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 Three things you need to know about living in Silicon Valley today, Thursday, September 7th. Let's get moving. Keller Williams is screwing over their longtime franchisors. That's one hurricane coming for the real estate market and three wait, hold on a second. There's a 3, 500 acre cement plant in Cupertino that might get developed.

Let's talk about it. Alright, let's get into this.

🔥 Weekend Events

First and foremost, let's talk about this weekend's events because, hey, why not? Open Artisan Fair, Makers Market in Santana Row. It is this Saturday. I'm not going to be around because I'll be on the bay sailing. I am not a sailor, so I'll tell you all about it. Maybe I'll take some video about it and you can watch me.
Anyway Mountain View art and wine festival, Saturday and Sunday. Let me know if you'll be there because I might be there Sunday afternoon. Might be, I don't know yet. Just. And then one other thing I wanted to point out is Foodie Land, Friday Saturday, and Sunday, San Jose. Where is this? Let's take a quick look.

Oh, at the center. Is that the fairgrounds? Yeah. The Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. Yeah. Hey guys, look at that. Five to 7 to get in. And I guess you could just, I bet it's just a bunch of different caravans, roach coaches.

Humble Pie

Hey, Michelle, you're going to be there right on. Okay. Let's see what else you got this. I know I misspelled it. I misspelled it twice, but that's okay. Get out there and exercise period guys. Listen, I'll tell you straight up. Your life will be a whole lot better once you get past the initial pain. Cause it takes about two weeks to get into decent shape, whatever you're going to do, but to get out there and get some fresh air, get some vitamin D, get out there.

You got this. 

Keller Williams Changes Rules on Lifelong Profit Sharing

The real deal is Keller Williams to cut off agents who leave. So KW has always been, in my mind, a cult. Nothing against their people or whatever. It's just that their entire focus is on recruiting other agents. Cause it's an MLM, multi-level marketing. They get big off of people that they bring in. I work for a company that's an MLM, but I don't recruit people that way.

I've just, I've never been into that kind of thing. The only reason why I went to that company is the administrative support and amazing splits, right? Because I can run my business the way I can run my business and not be told how to run a business. The way they want them to do it. So anyway, Keller Williams is screwing over long-time franchisees and people that work for them because they went to a different company, mostly because they got hurt by a company called EXP, which is a spinoff of kale Keller Williams, not that you have to care.

But and the reason why I'm not a big fan of it. EXP is all they do is teach people how to recruit. That's all they do. They, their entire focus is recruiting. And the problem with Keller Williams and EXP is they go and say they have more people in their Organization than any other company, which, okay, so what, but let's talk about how many transactions each one does on the aggregate.

Let's talk about how much revenue they bring in on the aggregate. They're not a great sales company outside of recruiting, which is sad for K KW. I think they need to go back and re-visit why they are making that decision.

Less than a week, less than a month. Actually, it's October 7th and 8th. I'd love to see you guys out there. We have 21 projects now. I'm at Latimer. You're very welcome to go to anyone. We have Emma Prush. There's a bunch of other ones. Guys, we need your help. Come out. Make a big change. Just like it says right there.

Come out and be a part of the community. Help out. And you don't need to have skills. You just need to be able to work for four hours meet new people and enjoy helping make our community better. See out there, right? All right next one. What'd you get for a million dollars?

What you get for $1MM Santa Clara County 

984 square feet. I talked about this last week. It's still for sale because it's overpriced. Two bedrooms, one bath, 984 square feet, almost a hundred years old. Look at this thing. And I want to show you what it looked like when it was brand spanking new. Nobody in their right mind is going to pay a million dollars for this.
That's ridiculous. It should have been priced out at 700, 750. Go look at that thing. It's a little tiny, nothing.

And it's not very well ma I could say it's maintained okay, but look, there's a line strip I don't know. Don't get me started with this. Okay, get out of that one.

We're gonna get into this in a minute, but inventory is popping up. Inventory is actually popping up. That's good. Guys, we actually had an increase in inventory over the last couple of months. Now, we knew that the summer doldrums would come down a little bit lower, but we're seeing it come back up. We're seeing it come back up across the nation, too.

Talk about that in a minute. 3, 500 acre former cement plant. I don't know if you ever noticed, but you look towards Santa Scupertino, in the hills, there's this big, huge divot there. And that's where they would pick up lime and whatever chemicals or materials they needed to make cement. That's done now.
They might fill it in and develop it.

I think that'll be cool. I might even move there. Who knows? That'd be a fun thing to do. Do you want to learn more? Let me know. I'll go do some digging in and we can have a conversation about it, alright? I know he keeps popping up. Inventory. See, inventory's starting to pop back up across the United States.

We need this to happen, guys. We need more volume. Now, I know over the last 10 years, this only goes back 5 years. I can't go back 10 or else they'll screw it up. Trust me. I've tried it a few times. We were in a very low doldrum. This needs to be up about twice or where we are right now for it to be a balanced market, not even a buyer's market needs to be balanced.

