Median Price in Santa Clara County


Median Price in Santa Clara County




Introduction and Overview

 All right, let's get this turd polished. Medium price in Santa Clara County. You've probably heard the news. We'll talk about it. Homes for sale near Apple, Mountain View home of the week, and REO of the week. And also the Santa Clara County days on market route search. Let's get moving here.

Homes for Sale Near Apple

Homes for sale near Apple

Let's talk about homes for sale near Apple. I chose Melody Lane, mostly because it's so bloody close to it, to the campus. You can see it right there. I chose this one right here, Melody Lane. And let's take a look at this thing. Flat roof, no insulation. It's a rink in Rinconada.

They were called them back then in the fifties and sixties, three bedroom, two bath, 1500 square foot, detached home, very mature home. Let's take a look inside. I've actually not looked at it, but take a look. It's very Spartan. Oh, you know what? 

Understanding Home Remodeling

So this was updated in the 80s and 90s guys understand that there's a difference between remodeled and recently remodeled.

If you're like my kitchens, five years old now, five or six years old, I sold my house. I bought my house 20 years ago and when I moved in, I remodeled it. I remodeled the kitchen. And since then I've done everything. New insulation in the attic, air conditioning, new windows, we've done the bathrooms, the flooring, the walls, the windows, the roof.

So it's basically a new home just with, 55-year-old studs and foundation, everything is new. The ducting underneath the house is new. Through the last 20 years, I renewed everything. My kitchen sprung a leak in the dishwasher. When the floor guys put the dishwasher back in, the drains got a little tiny micro pop in it and it started flooding back there.

And. Guess what? It destroyed 63 of the boxes. So I tore those out and the wife wanted a new kitchen. So we got a new kitchen. I've redone the kitchen twice in this house. That was five years ago. I can only tell you with certainty that I cannot call it a remodeled home or a remodeled kitchen. I can say it's been recently remodeled.

I did it five years ago due to some leak, and it was redone. you can call it recently remodeled so like this house I can tell you it's 10 or 15 years old right granite countertops and stainless steel still look good But the cabinets people don't do these cabinets anymore.

It's just out of style So I would have actually painted it but This house is still going to sell pretty quick because I think I looked at this one last week. It feels like I've looked at this one. I can tell you that it's going to sell pretty quick.

I'm looking at the bed. It looks like it's a bad bed, not a virtual staging. This whole concept of having your master bedroom in the front doesn't work for me. I'm sorry. That just never worked for me. I never liked having my front bedroom. You can see that's all original. The bathroom, the cabinets, the counter.

That's 1959, guys, right? This one was remodeled at the same time the kitchen was done because you can see the same kind of look and feel. Granite countertop and that funny bowl sink. Yeah, that was remodeled. Maybe it was repainted. I'm not sure they definitely put new glass on there and there you go.

All right. So 2. 

Market Prices and Trends

2 million, 2. 2. We're talking about the medium price, which is 2 million. It's actually a little bit more. We'll go into that when we get to it. 

Mountain View Home of the Week

Mountain View home of the week

Mountain view. This is Sierra Avenue. And again, the reason why I picked it is because it's really close to Castro, which is the downtown for more mountain views.

And this has only been on the market for seven days, with two bedrooms, and one bath for almost 2 million, a thousand square feet. Crazy. And it's going to sell crazy. Okay. We've got a new one here. 


Home Inspection Checklist

Home Inspection CHECKLIST HERE

Home inspection checklist. Now this is not what you would use to present to your buyers. This is almost like a pre-inspection checklist for you to go through and check different little components of your house, the appliances, the windows, the roof, et cetera.

You can make your own judgment call and say, Oh, you know what? This is not working. I should change this. So if you're thinking about selling your house, pick up this thing. It's free to open up and take a look at it. Walks you through the entire thing, including curb appeal the look and feel of your house asks you to check every outlet.

And if you don't have one of those special little plug sensor things, you can use A lamp, but it's not going to tell you if it's wired the correct way. So just understand that there are certain things that a home inspector will do and look at it and put it on a substantial report. 

