🚨 🔴 US HOUSING INVENTORY INCREASING! Stark Mansion for sale!


🚨 🔴 US HOUSING INVENTORY INCREASING! Stark Mansion for sale!

 Three things you need to know. Silicon Valley, Thursday, September 21st. The Stark Mansion is for sale. It looks like it, so we're going to look at it. Also, a little bit more about Airbnb and a hurricane is coming in the real estate market says a billionaire and what you get for a million dollars in Santa Clara

Stark Mansion for sale!

Let's get moving.

Okay. So one thing I want to point out real quick is right here, all these numbers you're seeing, I know that they're glossingly overly boring. I keep a touch on this every week. And the reason why I want you to know that I'm doing this is because we need to keep an eye on the inventory. And what I'm looking for is any kind of a hockey stick type action where the, whatever might be a tipping point.

Or the epicenter of where the market might just go crazy. And what I'm trying to find is just realistically, just an idea of where the housing market might start failing or contracting, and that one thing is. Looking at these numbers to see if there's any spike in inventory. And right now, we should be increasing our inventory, right?

Summer's over. Everybody's back to school. Everybody's maybe this is a time to buy or sell a house. We're closing a house up in Hayward right now. And it's just. People are moving, people consistently move, right? It's not like timing. I have to time the market when it's time to buy a house.

They just had a kid. It's time for them to settle down. It's time for them to buy a house. They understand, the micro might crash tomorrow, whatever. They are going to eventually buy into new homes or new ones. Investments, but right now it's their home. It's where they're going to raise their child or hopefully children.

AirBnBust Update: Market is Saturated 

But again everywhere I'm looking numbers are Slowly doting up nothing big to look at. Okay, the hurricane is coming investor center. Take a look at This is a pretty telling interview where this guy talks about where the market is. I understand that we're overinflated This is where I'm planning on taking on more real estate.

A "Hurricane" is Coming for the Real Estate Market - Billionaire Real Estate Investor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqkVcajZ6xg

This is where he made his money Things are going to start shaking up Because of a myriad of things that we talk about, Airbnb, interest rates Chinese economy, World War III, the proxy war, and all these other things that are happening. I know the political stuff, whatever you want to talk about, I don't get involved in all that crap because...

honestly, Political opinions are just that crap Nobody cares what your opinion is other than you and everybody has a different opinion So and on the national level, it doesn't matter what your opinion is Anyway, when you think you can affect something affect it locally, that's where it makes the most sense We talked about this guy before he talks to Amy Nixon She talks about this all the time where?

Airbnb has a lot of legs that are getting wobbly and I would suggest you listen to this. These links are down below I don't want to I'm not telling you that this is gospel. I want you to take this as this is information I'm going to use as a human being and absorb it and intellectually make that decision What does that mean to me what does that mean to my family and my estate my holdings my general value because When you listen to experts like this again their opinions And over the last four years I've been telling everybody that the market's going to crash the market's going to crash yet See the market continuing to go up We did see a contraction, but I think more and more people are going to start sinking money into real estate and Airbnb could be a catalyst.

I said this yesterday, right? Could be a catalyst to this house of cars to start a spark of why we have a collapse somewhere

I personally think it's going to come from the Automotive has been propped up for the last 20 years people are buying houses for One point and buying cars for way more than what there should be two. They can't afford it three if something happens to it they just Turn it back in and walk away and I've seen multiple reports about that.

So just keep an eye on that. Keep an eye on the automotive industry because we have a huge shadow inventory of repossessions happening and they're not talking about it in the news. Same thing with commercial real estate. I think there's a massive loss of value and it still continues. I know it says 1. 1 trillion, but that's growing every day by the billions.

Okay, enough of that. Beautiful day. It's coming. It's only a couple of weeks away. It's one four-hour split. That's all I'm asking. It's come by, hang out with us for four hours, grab a paintbrush or a hammer or something, a shovel, and help out and get to know people. It's fun. It's entertaining.

It's a great way to get out and get some vitamin D, get some exercise, and show your family how to care. Okay.

What you get for $1MM Santa Clara County 

What do you get for a million dollars? Look at this, a million dollars, and look at this thing. It's just brand new on the market. I want to, Oh, nine days. Probably already has five offers on it. Crazy, right? Look at this.

It's ridiculous. Original kitchen. Single pane. Oh, look at that. Old oven stove thing. All the carpets have to be torn out. So this was a rental, right? This was a rental. Somebody just took it and treated it like crap. Rented it out for hundreds of years. And then now they're getting rid of it. Look at that bathroom floor.

That's what you get for a million dollars, guys.

Paint you need to paint the outside. You need to put new windows on that. Looks like that's an extension. So that's cool Probably doesn't add to the 1550. This is a three bedroom two bath built in 1971 And the location is here in Blossom Valley. Here's the thing, right? This is how houses used to be sold back in the 70s.

Nobody did any improvement. You just put it on the market I understand it's a thousand times more expensive. I understand that but that's how houses used to be sold And if you look at if you look at these numbers real quick, you look at all the houses that are out there right now There's not a ton.

There are 32 right in the million-dollar range, but this is in Blossom Valley, right? This is right by Kaiser and 24-hour. It's Rick's kitty corner where the tulip daycare thing is. It was a rental, right? There's another house right here. That doesn't look real. That looks completely doctored up. So this is a better value.

It's probably smaller. Let's take a look. A quick look at our letter. Yeah. It's 993 square feet, 500 square feet less, but it's closer to Silicon Valley. It's older. Built in 1941 versus 1971 and look it's fixed up. It's turnkey. You don't have to do anything to It's a cute little cabin and for a million bucks.

It's a great buy compared to that other one So when you get looking, when you're looking at houses, you got to look at your price range all over, and wherever your values are, that's where you want to go. Let's take a look at this. Oh, that one's brand new. Look at that. This is Sunnyvale. See I would pay a million dollars for this house over the other house, even though it's North Sunnyvale.

You can get a lot more value out of that. I can do comps on that one. I'm going to keep an eye on this. It has two bedrooms and one bath. You could probably do an addition to it. Two days on the market. This thing is going to get sucked up. All right. That's it for now. There are some other things that we could talk about next week, but have a great weekend.

I'm Vito with Abitano. We'll see you out there.


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