We have such a low inventory. 7 percent is going to keep us where we need. And I think we're going to see rates come down. I think we're going to see rates come down below 6 percent before the end of the year. When that happens, there'll be far more competition out there. So if you're thinking about buying a house, do it now because there's still competition, but it won't be as crazy as when it goes down to five and 6%.

I'm just telling you, you're going to have a lot better time buying a house. Now that you are. Now we have a lot of my agents who work for me are getting into transactions right now because they know they can go in 7%. I know you're not going to get as much house, but at the same time, you don't have as much competition and that's where you get screwed because when 200, 300, 000 over list price.

That's Nasty

And that's sucks for everybody. It sucks. It doesn't suck for the seller. But there you go. All right. I just sent out a text. It's R E W T F on this. Whoever lived here. You're nasty. All right. I'll say it straight up. Let me get this. You're nasty. You're disgusting. All right. People shouldn't live like this.
It's gross. Okay. It's a nice-looking house and it's a nice area and it's sad, but look, you don't take care of the backyard. You let junk everywhere. You let junk everywhere in your house. You destroy your house. I could tell you that this was probably a renter. And you know what? My child did this. My son did this when he was younger.


He threw tantrums, but we fixed it because I have pride of ownership. I have pride in where I live. They have mold, mildew, broken doors, all that stuff. Cockroaches.
I feel sorry for whoever's going to take over this. Now, the good news is this is only for 75, 000. I'll probably go for a little bit more, but look at that Timu. It's one of my favorite places to go shopping. But guys, you're nasty. All right. Don't live like that. It's disgusting. If you're thinking about buying that house or what have you, let me know.
I'll hook you up with Barbie over there. She's an amazing real estate agent. Love her to death. And if you're looking at buying or selling, go to that link right here. I'll help you find houses or I can put you on a specific search. Let's talk about inventory. This just came out right here.

This is a very good graphic of how low our inventory is, right? This was last month's 550 or 5, 500. We're still, we only have 700 more right now. These numbers are going to change over time. I can tell you specifically that when you look at these numbers, got rid of it already. When you look at those numbers, they change every month.

They seem to change. So this is a living, breathing organism of what have Of a thing but we're at 60 percent of where we should be guys as far as inventory is concerned That's why prices will continue to stay where they are if not go up a little bit What happens if the market crashes? Even when the market crash we come down a little bit What happens if the economy crashes prices will come down?


But right now there's a lack of inventory. There's still demand and houses are being sold. And if you look here, 18 houses in Cupertino, 18 houses, and right now 289, really 345 houses for sale in San Jose. That is. not enough and makes it a natural seller's market and it's not healthy.
And it's because of a few things, I had a listing appointment yesterday. I've talked about this. It's the Airbnb gurus having everybody buy houses and that rocks down the inventory. It's Vanguard and BlackRock buying up houses and that's not safe or healthy for anybody. It's The fact that those people over the last two years bought houses at two and three percent locked up those houses.
They'll never go to get out of those homes, right? Why would you ever walk away from a house? I would rent that out, still take a loss on it, and buy another house. If that house didn't fit my needs anymore, but that's me. There are still people that are selling their houses, right? So who are left to sell houses?

There's divorce death Older age and relocation. So there's still people selling but there you go all across the nation Inventories going up but not drastically. That's why I have these numbers here so you can look at it and you can call me up I'll put you on a video call and we can walk through any of these numbers any day you want I'm not trying to hide anything.

I'm just trying to be honest and open so you can see what's going on in the market. So there you go.

Yeah, there are just not enough houses for the demand these days. And I understand there's a lot of people that are in positions where they can afford to buy a second house or an investment property or what have you. There are a lot of people that can't afford to buy houses. I understand that, but you can, and there are ways and there's financial intelligence.

There's a link down below. We talk about this every week. We. Teach you all the things you need to know to become financially capable and I might change it I just thought about chasing freedom as a title. Tell me what you think about that Patrick McAndrew my financial advisor guy He tells he said I don't know if I like financial intelligence okay, so we're throwing around the number, but here's the thing you learn how to run your life like a business, run it efficiently, run it with less debt, more proactive income, all that other stuff, how to invest money and make yourself financially independent.

There's a gal right here. I'm going to read this. I just saw it before I popped on live.

It's a gal who moved to Cincinnati. She quit her job. 35 years old, had a net worth of 470, 000 semi-retired, and only works seven and a half hours a week. Moved to Cincinnati. Doesn't have to play the game anymore. She's out of the rat race because she doesn't want to play that game anymore. God bless her.


So there are ways to do that. Anywho, we'll talk more about that next week. Hey, you have a great weekend. If I see you at one of those events, come up and say hi to me. I'm Vito with Abitano. We'll see you out there. Have a great weekend.


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