You can go into the attic of the house and look at the vents and all the wiring and the plumbing and make that judgment. Call yourself, call it the right people. I have a whole slew of people, but there you go. Grab it. It's free for you to take a look at. 

REO Properties and Market Analysis

REO of the Week

REOs, all California is 164. I'm not looking at any specific property here, but all over here, we do have a couple of houses in the Bay area that you can look at.

These are 90-day days on the market. We had 28 houses that were over 90 days on the market. Why? Condition based on condition. Market and location. So why is the house taking 90 days to sell? This one could be back on the market because it looks like it's pretty, pretty nice, but the original list price is 1. 5, still 1.

5 and it's right there, right near, let's see, Lean Ave, Deer Run, Oak Grove High School. This house should have sold. Mostly because of price. Take a quick look at the condition side.

Okay. Dark, and that's dreary, but it has two refrigerators. Why would you have two refrigerators guys? You're selling your house. Get rid of one of the refrigerators. There's a refrigerator right there. Why? You don't need to have two refrigerators in a house. Sorry. That's your kitchen. that's an ADU.

That's the garage converted into a living unit. That's why it's not selling. Oof, it's rough and tumble.


Tips for Selling Your Home

So the house isn't set up to sell, right? The house is still being lived in. Nobody's doing anything to change it. It still looks like there's a bunch of renters there. People are going to get turned off by that. just set your house up, and stage it. Remember the rule of thumb, no more than three things on it.

Look, there's a tube of toothpaste right there. Hydrogen peroxide. If your house isn't ready to sell, get your house ready to sell. That's why you have that home inspection checklist. I have a pre-listing thing too. You can take a look at it too. I can send it to you. No problem. 

Condo and Townhouse Considerations

Let's take a look at Rainbow Drive. It's a one-bedroom, one-bath condo. I want to point out the. HOAs. 600 a month. That's why condos and townhouses are never a great buy. You have to look at The HOAs, if the HOAs are high, that means they're out of control.

The HOA management company is out of control. They're just taking the HOA for all it can. It's not a good buy. So just be careful. 700 square feet, 800, 000 and it's in Cupertino, San Jose, Cupertino area, right? I sold a house right here on Blue Hill and then on Phyllis. So I know that area fairly well, but one bedroom, one bath, doesn't leave a lot for expansion for 800, 000.


Santa Clara County Market Insights

One of my associates that I deal with a lot, is an appraiser up in Sacramento and he is basically my muse when it comes to showing value in the market, and where the market's headed. He showed me something like this that was for the Sacramento area.

So I copied it over for Santa Clara County. These are single-family homes backed out to 2017. These are the median-priced homes in Santa Clara County, and we're just over two million on a median price of 2 million for an average home in Santa Clara County. You can still buy a house under a million dollars. You just have to be a little pickier and a little bit more discerning about what you're looking for. Okay. Snapshot here. Real quick. It's hard to see, but we have 120 houses that are on the market over 40 days.

That means the market slowing down quite a bit, mostly because our inventory really hasn't jumped up that much. We're at half of where we need to be a balanced market. Same thing with Santa Clara County. We need about 2000 homes. To be a balanced market. That's why prices will continue to stay high 

Absolutely. We're going to see prices Contract, but as things are going right now houses are still selling pretty quickly They're still selling very fast and a lot of them are selling over list price if you look at Monday You're seeing houses in Santa Clara County sell for about 8 percent over this price.

So if it's a million dollars, you're going to get a 1, 000, 080 for it. condition, location, market. Remember that guys, you need to understand that you might think your house is worth 1. 5, but in reality, it's not what you're willing to sell it for, but what buyers are willing to buy it for.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Today, we talked about Apple homes, Mountain View homes, distress sales, still low, super low houses, and sitting on the market. Guys don't overprice your house. If you're going to sell it, I'm Vito with Abitano. We'll see you out there. Bye.

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