the market for 25 days.

The only reason why I looked at it is because it's close to downtown Lincoln on Lincoln Avenue. But look, it's five bedrooms, four and a half baths. On a 10,000-square-foot lot, which is a little bit bigger, but look guys, it's just, there's just no, it was just Frank and almost like a kid did it with Lego blocks.

Yeah, it looks pretty inside, but how does it flow? Look to see the map of something. I

mean, if you're going to make a house, make it look right from the front. That curb appeal is just horrible.

Not for me. No, thanks. Not for 3. 6 million. 


Home Shopping Checklist: A Must-Have

I have a new checklist out. If you're going home shopping, this checklist helps you compare and contrast what you like and don't like about every house that you go see. And it goes for five houses. So you can print it out and then say, yes, I like this one.

Yes, I like that one. No, I don't like this. And it goes like the appliances because when you're going to multiple houses, It's hard to compare and contrast and remember which house has something, and which house doesn't have something. So this house is, it's a nice little thing to have. So if you're interested in it, links down below.

Yeah, that was a sales pitch. 

Colors that Help You Sell Your House (Backed By Science)

Selling Tips: Choosing the Right Paint Colors

Paint colors that help you sell your house. It's April 2024, right? And he's pulling reports from 2018, and 2017. So trends change every day. That kind of makes sense, right? So the most important thing, once you get past curb appeal your house has to look pretty. First of all, it has to be done, right? And when people make that decision, yes, I want to go into that house because I like the way it looks from the outside. You have to make it look nice on the inside as well. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, living room, obviously.

Now Taupe was in style. It was a like a pinkish gray ish that I want to say five to six years ago. Today, it's grayish, right? So if you're going to be trendy, if you're going to buy trendy paint colors, know that you're going to have to redo it in five or six years.

Just keep that in mind. Okay. 

Luxury Home of the Week

Luxury Home Showcase: Atherton's New Mansion

This one's beautiful. It's not because it's 35, four and a half million dollars. And yes, I wish this was my listing, but it's because it's on Alago, what's the Trump property Mar a Lago?

That's the only reason why I picked this one And yeah, okay, so it's pretty really nice seven bedrooms eight and two half baths 11, 000 square feet on 1. 35 acres and it just got built for thirty-five million dollars guys Right in downtown Atherton. Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do when I grow up. I'm gonna build, buy a piece of property and build a big old mansion on it, and then sell it and look, it's for sale.

You get enough photos on there to entice people to wanna look more, and then they have to go look it up and then they have to go to the website or. But also I get it privacy, right? It's a 35 million house, even though it's brand new. Why are they selling it? Why do they have a little tiny gate right there?

And then the rest is just wood. I don't know. So you probably forces you to go to their website and find out more about it. A smart thing. I might do that next time. Smart. So anywho, there you go. All right. 

Tax Day Food Deals: Don't Miss Out!

Today we talked about, Oh, we didn't do the tax food, tax day food thing. Yeah, I was skipping that to the last.

So Krispy Kreme, but he loves doughnuts. I love my doughnuts. I haven't had a donut in three and a half months.

So anyway, buy one, get one, buy a dozen, and get one for free. There you go. Hooters. I didn't even know Hooters was still around. I know ours closed down a couple of years ago. I thought they all closed down. So apparently they're still around and you get 4 margaritas and Dos Equis drop beer and you get a free dessert.

If you're a hoot club rewards, whatever that is pot belly. I don't even know what that is, but I guess it's a sandwich shop. Buy one, get one Arby's offers free sandwiches on tax day, part of a free sandwich month. I don't do Arby's it's never liked their food, but a lot of people like it. Dave and Buster's always a fun time.

50 percent off all food today. They have a new menu. I think our California pizza kitchen is closed down by Oak Ridge Mall. I don't know. I think it's a buy one, get one, but you get 10 off a 40. Yay. BJ's. They're having 10 off any 40 spent on takeout TGA Fridays.

Again, I thought they closed, but maybe they just closed here. So sorry. And Paris go baguette, which I don't know of Grimaldi pizzeria. I don't know of it, there you go. All right. 

Closing Thoughts: Real Estate Market Snapshot

So today we talked about tax day food cuts, Willow Glen house of the day paint colors that help you sell your house in 2018, and luxury home of the week.

And the snapshot of Santa Clara County and the 12th Bay area rep county. Things are going well, guys. Our houses are selling 7 percent over the list price, right? That's the expectation for sellers here in Santa Clara. Now, if it's overpriced and on the market for 60 days, then there's something wrong with the property, right?

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